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Comment 28 Apr 2016

Which QB would you pick to lead OSUs offense going forward out of the 2017 guys?

Comment 17 Apr 2016

Berry is a DE not TE. No way N Brown doesn't start outright. Pridgeon will be competing for RT. Conner is a MLB. I think Bosa will back up Hubbard, Curtis will be an OR starter at Hback with Wilson, D Jones is a DT mostly now. 

Comment 31 Mar 2016

I know he isn't a true option but before he got hurt, Jaesean Tate started to bring the ball up the court occasionally. 

Comment 28 Mar 2016

He had a down year last year compared to the year before. 

In 14-15 season he averaged 17ppg, 50% from 3, 37fg%, 85%ft, 3.7 apg. 2.3TO Solid stats. 

Last year 12.3 ppg, 32.7 3pt%, 35fg%, 74ft%, 3.7 apg, 3.3 TO. 

Has a lot of potential. Wouldn't be against him joining. 

Comment 23 Mar 2016

It's all about perspective 3M. If Joe Bauserman is your quarterback then yes, you'd take Armstrong. 

Comment 17 Mar 2016

I think KDB, Lyle and Kam Williams will all take huge steps forward next year. If Giddens develops any sort of offensive game I think he will take over for Thompson. 

That said, for Mitchell I think the only place for him to go is up. I can't remember a player whose wasn't a center, that has a more difficult time putting the ball into the hoop. 

Comment 10 Mar 2016

Actively helps them lose huh? You must either not know football or don't watch Benagls games, which then you shouldn't comment. If you actually do watch them play then you'd realize that he's only given up 2 TDs in the past 2 years.. Also is a hell of a punt return man. He also allowed the 5 lowest QB rating last year. Please present facts to back up your argument instead of just throwing out opinions with nothing to back it up.

Also I forgot, you must know more about football and what helps the team than the entire Bengals front office. Maybe you should give them a call and offer your opinion. 

I didn't say you couldn't offer your opinion, I said it was unfair to criticize when you know don't know what it's like being him through out his life. 

Comment 09 Mar 2016

Adam Jones has really turned his life around in Cincinnati. Sure he lets his emotions get to him during the game sometimes but then again every play is like a fist fight in football (not literally). He's given a lot back to the community in Cincinnati and is paying back heavily $$ for his crimes. He deserves this extension and I am happy to see the guy be able to change his life around. 

You all can sit back in your comfy lives and say what you want about him but it's honestly not fair unless you know where he comes from. 

Comment 07 Mar 2016

Boca, what's your athletic history? Just curious since you were lining up against some great athletes. 

Comment 03 Mar 2016

I see him as early to mid second round but no way this kid goes undrafted shooting 48% from three. Especially how much the NBA values 3 point shooters. 

Comment 26 Feb 2016

I get your point about the whole money thing with Braxton to the Bengals but if it was the old Mike Brown, I could of seen him doing it. Last time he did a money Gimmick it backfired on him with Terrell Owens. And if Jerry Jones or Al Davis owned the Bengals I could see it happen but they don't and it won't happen with the new system they have. Mike Brown has little say in who they draft now.