Where the AP Voters Had Ohio State

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2011 at 11:04a

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Wow, Kirk, way to make TP seem less like an immature douchebag and more like a prophet.

Not being a homer means you rank your team honestly, not kick them every chance you get. I know there's still a buckeye inside you, let it show a little.

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leading bad vote getter of the week i see

To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift - Steve Prefontaine

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Wow, usually Herbie is dead on in his rankings.  This looks like he lost a bet.  Florida in the top 25!?

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Yeah, he is usually one of the best.  He must have saw a bunch of games I didn't see, or lost a bet.  Even Scott Wolf has a better poll, and that's hard to pull off.

It seems the biggest OSU haters get the most bad votes, and the biggest OSU lovers (usually Herbie) get the most best votes.

If he were going on quality wins, maybe I see it.  But why is Stanford so high?

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I've been a Herbie supporter, usually.  Think he is taking the acts that caused the suspension into consideration and holding the Buckeyes to a much higher standard than any school?  Maybe he is getting pressure from former players?  Most of the former player comments leaned toward not playing the tat5.  Maybe this whole TP thing has him completely out of his mind?  Or all of the above? 

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First of all, if tat5 was his reasoning, he should not have voted Auburn #1 (tit for tat, or should I say Cam for tat5).  Also, I don't cast all former players in the mold that you suggest.  Many whom I am associate with do not fall into the category.  Yes, they are somewhat PO'd, but most agree that the current team members (not involved in the scandal) are the ones who really count in this matter. 

And, yes, I have been a Herbie supporter as well, but his antics in the past 30 days have been far more embarrassing than anything current team members have done. 

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Same here. After initially not digging Herbie, I turned the corner and thought I saw the light but it's hard to defend his actions over the past month. I really think most of this, including the ranking, is due to his hard on for Pryor. He hates that dude like I hate scarlet fever,  David Ortiz or the smell of dried milk.

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If he's doing all this to piss off Pryor, then he is proving to me that Pryor is more mature and more of a man than Herbie is.  Herbie is trying his damnedest to get Pryor to say something else publicly so then the rest of the media can come back to Herbie and say what do you have to say about this, then he throws up his hands and says I just wish him the best, like he's the bigger man.  All he is doing is burning bridges.  He's pissing off the fans that defend him pretty loyally, and what he's going to end up doing is have the fan base rally behind Pryor and the Tat5.  He's making himself look like a jackass.  Funny as it sounds, Pryor is actually the bigger man here.  He's willing to at least call the guy out and not be a weasel about it.

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My question was could he potentially be holding the Buckeyes, who he claims to love, to a higher standard  than the likes of a SEC, Auburn program?  Holding his school, that he has a ton of connections to, to a higher standard so when they mess up he punishes them more.  Not that I think that's the case, but it has crossed my mind. 

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Then come out and say it.  He doesn't have to call out any particular conference or team, but just say, You are THE OHIO STATE, you are better than that.  Don't come out and say well this is where Florida really took it to Ohio State, in a game that happened 6 years ago at a point where that statement had no relevance.  If you are going to hold them to a higher standard that's fine, but be a man about it, say that's my program and Ohio State is not like other places.  Take some ownership, don't be a bitch about it.  Quit making snide remarks, and ridiculous statements to try and get current player to pop off his mouth to the media.  Prove that you aren't a FAKE BUCKEYE!!!!!

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Herbie is starting to slip to the dark side.  Seeing him sitting with Saban and Meyer was sickening.....

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Kirk is an idiot. His pre bowl rank for the Buckeyes was #6. Winning the Sugar Bowl drops them to 9???? WTF??? Perhaps TP was right.

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Even Mark May gave the Buckeyes credit for winning a game against an ESS EEE SEEE team.  Herbie has gone lower that douchbag status, he's no douchenozzle and quickly approaching Fucktard status.

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Watched this on cable, they called it "FULL SPECIAL".  For some reason that was even funnier than going full retard.

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Wow....I think the influence of his employer is getting to Herbie.  He has more SEC teams in the top 10 than anyone it seems like.


Or maybe he did it so Pryor would say something and then his colleagues at eSECpn would have something to talk about and write about now that the season is over and we're into hibernation for a few months?

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Geez Kirk, get over yourself. You entered a pissing match with an over-hyped 21-year-old and came out looking like the D bag. That takes skill.

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Alabama with 3 losses and LSU with 2 losses, one to an Arkansas team that we just beat, over OSU?  Kirk Herbstreit is officially dead to me.  He doesn't exist and never existed.

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Herbstreit is a fake Buckeye.... Hope MSU or Wisky are big enough games for Game Day to come to so Buckeye National can voice their displeasure for him.

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Herbie!  WTF?  9th?  Dude you've totally gone ESPN on us...you and Fowler. 

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Herbie amazes me, especially since I loved and supported him before tatgate. He's SUCH a douchebag, its ridiculous.

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WTF Herbie?  What are you trying to prove man.  I've given him the benefit of the doubt  of late, but now he's pissing me off.  Fake Ass Buckeye is right.  Anybody ever read the story on Deadspin.com about Herbie and E.A. fuckin around?  Just think it may have legs and me be just the thing to humble that pompous jack-ass.

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A bag of dicks for your herbie,

a bag. of. dicks. indeed. 

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Pryor is the better Busckeye. Beats UM, wins bowl games, ranks OSU first in his heart and on paper. 10 years ago Herbie mattered. Tonight he is trying to get Brady Hoke to return his call.

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Shockingly, both Kirk and Fowler had them at 9.  eSECpn must really be putting the pressure on these guys to downgrade the Big10 and especially tOSU.  Incredible.

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Google 'Chris Fowler Twitter' and you can find his twitter page where Buckeye fans are calling him out on his agenda.  He says he doesn't have an agenda, so what do you call it when you've been brainwashed and don't even recognize your agenda.

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Fowler calls the Sugar Bowl win "fortunate" on his Twitter page. I've heard others say we were "lucky," citing the Sanzenbacher recovery, Ark. dropped passes and the failure to scoop and score on the blocked punt.

What these people conveniently forget is that Arkansas fell on three of its own fumbles, including a muffed punt and one that I swear Clarke recovered for OSU before it was taken away under the pile. They forget we dropped a pick six. They forget Herron's first-ever fumble on a would-be fourth-down conversion. They forget that Arkansas was allowed to cheap shot and hold Cam Heyward all night with impunity and they forget that pushing someone four yards backward and letting them go so your teammates can tackle him was ruled a safety. So how exactly was OSU "lucky" or "fortunate" while Arkansas was "unlucky" or "unfortunate?"

Can't have it both ways. Both teams had opportunities to make plays and Ohio State made more, and in some ways were LESS fortunate than Arkansas because if those first-half Arkansas turnovers materialize, the game is WELL out of reach by halftime. No almost-comeback would have been possible.

In the end, it just comes down to the typical lack of respect.

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Fowler and Herbie can say whatever the f they want. All I know is that my Sugar Bowl champs hat is supposed to arrive on Thursday.

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I saw this on the twittersphere and agree that it was a good breakdown.  My favorite part:

As I said before, don't look for logic here—it won't be found.

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That is a great article.  There is no logical way to justify his rankings.  I would hate to accuse him of falling into the SEC agenda, but if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck...

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Herbie being the opposite of a homer is not a new phenomenon. He goes out of his way to say anything good about them.