Harris, Other Miami Rule-Breakers Will Sit Out One Game

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 30, 2011 at 5:21p

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whoa whoa...we sell our own stuff and get 5 games...they get extra benefits not earned and get 1 game? am i missing something?

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W. T. F.

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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speechless... oh no wait... that's BULLSH*T!

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It looks like the NCAA is roughly basing the length of the suspensions on the monetary size of the benefits received.  I can't recall off the top of my head, but I think the cash value of the Tat Five benefits were in the $1,000 to $2,000 range.  The Miami players subject to the one game suspension look to have been found of violations in only the several hundred dollars range.  Not the most compelling rationale, but the NCAA has to draw lines somehow and I think it's at least defensible.

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Pretty much this.  Most of the players violations were pretty minor.

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To quote the great Apollo Creed: 'Ding, ding'.


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no bowl ban for OSU.

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The NCAA better just let all of OSU's penalties stand without adding on any more. Compared to Miami's wrist slap, we got taken to the woodshed. Hey, NCAA how about reducing our Tat 5 suspensions to three games instead of five, now that you've given Miami a huge break?

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Obviously the players punishment is not necessarily equivalent to the school's long-term penalties.  If anything, these suspensions corroborate the accusations of Shapiro, which could be damning for the U.

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I'm somewhat intrigued at the numerous references to ". . .from Shapiro and athletics personnel. . ."  On its face, that doesn't sound too good.

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The NCAA has not a single shred of legitimacy left after this.  I guess the moral of the story between this, Auburn, Oregon, and USC is "Don't Self Report, or You'll Get Raped."

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Can we just drop the NCAA and join up with Mark Cuban's new league. 

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As I recall our players got an extra game tacked on because they didn't come forward on their own after being educated on impermissable benefits.

So after Shannon warned the thugs to stay away from Shapiro, how do the Miami players also not get an extra game?

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Sounds like the players dropped the dime to lessen their penalties, which might not be good for Miami long-term.

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I'd also like to point out that I'm not sure how one hangs with Shapiro and only tallies up $200 of improper benefits...in South Beach of all places.  I'm going to guess the bottles of bubbly were at least $200 a piece in the VIP.

Sometimes I think even the NCAA under reports (or maybe they can't prove the others).  Like when Troy Smith got caught taking $500, it's a good thing they caught him the first and only time it happened...

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Not that I've ever been to one, but I hear these "strip clubs" can be kinda pricey as well. 

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Is there somewhere I can go where I can physically donkey punch the NCAA? This is ridiculous.

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700 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222

Please, be honest. This is for science.

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I've been wrestling with this and feel kind of sick about it.  Miami's kids took money from a sleazy, jock sniffing criminal who tried to come off as a combination of Pac Man Jones and Jim Young from the Boiler Room flick.  There is no way these kids thought for a second that it was okay.  

Our kids sold their own things (that they probably knew they shouldn't) to a drug dealing tattoo parlour owner and his employees, right?

Regardless of the dollar amounts involved, when I look at it in these terms, I can't find anything wrong with them both being pretty horrible acts of selfishness and stupidity that their coaches, parents, mentors and leaders should have directed them not to do. 

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I'm actually pretty ok with what the NCAA has decided for the Cryami players thus far. Like others have said, they can only base their penalties on what they can prove. Wasn't that our argument as well?? The penalties fall in line with the proven crimes, in my mind. As we all know, rationale goes out the window with the NCAA b/c their power is limited. (Although i hate when ppl say they don't have enough investigators to spread around to all the campuses with dirt, despite the gobs of money they make each year.) Now, with that being said, all 72 of these guys WILL have to answer to the feds from what i've heard, b/c they obviously have subpoena power. After this happens, the NCAA will find out more info, then hammer Cryami as a program. Also, they could potentially look back at these 8 players on the current roster, and further penalize them retroactively. This could result in them being deemed ineligible for more than just the one game for those 5 players, and they'd have to vacate any wins they earned using those guys. Very similar to why we had to vacate the Sugar Bowl AFTER the NCAA originally cleared the Tat 5 for that game. I can see the same thing happening after the feds dig up more info from players/coaches.

Another reason i'm ok with the penalties is b/c, dont we want to go down to Cryami without the Tat 5, and beat a team that has their full roster (minus a couple guys)?? In their own back yard?? For the third straight time?? This would shut them up forever.

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I think I agree ACBUCKEYE. And you're right, it will be fun to beat the snot out of them again under these circumstances. But nothing EVER shuts anybody up when it comes to being anti-buckeye!

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