Krenzel on Tressel

By Jason Priestas on June 1, 2011 at 6:17p

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Krenzel's constant negative comments on the radio ruined my appreciation for him. I have completely stopped listening to the Fan for sometime now, but when I did, he had little to say that was positive. He seemed to hate Tress for holding back on the play calling in the rainy game vs Wisconsin where he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

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So, a guy is honest and you don't like him? 

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I guess he's just not a friend of Tressel's. Got to be honest, I didn't expect this type of comment from Craig. You would think he either would give a no answer type of answer or a positive answer.

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But let's be real here, he didn't lie. He wasn't exactly pulling a Herbstreit with what he said. I'm pretty sure I too feel embarrassed by what Tressel and the players have done. Just because he didn't use the Tressel's character card on this ocassion doesn't mean he automatically had a grudge against him.

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+1. The quicker people accept Tressel did cheat when he wasn't helping old ladies cross the street, the quicker we can start to embrace normalcy again. EVERYTHING happened. No one is bending the truth. Let's start to get behind Fickell and the 2011 Bucks, dammit.

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My comment was more of an observation that him and Craig aren't friends. Not that Craig was lying or being unfair.

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You're right Jake. My comment was directed more towards the first poster.

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Agreed.  Just calling a spade a spade from my vantagepoint...

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Craig Krenzel has been objective these past few days on The Fan. He has also expressed remorse about all this. Nothing he's said about Tressel, was snarky.

Craig Krenzel is a champion and a Buckeye hero. Krenzeldude!

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I agree about Krenzel. Met him at an autograph signing in Sylvania(Toledo suburb), Ohio. Seems very nice. I have more respect for him and his honest opinion than MoC, the habitual criminal.