And the Hits Keep Coming

January 2, 2011 at 1:59p    by Jason Priestas    


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Why is this a hit?  Nothing happened.  After reading his comments about the suspension, I'm siding with Pryor more than Herbie.  I hate that they are fighting, but Herbie's comment deserved a response and Pryor did it jokingly.

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You don't think this looks bad?

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I think it looks bad if people just read the title, but not the content.  If your car was in the shop wouldn't you ask for something sweet to borrow?  I know it looks suspicious if you are a student athlete but this guy can't even sneeze without some one putting his snot under a microscope.  I agree with you that everyone would be better off if the only thing we heard from Pryor is performance on the field related, but geez, you would think he murdered somebody...

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I understand that, but you and I don't get Denalis as loner cars.

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BB's right, with the possible exception of Pryor - jokingly - rebutting Herbstreit.

Herbie's record against UM is the joke.

I understand objectivity is the foundation of good journalism. But, Kirk Herbstreit's "addition by subtraction" comment should have been voiced, privately. He could/should have been more subtle - publicly.  

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And yet he continues to have defenders.  I wish he would go.

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How is this anything?

You know we really need? TAYLOR MARTINEZ! Yeah!

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I don't know if you were being serious or not. Taylor Martinez is average to slighty AA at this point in his career. Contain him and bring pressure and he takes the sack every time. It might be youth and he has several upside qualities but he isn't what Pryor is right now. Good thing about him is he knows how to keep his mouth shut.

I don't always take names when I kick ass but when I do, they most often belong to a Wolverine.

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I don't disagree.  The first question I asked when TatGate broke was "Where else have these guys been peddling their goods?"  Guess we know.

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Doesn't sound like there's anything to this.  It has to be hard to be scrutinized for every move you make, but such is the life of a Buckeye football player.  I hope TP goes out and has a "Rose Bowl" type performance and takes out some frustration on the Razorbacks!

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The fact that the NCAA found that no violation occurred means that this is not a story worth arguing over and piling more on Pryor...

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Read the story closer. Nowhere does it say that the NCAA found that no violations occurred. Rather, Doug Archie, an OSU compliance official, contends that no violations occurred. Color me a bit cynical and unsurprised that the guy charged with ensuring no OSU violations occurred found that no violations occurred.

If nothing else, the timeline of this story raises an eyebrow as to TP's alleged excuse for selling his rings/awards. If his family is truly hurting for money, its counterintuitive for TP to be buying Denali SUVs at or around the same time.

I'm guessing this story will grow legs and other players' automobile situations will be examined.

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OHio State has a pretty good record for self-reporting NCAA violations, tatgate included.  I have to think if there had been a violation it would have been reported. 

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The REAL problem here is the NCAA.  There is absolutely no way you can say what Ohio State did is worse then the sCam Newton fiasco.     

All players get special benefits of some sort.  They have been for a long time and will continue to long after TP leaves Ohio State. 

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The guy got rentals while his vehicle was in the shop. One time he took one he was thinking of buying, but didn't. While that may have actually been "I wanna drive in style home and back so I'll make up possibly buying this for the trip," both parties stated the same thing so it is a non-issue.

If it turns out that either of those two times, his vehicle wasn't actually being serviced ... then it is a problem. This seems more like pointless digging by the dispatch to be asstards.


As for some goofy comments in regards to compliance not doing their job, do you have ANY clue how many investigations they do in a season/year/for multiple sports? Constant. Not self-reporting if violations occur is about the worst thing a compliance dept could ever do. That kinda stuff gets the hammer from the NCAA.


This article puts a spotlight on something that is routine. Meaningless.

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TP is a gangsta in a football jersey

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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Cool story, bro.


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thanks...i think of it as more of a "tale" if you will...than a story...but its didnt know..."bro"

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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Why do you call Terrelle a "gangsta"? Do you know what a "gangsta" is? I suppose not, because while he is controversial Terrelle isn't a "gangsta." Did you call him that only because he is black?

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are you asking me that because i am white?...

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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I have no clue if you are white, black, asain, mexican, or any other race. What I do know is what a "gangsta" is and TP isn't one. I also know that is a typical stereotype to call black people, often young athletes, a "gangsta." Only wondering what your thinking was.

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my thinking was it was a joke and now im just stirring the pot....

"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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"Without winners, there wouldn't even be civilization." -----------Woody Hayes

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You know what?

F*** what they say, lets go do this for us.

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we won the mnc the next year, so maybe this is some kind of foreshadowing...?

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Nothing surprising here, same old garbage.  In reality, the Big 10 is way ahead of where they were supposed to be.  According to Vegas they were supposed to be 0-7 coming into tomorrow nights bowl.  It's not much of a surprise that all of those teams lost.  Infact, outside of Wisconsin and probably Northwestern, I think we all expected the others to lose.

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Did everyone miss this in yesterday's Dispatch? Supposedly shoes and helmet for sale on e-bay. Seller states items are from a current player. Last paragraph.

I think it's bs.


Long live the southend.