2014 Offense

As we all know towards the end of the year the offense became unbearably predictable. In the two postseason games I was able to call damn near every play before the snap (screen to Philly, read option, bomb to nobody) Completely unsat for a team that did what it did for the majority of the season al...

Ryan Shazier: Where does he rank?

Ryan Shazier completed one of the greatest campaigns I have ever seen from an Ohio State linebacker. To me he ranks up there with the great linebackers at Ohio State. He had an amazing 2012, and 2013 was no different. He was always all over the field, and seemed to be involved in every single...
06 Feb 2014
by wilkins0802

Wrestling: Know Your Enemy: Michigan State

Preview by Curt Heinrichs “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of 100 battles.” – The Art of War- Sun Tzu On Friday night, the Buckeyes will continue the recent tradition where they travel to a senior’s alma mater to play host to a Big...

Wrestling: Big Men Spark Comeback Against Purdue

Recap by Curt Heinrichs It’s a good thing that Nick Tavanello has the broadest shoulders on the Buckeye wrestling team because for the 2nd time in the Big Ten dual season, the match’s outcome relied on Tavanello’s heavyweight match. The Buckeyes started slowly, but rallied to come...

What are the most important games in 2014?

What is your list of 2014's most important OSU football games?  For this post, the list only includes scheduled games, not the B1G championship game or playoff/bowl game(s), which would obviously be important games. Yes, it does depend on how you define "important."  That co...
05 Feb 2014
by TomD

Early Big 10 Bball Losses Good?

Obviously we never want to see any losses and want to go 40-0 with a national championship every year, but that's not reality.  Having said that, it seems to me that Matta-coached teams tend to get revenge better than other teams.  I did some research going back to the 09-10 season loo...

B1G Basketball Team Stats

These stats are for B1G play only. Key: 1. Pace (possessions per game) 2. Off (offensive efficiency, this is points per possession) 3. Def (defensive efficiency, this is points allowed per possession on defense) 4. Margin (off-def)   pace off ...
04 Feb 2014
by thePhilipJFry

Ohio State Football Recruiting: Class of 2007

With National Signing Day on the horizon I figured this would be a good time to catch up on the players who signed in previous classes. Today we look at what happened to the players who signed in 2007. Below you will find the 15 players who signed with Ohio State in February 2007 and their vitals c...
03 Feb 2014
by Remy

Bradley Roby's Legacy at Ohio State

In the 2012 season Bradley Roby had an amazing year, recording 62 tackles, 17 passes broken up, 2 INTs (1 for a TD), 1 sack, and 1 punt block. He also earned All-American honors in 2012. As a red-shirt sophomore he gambled with jumping to the NFL or coming back for one more year to try and win a c...
03 Feb 2014
by wilkins0802

Interview with Former Player Chris Malone

I had a chance to catch up with Chris Malone, a former reserve offensive lineman who played for Ohio State from 2006-2011. Contrary to the popular belief that all linemen are big dumb oafs, Chris is a big smart oaf. He is currently completing his 3rd year of medical school at Ohio University. Chri...
03 Feb 2014
by gumtape