Thad Matta Thinks Jared Sullinger Will Return

By Jason Priestas on March 10, 2011 at 1:22a

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Yes, Eleven Warriors! Bask-eeet-ball! More bask-eeet-ball!

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Long live the southend.

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Great interview, thanks for passing this along! Nice to see this was conducted by Dakich, who I really think has been an asset to the ESPN broadcasting booth this season for the B1G.  Reading the transcript, and if you've ever heard him do the Buckeye roundtable radioshow, you can tell he not only loves this team and his job..but also being at this university.  I read a tweet from Baptist earlier today quoting Thad about Tressel, "I've never met a man that [OSU] means more to.  That's something I've always tried to emulate." Really proud to have him as our coach.  He's done an amazing job of molding the players over the years, and really creating cohesiveness with the last few squads with just such unbelievable turnover.

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The mentioning of Sullinger conversing with former players who have turned pro is interesting to know. Maybe he'll be persuaded to stay knowing that even a great former player like The Villain, who stayed three years at that, is still trying to find his footing in the NBA. However, if the Bucks win it all I think Sullinger will go pro and I'm ok with that.

"No time for love, Doctah Jones!"

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I've been saying all year, one of the best aspects about all those kids leaving early is the fact that the current players who think they are good enough to leave have examples of why not too. I think he stays, he is a great player, but really does have some things he needs to work on.