Shockey Saves Choking Hartsock

By Chris Lauderback on August 30, 2011 at 10:10a

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Where was Shockey on Sept 10, 2005. NEVERMIND, that was Ryan Hamby. Oops, wrong choking OSU TE. Carry on.

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He makes that catch, we win that game, end of story.

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Beat me to the punch.

Hamby spent his tOSU football career choking on the field and toking off the field.

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I wonder if his throat was sore-gi...

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Why do I remember Hartsock as just flat out awesome?  Looking at the numbers it doesn't seem like he did a whole lot.  I guess he caught a lot of passes his senior year but didn't average a great number of yards per reception.  I remember it differently. I remember thinking that he was very important to that team.  Nevermind the awesome blocks he laid down.  Just thinking about catches.  Can't even find a highlight video.

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He had a huge catch for 13 yards on 3rd and 14 against Purdue, right before the "Holy Buckeye" call.  That's how I will remember him.

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As I recall, he had a big catch late against Wisconsin that season as well.

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I remember Hartsock as a stud too ... but after seeing your comment in the RECENT COMMENTS section, the first thing that came to mind was the dropped pass in the NC games where, at the time, it seemed like it could have turned things in the right direction.

EDIT:  Why am I cofusing him with Hamby and the TX game??  Must be old age.  Hrm.


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Wonder how much Shapiro gives him for saving someon'e life? -500?

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