Brewster, Johnson and Sweat Will Attend B1G Kickoff Luncheon

By Jason Priestas on July 14, 2011 at 3:13p

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Hmmmm Fickell seems to like Johnson as a leader of this team. Which I do find interesting.

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Agreed; I'm somewhat surprised by the selection of OJ as a representative.  Maybe the coaches' confidence in OJ stems from his past experience as a high school QB and leader of the team.  I've always liked OJ's measurables, but I still see his play reflecting the hesitance of a former QB on the defensive side of the field, not an instinctual safety like a Tyler Moeller or Kurt Coleman out there to destroy.

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moeller is pretty easily my favorite player on the team this year (sorry james louis), but honestly i'm not that surprised he wouldn't be at media days. he's a very reserved and shy kind of dude, and probably isn't a huge fan of a billion cameras in his face.

sweat and brewster though should be awesome. also i know he's not a senior, but i was a little disappointed that travis howard isn't going to go, he is so damn awesome in interviews

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Represent fellas.

vacuuming sucks

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Johnson is a 4th yr Junior correct?

He's a hell of an interview as well.

We read way too much into things like this, mostly because we are thristy for news to analyze. So we analyze everything and anything.

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