Big Ten Limits Wrigley Game to One End Zone

By Corey Carpenter on November 19, 2010 at 1:03p

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So if someone intercepts a pass or if they pick up a fumble do they run the wrong way?

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Neither. At the moment of turnover, a ghost runner takes the place of the appropriate defensive player. Next, a geometry storm of 40 times and pursuit angles are analyzed to see how far the ghost runner advance the ball. What a crock this Wrigley Field game is and it hasn't even started yet.

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The only people this really affects are those who paid big money and now get to watch all the plays go away from them.  It's really not a big deal, and neutralizes any wind effects (considering both team have to go into or with the wind. 

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I just find it hard to believe that 2 of the smartest colleges in the land didn't have a capable engineering student work the dimensions of the layout before this was agreed upon.

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This whole thing is a joke and makes the Big Ten look stupid. I've already seen a few different tv and online media sources dogging the conference out for being so short sighted. I mean, how long have they been planning this gimmick only to have to make ridiculous game concessions to keep someone from possibly getting hurt. Who in their right mind - I don't care how much padding is down there - thought it would be fine to play a college game with just a few feet separating the backline of the endzone from a giant wall?

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I was pretty sure the Bears played there for a long time so I did a little searching and they did up until 1970.  The field went the other direction, towards left field and temporary bleachers were put up in right and center field.  Why they chose to go towards right field is beyond me, unless the Cubs didn't want stands put up on their field.

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Little more research......they have added expensive seats at field level in recent years, so the field would not fit in either direction.  So there is really no reason to be playing a game there.