Former Wolverines Weigh in on OSU Scandal

By Jason Priestas on June 9, 2011 at 3:10p

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How is getting tattoos cheating? Take your beatings like a man, which is a stretch for anyone wearing urine and blue.

To err is human. Really sucking requires having yellow stripes on your helmet.

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Depends on whether or not they were going to the parlor in-season.

In fact, I hope the guys *did* get tattoos just before the Michigan game and had really sore arms and STILL beat the crap out of UM. That'd be awesome.


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No, Marcus Ray, we are forever THE Ohio State University.

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Did I just read an article where Mike Hart was involved, and he WASN'T the one running his mouth?

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That's what I thought, Mr. H20 was pretty humble, must be because he can't slip through any NFL D-lines like water.

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"These fans and these people think they're above everything — this is the biggest dose of humility," Ray said.


Yea, kind of like Michigan fans got in 2001. I heard them run their mouths almost every day for a decade, then Karma whooped them all the way up the street. It was fun talking a little smack after Tressel's first game when they knew the table had turned. They should remember what happens when they think they're above everything. We even now?

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As I scanned this story I saw Hart & thought, here we go. There will never be any affection but I have to give my respect to him on this. Perfect opportunity to continue some of the crap he had before but didn't.

As for some of these goofballs, whoopty. As a few said, they didn't lose to a team on steroids or something that was performance enhancing. They lost to the better team.

Somewhat refreshing ... but they can still rot.

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Amazingly, Mike Hart is the most sensible guy of the group.  As for Aaron Shea, if he thinks that this is going to stop people from TPing his house in OSU colors, he is sadly mistaken.