In Which We Say Nice Things About Brian Cook

By Jason Priestas on August 17, 2011 at 6:30a

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M Man's picture

Thank God they interviewed Jason.  They would have needed an Ohio-to-English translator if they had called the BBC boys.

Nice photo of Brian in what looks like the baseball (Ray L. Fisher) stadium.  Which proves that Brian has actually been inside the baseball stadium, once upon a time.

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'Ello, guvn'a! This is Desmond, at the BBC reporting outside of Parleement. Tea time, tea time! LOL'


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Wow, I always thought you guys were just joking with the "dirty hippie up north" thing.

Actually, I love MGoBlog. The posts during the depths of the RR regime were epic.

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I don't know why Brian takes so much grief over his hair.  Cutting his hair would be like cutting Denard's dreads.

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uh, bc it looks terrible???  lol

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Man, oh man, 1,000 cocktails to the MGoBlog user that said Brian looked like the lead singer of Nickelback.

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Brian was none too pleased.  That's 1000 mgopoints per cocktail.

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Ya Know, I have to say I've never understood all the hoopla around MGoblog.  I used to go on there just to check out what was being said during their NCAA trouble and just to see how the fans were feeling about the program through their rough patch, and Brian always came off as well kind of a whiny little biotch lol.   One day he sounded damn near suicidal and I'm pretty sure he actually blocked anyone who said anything negative about Michigan that day.  Granted it was during the 3 win season but still, It wasn't just trolls that felt the wrath that day.  I can't remember which game it was after, but I vividly remembering thinking, is everyone being sarcastic when they say how awesome this guy and his blog are? 

Maybe I just picked a bad stretch to go on and check out the site.  I never commented or anything, just went in and read the material and comments.  I just never was impressed and in fact I would put 11 W and EDSBS quite aways ahead of Brian in terms of creativity and quality of writing.