Video: 1983 Brutus Wasn't Having it; Beats Michigan Man with a Pole

January 11, 2014 at 5:05a    by Jason Priestas    

Is there a mascot that's been tackled more than Brutus Buckeye?

Three years ago, Rufus, Ohio University's mascot, straight jumped Brutus as he and the football team were taking the field. Last spring, former Ohio State linebacker David Perkins destroyed Brutus on a mascot option play during the team's student open practice.

And then there's this video, from the 1983 Ohio State–Michigan game in Ann Arbor. Although the video has been up on YouTube for a few years – indeed it appears to have been uploaded as a response to the aforementioned incident with Rufus – this is the first we've seen of it and it shows Brutus responding to a Michigan student that had tackled him by... beating him with a pole.

It's nice to know there was a time when Brutus dealt out swift justice for transgressions against him.



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Great video! Get 'em Brutus!!!!!

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It's funny - the Brutus in this video was a serious badass. He was facing like at least 5 of those weirdos from that school & was absolutely not scared. Smashed the guy the tackled him. If that Bobcat had attacked this Brutus, he'd have dealt with him properly...

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To really understand what a badass he was, he had the buckeye head on.  How can you see out of that let alone fight with that thing on...

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"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

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How have I not seen this?

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I thought the same thing. I've never seen that either.

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That ****stick went for his knees, man. Had our players not taken the field yet? Not that I condone violence but this is in the 80's so it was perfectly acceptable. (Sly, The Oak, and the Muscles from Brussels says so!)

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Rufus hit him pretty good, Perkins absolutely mollywhopped him, and go figure the *ichigan man hits like a pussy!

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Dick went for his knees and then ran like a slizz when Brutus fought back. Typical "Michigan Man" behavior. 

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HAHAHAHAHA...Brutus fake shot the guy with the trucker hat and mustache. Seriously, was that guy a student?

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for a second, I thought he gave them a Marcus Hall salute

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I can only imagine what would happen if it were 2013 and not 1983.  That could have been ugly.  Props to Brutus for beating his ass. 

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I just love how the sissy popped up realized he was in over his head, and ran home to mama like a scared little girl.

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Pretty cool. That was my first game in the big outhouse.  Don't recall seeing it happen.

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That was my first game in the big outhouse.

Correction: the Big Shithouse.



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I was only seven in 1983, but as you can see, I was still pretty much a badass.

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I bet Brutus wishes he had that pole when Perkins speared him.

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The best part was the homeless guy with the shopping bag and the ugly jacket trying to act tough after his buddy ran away.

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They should show this video to every Brutus mascot and tell them " that's how you respond to an attack!".  Impaling him with the pole could've been another option.  I can see it now.  A M!c#i&@n "man" lying on his back with a pole thru his chest, Brutus with one foot on his chest right next to the OSU flag, with the flag galliantly blowing in the wind, daring anybody to come at him.  You could even put Jim Ross' "Good God almighty! It killed him!" video clip with it.

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That's pretty extreme dude... I LIKE IT!

Football is complicated...

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Exactly. Just a bit over the top. More please!



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Look at that little bitch run!  As Jim Ross would say, he's running away like a scalded dog!

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