Pro Combat Uni's for Wisconsin Game Released

By Chris Lauderback on September 13, 2011 at 9:43a

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I really, really hate these stupid jersies. ("These" being all of the pro-combat jersies Nike has given us.)

...although if they brought back the giant numbers on the shoulder pads and actually silver pants for a game, I could get behind that.

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1998 uniform, yes please. 

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Second that.  Didn't they wear the 1968 jerseys in '98, for the entire season, or at least several times?

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Love the helmet, like the back of the jersey and big numbers. Looks very UGA, with big stretches of solid colors. 

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Lolz the helmet is straight out of Ironman.  Turrible.

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The helmets actually do resemble the '61 team.  Have a look:

The red crown of the helmet was actually an external pad that was supposed to aid in protection.  Only trouble was that it did not protect the wearer of the helmet, only the person who was impacted by the helmet.  Few other teams followed suit, so the external pads were dropped by the teams that used them.  No sense in protecting your opponent when they would not afford you the same courtesy. 

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Interestingly enough, a few players stuck with their externaly padded helmets even after the switch to the current helmet design.

that's Jim Otis in 1968 still wearing the external McGreggor helmet.

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I think that it was required by law to protect the opposing players from Jim!!! LOL


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I like them. A lot. Liked the last ones too.  Liked the basketball stuff as well.  

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Sashay. Chante Chante Chante.

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I had to google that,...thanks. a.  lot.

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I just think it's funny how this all turns into a fashion show. I'm waiting for a Project Runway episode where they design football unis.

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MEh. Not THAT different from the normal uniforms. Maybe Phil Knight got my letters...

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On the capa-town my damie.  Wada-ta.

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I just put Pootie Tang on my Netflix queue.

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Love that movie. I think my fav scene is when they reflect back to Pootie as a kid. He's outside on the sidewalk with his bigwheel, I think, and an adult lover scorned is throwing all his clothes/belongings out the window of an upstairs apartment. Pootie's got it like that.

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That's a canapan... All the way down.

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Like I had said in the Skully, I'm at the point where if the players like them and are excited to wear them, that's good enough for me.  Not to be argumentative, but the uniforms have changed so many times over history I guess I dont view a one off alternate once a year as a big deal. Granted the change over time has been mostly subtle little things like the shoulder numbers that were visable from space in the 90's to Tress handing out buckeye leaves just for getting up in the morning so that even guys who had never seen the field have a whole side covered by November. Even the helmet while mostly the same since its introduction in '68 has undergone a myriad of changes since. I guess I'm kind of rambling, but the point I'm trying to make is that its not like we've been wearing the exact thing for the last 121 years.  Besides, I would be more than willing to trade uniforms to have the corporate pro sports atmosphere that has taken over in the last few years go away for good.

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The gloves are unintentionally hilarious -- the palms look like rocks.

Stone hands?  Not the best choice there.

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I read it's supposed to be the bark of a buckeye tree.  I'm assuming Ohio State told them the rule this year was don't be able to make any goddamn symbols with the gloves.

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Yeah... bark... hm. 

At least they're better than the LSU gloves. 

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Clearly this is Joe bausermans fault. Fickle should bench him.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture has a bunch of other school's pro combat uniforms.


MSU's are a head-scratcher to me. Where does the gold come from?


Stanford's are pretty cool, if you ask me.

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Nike just sent us this video:

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Please send Nike a nice turd in a box care of me.  I'm drawing inspiration for it from the 2001 OSU football team and the passing attack of Shhhteve Bellisari.

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tOSU: Well, I would much rather Nike leave our jerseys alone... BUT... I really like these. The shoulder yoke looks sharp as well as the large font numbers. The helmet is at least historically accurate and doesn't have the weird facemask marks UGA did. I could do without the weird pants details... stick with an all gray with three thin red stripes. I get the buckeye grove thing, but it doesn't quite translate. Overall, I like it, especially because it is not black.

LSU: I really like this. It is basically what we expected. If you are gonna go StormTrooper, make sure that you at least stick with the uniform plan. Could do without the purple underarms and the pants are screaming for some sweet striping, but those are details...

Army: Not a big change from their usuals... but some neat deatils. Boots are sand printed to look like actual combat boots and the stencil font made to look like barracks stenciling... All in all a success... Just imagine if they had decided to go camo crazy...

Michigan St: Blech... that's supposed to be bronze, not gold, but it doesn't work at all. The green is far too dark, you can barely make out the wordmark on the front... and look at that, MSU has a tramp stamp... this is pretty awful

Navy: HOME FREAKIN RUN... I LOVE this... those helmets are incredible... I am shocked that Nike was able to nail simple yet modern... These will look amazing on the field in contrast to Army's... bravo Nike (not something you hear me say often)

Stanford: well... it was good while it lasted Nike... These are the worst of the bunch.. the jerseys themselves are boring... black doesn't stand out on what looks to be a darker shade than Cardinal (could be the lighting)... those helmets look lazy... this outfit screams "we didn't know what the [censored] to do, so we just tossed black wherever there used to be white"... meh

Cause I couldn't go for three

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Something, something, tradition, get off my lawn, what's the deal with airline food.

They could be far worse. 


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Stop crying. 

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Like em. Could have been much worse but if we have to be different for one game I don't mind these so much. At least they didn't throw in any colors that really don't belong there.

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