The Fool is Gone

By Corey Carpenter on March 17, 2011 at 4:38p

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His blog points readers to email two RadiOhio guys to find out why. Any 11Dub peeps do this yet?

Class of 2010

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I posted the emails I exchanged with Dave Van Stone.  He said that he believed that Hooley had "crossed the line" with his comments about Tressel.  I imagine some sponsors chimed in as welll as a lot of fans. 

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Good riddance dbag!!

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"Go to to read how @BHOOLZ was let go by 97.1 the Fan in Columbus.  Ridiculous.  Other stations would be lucky to have him."  Tweet from Chip Brown, guy who covers Texas and broke the Big XII defections when college football was in upheaval over expansion.

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Then other stations are more than welcome to take him.

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Yes, hopefully IN Texas. :P

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The old addition by subtraction!

go bucks

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WooooooHooooooooooooo!!!!!  I can actually turn on the fan again.  Thank you radio people.