Worst Day in Big Ten History? Yep

By Jason Priestas on January 2, 2011 at 12:32a

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Poe McKnoe's picture

I blame the logo.

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Shocking that the 4letter would be the first to take shots, just shocking.

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Clearly you don't follow Clay Travis on twitter. It's Rittenberg's job to write about the Big Ten, what do you expect?


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Thank you denny, the big ten went 0-5 on the most watched day of the college football season. What else was the outcry going to be painted as???

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Exactly, people who are shocked or outraged by the outrage, what did they expect?

we all know what bowl season means now, and unfortunatey about the time that leagues began being compared to one another at the level they are now is about the time the Big ten decided to go to complete crap. 

I just want the ACC and Big East treatment, a quick snark and move on.  People in the media are obessed with the big ten's record and so it is a sustained, prolonged and never ending commentary about how bad the big ten is compared the SEC.  No other conference gets this treatment. 

That is annoying, sure, but for people to be surprised at the reaction is the only surprise.

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Yeah, I wouldn't lump Rittenberg in with the rest of the Big Ten. He's a homer and defends the league at every opportunity.

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Who cares what the other teams do, if Ohio State wins the off season will be much better.

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Well Black, we(meaning Ohio State) haven't exactly done, ahem, very well vs. the SEC recently either. Maybe it's just a matter of the rest of the BigTen catching up to Ohio State's record vs. the SEC.

I don't have a very good feeling about this game, for a lot of reasons. Maybe it's the 0-9 record...maybe it's the way the BigTen just went 0-5 in bowls yesterday...maybe it's the huge distraction of Tat-gate. TP's answering more questions about his tattoo than his sometimes awkward throwing motion.

Not good.



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the logo still sucks ass... call me one of the rare people but i honestly dont really care how the other teams do in thier games i actually root against several B1G teams god that logo is lame. all that matters is tosu game.

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Pathetic.  Absolutely pathetic.

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Coaching.  I think when you look at the B10 you see inferior coaching and innovation. 

For example, Saban and his staff could've swapped sidelines and made Sparty competitive despite the huge talent gap. 

NW is arguably the conference's most innovative - as well as all-around well coached - team in the conference, but generally that can only get a private school so far.

Talent-wise Wisconsin should win against TCU, but it was coaching that made the difference.

I think the B10 needs a lot... Jerry Kill to find a way to win-with-less at Minny, find RichRod a DC and special teams coach in Ann Arbor, Paterno to just go away so they can move forward, Zook to let his new assistants do all the work, Kevin Wilson to win games (at least beat the MAC teams) in Bloomington...the list goes on...