Ramzy Has a Scarlet & Gray Man Cave

By Jason Priestas on May 11, 2011 at 12:11a

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I'd actually be pretty disappointed if Ramzy's "man cave" was done up with any other team colors besides Scarlet and Gray.  Good work Ramzy.

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Lol! This is the same dude that took exception about something I said back during hoops season. He used the same "one named blogger" remark about me - not sure why that gets him so riled up - although I choose to assume he's just pissed at the world because he looks like Yukon Cornelius.

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I was thinking he looked more along the lines of a Bob Villa on crack....

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Nice...or if Vila and and Bugs Bunny had a kid.

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Wow, that was SportsByBrooks-esque-level douchery by Yarborough and unbecoming of an entity that employs Lesmerises.

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I'm offended by his comments, as I recently moved into a house with an unfinished basement.



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Look at it on the bright side...now you have a decor idea implanted.

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i guess reporter F*GS cant triforce either...