Report: James Louis to Transfer

By Jason Priestas on August 2, 2011 at 9:58p

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Pretty devastating on the Twitter front. Both Keyboard James and Double Nickel departing the same week?

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I don't care for this one bit. We already have some depth issues at the position - having lost Dane and Taurian and missing DeVier for the first five games. Ugh, I really looked at Louis as a potential contributor - especially considering his speed advantages.

I wanna go back to Ohio State ... 

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jeez, who else is left at WR?   TY and the incoming freshman?


besides philly and stoneburner obviously

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I'm from the future. TY isn't going to make it, and Stoneburner's numbers will never be where you want. Sorry man.

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I miss the days when OSU always had a WR star, and talented young guys. What happened? Remember going five-wide vs Michigan in '06? Ginn, Gonzales, Hartline, Robo and Hall I guess it was? Good times.

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also, i doubt he'd leave bc he will be a starter, but does anyone on here follow philly brown? he's always talking about not wanting to leave philly and not wanting to go to c bus.  makes me nervous

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Will touch on this in tomorro'w skully...I don't know if he's gone or not but he's not talking like it

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We keep saying that the guys we're losing or are talking about leaving are leaving because of playing time and depth chart issues. It happens almost every season, but is anyone else worried that our defections are indicative of a more systemic problem. Like maybe they see what's going on with the team behind the scenes and are leaving while the getting is good. I like the things I'm hearing from guys like Brewster and Simon, but they're upperclassmen and have more vested in the program. It's the young guys we can't afford to lose, even if they aren't projected to be contributors right away. Perhaps I'm just being overly pessimistic.

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Louis has held the crown of "funniest Ohio State footballer on Twitter" for, what, 12 hours now, and he's already transferring?


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Defense Against the Dark Arts. For sure.

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I come here for entertainment.  I go to buckeye planet for the facts.  

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EDIT: nevermind... just read the good news on the skully.

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Not a suprise here, kid wasn't going to start here anyway. Good athlete but not a polished reciever, average hands and route runner..kinda soft and very small.Seems like a nice kid but not very focused and driven in football reading his tweets. No worries though because Devin Smith will be one of our top 3 recievers come this fall


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Wow, so if he doesn't tweet all the time about football then he is not focused on it?

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Oh ya a true freshman wide out will just come in and save us all.   You only really need two good ones with a tight end like stoney there isn't going to be a lot of passes for the wide outs.  

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Obviously he's not going to tweet about football 24/7. Didn't say Smith will save the WR corps but he was going to pass Louis on the depth chart regardless. Some people are a little to sensitive on here.