Call the Cops! SEC Coaches are Cheating!

By DJ Byrnes on January 22, 2014 at 11:53a
SEC coaches

Welp, the SEC has never been known for its law-abiding ways. First, this:

Then, this:

If there's one coach we can rule out, it's Bert Beliema. Bert has always been a man of upstanding character and is one of the most respected members in his profession.

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Why doesn't that coach just report them to the NCAA or call them out on a radio show?

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This is a non-story. Every school does this...aren't OSU, Michigan, and other B1G schools out "meeting" 2015 prospects right now? The coaches aren't allowed to meet with the prospects but they go visit the school, meet the high school coaches, and "bump" into the prospect. They are allowed to say hi if they "bump" into them. The only reason this has turned into a story is the way Rosen worded his meeting with Saban and the fact that some college coach felt the need to be a baby by texting Feldman..even though I'm sure that same college coach's school is doing the same "bumping" into recruits at their schools right now.

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Isn't the "bump" rule even called the "Saban rule" more commonly?
Total non-story, but hilarious nonetheless

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Coaches are allowed in the schools - but can't meet with the players directly. 

I talked to two 2015 prospects yesterday who had Urban Meyer in their school and both of them unprompted said "They were here but I didn't get to talk to him because they can't meet with us yet." So they know the rules.

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Is that just for head coaches, or all coaches?  This post specifically says a 2015 recruit recently met with Michigan's new OC.

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The same rule applies for all coaches (assistant or head). Sometimes the wording in these posts aren't as precise as the way we are reading it. I think it's pretty common that a recruit "bumps" into a coach and then is told to call him to continue the discussion (which the call is allowed). If you noticed yesterday on the Gulliver foursome that received OSU offers yesterday, at least one of them mentioned the coach stopped by the school (no idea if a "bump" happened) but the player later called the coach yesterday and then received the offer.
So in this case of Nussmeier/Harris, the actual discussion may have been on the phone shortly after a quick "bump" at the way to really know. The attached article just says a "visit" so may have been Nussmeier visiting the school and not seeing him or maybe a quick "hi" when they "bump" into each other in the hallway outside the coach's office.

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Thanks for your input Katie Holmes...I knew it was you.  You're one of those Toledo ppl aren't you that feel TTUN is more your team than OSU.  Sure, I understand.  However, I don't understand why you'd defend tSEC for committing violations.  May be it's due to this below...

too many hard hits has your head spinning.  Can't make good judgments anymore.

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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I wasn't trying to point fingers at any team...I made sure to acknowledge that Michigan does it like every other school does. As another poster below me stated, this is a pretty standard thing when coaches visit schools and not a rare occurrence. Yes - it was a bit funny since Bruce Feldman tweeted it given how many followers he has across all of college football..but not really a big story if he just said a quick hello to the kid given all schools do it to some degree. I like a good SEC violation story as much as the next but I'm not going to be unrealistic and claim that most other schools dont do it. 
I will refrain from responding to the name calling.

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Step off T Town.  We keep the border locked down which is hard work.

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No wonder I can't win!

High and tight boo boo

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Righteous up votes for the "Not in my house" gif. LOVE IT!

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These continued stories about the SEC cheating just go into the overflowing file bin at this point. Saban's pal Emmert continues to allow Alabama to pay their players and break the rules. There is zero credibility to the NCAA, and until we have a new governing body that's actually going to apply the rules equally to everybody, it'll just be more of the same.

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Your absolutely right. The last 10 years have proven there is clearly an inequality/inconsistency in the punishments doled out by the NCAA. Hopefully Emmert's bullshit organization is abolished and a real governing body takes over (with oversights to make sure the commissioner doesn't have any vested interest in any one conference or team.)

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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NCAA hands out harsh SEC punishment...

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Maybe they'll get the conferences coaches together to vote on the punishment.

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Oversigned guys are forced to write the punishment before their scholarship is pulled.

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This just in: Punishment for Saban's offense willbe having to sit out the first half of the first Spring practice

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The SEC and Tiger have the same slogan.

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There is Zero sense in talking about anything they do. The NCAAssholes are not going to stop the Greatest Conference in the history of the World on anything. Hey Players! Need a loan? Join a SEC team. Need a Rolex for the old man. Go to Auburn. Uncle Bill out of work and your a 5 star recruit? Join Florida and he will be working for the FDOT.
My son played at a beach High School in Jacksonville Fl. And they were two killer backs in the state. One of them lived in the hood in Jax and got a scholarship and went onto a prosperous NFL carrier. My sons teammate was married with 2 kids and another on the way and the Gators gave him a full ride as long as his wife got a track scholly. He played fairly well for three years and the went pro. He couldn't spell his own name on his letter of intent and the Gaturds had to assign a speech coach to teach him how to talk on live TV. It was ridiculous . I live in the Murder state and people that I have met in my journeys have had tremendous players as sons and you would not believe the stories about what the children have been offered to attend SEC schools. They will never stop them. They are like a runaway train. Go Bucks!

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Non-story. B1G coaches do the same thing. I teach/coach at a school with junior players with B1G offers, and coaches came by school last week and met with them in person. EVERY coach does it, but it's basically acceptable for it to happen. The NCAA is a joke. 

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SEC Coaches cheating ...

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Only if Chuck Norris was in charge....


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Bret Bielma "bumps" into player, player is injured in the bump.
*next SEC related headline


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This is my shocked face

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Seriously, is that a younger Bo Ryan?
edit: Could somebody help me out?  Accidentally gave this man a fat finger DV.

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Got both of ya

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Looks like MSU is trying the same stuff on 2015 commit Eric Glover-Williams

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Well, Dantonio is from the Saban coaching tree ...All coaches do this stuff. NCAA is a joke. The rule seems kind of foolish anyways. I do know Saban has been calling to more spring recruiting I believe.