Terrelle Pryor has failed in his time at Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on March 28, 2011 at 2:27p

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Sorry, but that is just flat out ridiculous.

vacuuming sucks

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You can say whatever you want about his conduct off the field, but to suggest that two BCS Bowl Victories, MVP awards in each of those performances, Big Ten titles, record-shattering performances and an overwhelmingly winning record constitutes failure is absurd.

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Completely agree......and he will finish his career as the all-time leader in Ohio State football history for total offense. 

vacuuming sucks

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Zack Meisel has failed in his time as Ohio State Lantern Sports Editor.

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Anyone who has read my comments know that I'm a TP fan and probably side with him more than I should.  I'm an apologist, I love the guy I can't help it.  He's just one of my favorite Buckeye players.  However, if you compare on field performance with expectations when he came in, a case can be made for what this guy is saying.  I have never put stock in the expectations, but he was probably the most talked about recruit over the last 20 years easily.  I can't remember anyone getting the attention he did.  Matta told Tress Pryor dominated the football field like Oden did the basketball court in high school. 

Referencing the off field stuff to me is irrelevant, except for Tatgate as that is the 1 true blackeye for the program.  The Mike Vic stuff, the Herbie comments, other generall Twitter stuff, people blow that shit way ou tof proportion.  At other schools in different parts of the US, people probably wouldn't care too much about that. 

If someone told me this is what is going to happen through TP's time in Columbus, do you still want him?  My answer is ABSOLUTELY. 

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Ridiculous. Results do matter, despite how much some don't like TP's off field commentary and behavior. 31-3 as a starter, 57 passing TD's, 6,000+ yards passing, and even in a shortened season this year TP has the chance to put his name at or near the top of most of the meaningful QB statistical categories at OSU... This does not constitute failure by any reasonable measure.

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I'm ashamed to share a university with this person.

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Zach Meisel seems to have a long career ahead of him in radio trolling.


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you guys are ashamed someone has the nerve to have an opinion that isnt your own?


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Everyone's entitled to an opinion but outlandish, indefensible outlier ones deserve ostrination and rebuttal accordingly.



All would be greeted with the the similar scorn of something so far fetched and illogical.

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To be fair, a whole lot of what the guy said was shared by people on this website for much of Pryors time with the Buckeyes.  I know I've defended TP numerous times because people have labeled him a failure, have said he wasn't worth the trouble, and have said if they knew then what they know now, they would've never wanted TP. 

While I completely disagree with the guy's article, lets not act like this isn't an attitude that's out there among a portion of the fan base. 

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There are also are paid writers out there with ties to Ohio State who agree with Bruce Hooley wholesale. It doesn't make them any less off base.

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Oh I agree with that.  I just think it's funny that people are so against what they've seen or heard recently about TP or Tressel, when a lot of those same people have echoed exactly what these fools have said.