Charitygate Booster Comes Forward

By Jason Priestas on September 14, 2011 at 1:04p

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Buckeyebrowny919's picture

he is either a super shithead...or a super martyr allowing the finger to be pointed at him to get the attention and heat off ohio state

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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maybe both? aren't most martyrs usually shitheads?

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So they said Pryor supplied the money. WTF is wrong with that kid?

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You're surprised?  He is a Class A screw-up in every aspect of his life except converting 3rd down scrambles for 1st downs.

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To be fair, he's not exactly the blight on society that people make him out to be.  He's broke NCAA rules sure, but his worst legal trouble was driving without insurance.  He's not selling coke and shooting fools.

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Wonderlic 7 remember.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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That rumor was debunked by multiple sources who claimed Pryor scored in the low 20s.

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He took it twice. The second time he scored in the low 20s. His first attempt was a legit failure.

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The whole thing stinks. Yeah, this booster guy is a shithead, and we all know what Pryor is, but what about the players? Why would they take an envalope from anyone, especially now?! What the hell, hasn't any of these kids caught on yet?

"Have you ever been to Michigan? The whole state smells like hot-dog water!"

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Why would they take an envalope from anyone, especially now?!

I know this sounds like I'm being picky, but I think it's important to be as factually correct as possible (at least since the four-letter and NCAA may not be) because so much has happened in the last 12 months that little differences can have a huge impact and I don't want it to affect the kids or the program any more than it needs to.

Anyway, these guys didn't take the money "now." The event was in February. Granted that was after the original 5 got in trouble, but before the shit really hit the fan. I think we need to keep that in some perspective.

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Stop making excuses. It doesn't matter if they took it 2 years ago. A violation is a violation is a violation.

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And I'm sure you've never broken any rules either? Nope, you always keep it under the speed limit, you never run a red light, and you think the phrase 'california stop' is a major dirty word never to be even thought of much less actually carried out?

Yes, they were wrong for taking the money. And yes, they should've (and probably did) know better. But we're talking about 18-22 yos . . . this is an age range where people are known for making stupid decisions. At least they weren't crashing jet skis right?


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No, you're right. I don't always stay under the speed limit. I try my best not to run red lights.  But if I'm pulled over by a cop and given a ticket, it doesn't really matter "when" the violation occured, does it?  That's what I was responding to the previous poster who was saying "...but it wasn't a recent violation, so it doesn't look quite as bad".  A violation is a violation...

But if you want to take your apples to oranges argument regarding my traffic behavior and make it a fair comparison, let's do that.  Say I'm a player on Ohio State. Say there is an NCAA rule that says "If a player is ticketed for speeding, the NCAA has the authority to discipline Ohio State with a reduction of scholarships and a bowl ban."  You can bet your ass I wouldn't be caught dead speeding. Why? Because a speeding ticket by me would potentially affect my teammates and my university.  Same deal with taking money.

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It does if you just got your license, the law is enforced discrimately, and speeding isn't really a big issue... But if you do it 5 months later after you've been yelled at by your parents and forced to take remedial classes at school because a number of kids were just killed by drunk drivers, then it's a bit different.

Sorry for a bad analogy.

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Exactly. I think we need to recognize taking the money in February was dumb, but a little less dumb than taking it last week. And for their sake, because we can all get a little obnoxious, that little bit may mean a lot.

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You're right. I needed to be a little more careful here. Appologies all around.

"Have you ever been to Michigan? The whole state smells like hot-dog water!"

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I'm going to get hammered for this but I'll say it anyway. Pryor was a cancer. I just hope the leftover tumors are gone with him. Other than that, I really enjoyed watching him play.

Long live the southend.

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Sigh, Jason. Well, I hope that is where this all stops, but I don't think it is.

Just to point out what should be Capt. Obvious to anyone, sooooo 3 players were worthy of travel expenses & the other two weren't? Pryor supposedly hands out the money?


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I know people who know this guy's kids.  Shady crew of peeps.  One of his boys ran with Lydell Ross and Sammy Maldonado back in the day.  More likely than not this thing goes a lot deeper than we want it to go.  Here we go again.

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Let's hope not, but I agree with you that I think there is something additional to come on this, specifically in regards to the two unnamed players.