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Comment 26 Jul 2015

With the addition of Luke Farrell, does Kierre Hawkins become a pure WR now or does he become what ever Noah Brown is?

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Raekwon over Carpenter would be your choice? Maybe '17 Raekwon, and Carpenter was a first round draft pick after the 05 season. 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

I can see it both ways. In one hand you have MSU which could of said if you're done looking then we're done looking and it puts them behind for nearly every other guard since he committed. In the other hand it's Cupps future and he needs to make sure that he is making the best choice for him self. Not anyone else. 

Comment 21 Jul 2015

Yes I agree that in 2012 that would of been the case. But as we saw last year with FSU and weak undefeated team can be jumped in the new playoff era. And what if osu has 1 loss and had a season like 2012 where it barely got by mediocre teams? We would of been like TCU or Baylor last year and watching. So a strong conference can make all the difference. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

I agree and he would be with the cavs for atleast 4 years and Wiggin's potential is so much higher. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

They will? The Celtics and lakers are about to throw more money than the cavs can imagine at him. He will not be back with the Cavs. It didn't seem like he enjoys being the 3rd option and making not as much money as he would some where else. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

Everything as in, him and Lebron didn't get along, everything as in he's from LA and wants to go back, everything as in he never really wanted to be there in the first place. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

I doubt he'll be back. Just everything that happened last year, I don't see him going back to cleveland. 

Comment 24 Jun 2015

The Wiggins for Love trade might go down as one of the most irritating trades in a while. We all knew he was going to leave after one year. I didn't get it when it happened and I still don't. 

Comment 19 Jun 2015

He did not shake him, I just watched the video again to confirm, he tried to arm tackle him and Quan went right through it. 

Comment 19 Jun 2015

Eh, he missed the tackle on a 5'8 receiver. I'd say that's on him. Not juked, but ran through him. 

Comment 19 Jun 2015

"We don't like have dumb forums" lol

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