David Perkins Destroys Brutus Buckeye

By Vico on April 6, 2013 at 5:56p

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50/50 that dude's coughing up ribs right now...
Lesson learned- when you step off that sideline, be ready to go.
Also, take a lap, Brutus- need to hang onto that football.

A man got to have a code...

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I work a part time job with the guy and he just called me asking if I could take his shift tonight. He should get checked out for internal bleeding.

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That looks like it hurt.  What was he thinking?!

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That he'd playfully grab the ball & pretend to play. Probably wasn't thinking a LB would smash him for it. He's Brutus - probably shouldn't have been whacked that hard.

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I watched the live video and its the first time I think a still shot makes it look worse.  Perkins was at about 50%.  At 75% he would have busted a nut.  

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At least Brutus kept a smile on his face

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Do not cross the middle on the Silver Bullets. 

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Beat me to it. I was just thinking that after further review of the pic. 

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Not sure what's so awesome about de-cleating a non-football playing cheerleader who likely had minimal padding.  Not to mention, it's your own mascot.

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If it were a wolverine, totally understandable. I agree with your thoughts exactly.

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Perkins said he didn't mean to hit him, but the mentality to hit all ball carriers reigned supreme.

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Brutus=Vincent Smith except his head didn't come off. 

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I posted it in the forum also, but I figured I'd share it here too for anyone looking.  The only video I've seen so far:

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In all reality Brutus is lucky it was Perkins who hit him... it looks like Spence (#8 if I'm not mistaken) was about to snap him in half. 

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Football is a ful contact sport. You don't wanna get hit, stay on the sideline. Did it hurt? Probably. But at least brutus got to feel the thrill of toting the rock for the buckeyes.

On a side note...if perkins hits brutus like that. Imagine what he's got planned for opposing ballcarriers this fall. Buckeyes always bring the juice!

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Can't.....stop.....laughing!!!!! I'm just glad he didn't go helmet to helmet nut!

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You never go helmet to nut.

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Cardale didn't come to play school (since retracted), Boom didn't come to play mascot.

At least it wasn't Senior Tackle.....

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Brutus, noooooo! Bauserbomb it into the stands. Never, never ever, try to cut one up field.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Coach Meyer is going to make Brutus carry a football with him around campus everywhere he goes to try and get a handle on his fumbling issues.

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Brutus has been in bad need of a makeover. Maybe this will be a start. Maybe some broader shoulders and an update on the 80s sweatpants. 

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.I would say 10 pushups for fumbling, but being leveled is punishment enough

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Brutus is one tough nut to crack...went down with a smile on his face.

Long live the southend.

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I think it was a little over the top, personally.  But glad he wasn't hurt.
Brutus took enough shit from the Bobcat from Athens, he doesn't need to take it from his own team, for Pete's sake!



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Meh, nut up or shut up. He jumped on the field with a bunch of athletes, what more did you expect? And obviously the guy wasn't hurt or he wouldn't have gotten up. 

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Nut up or shut up? Come on now, he was out there showing off for the students that were there. He's the mascot...Certainly didn't expect getting tackled too hard. I'm sure Perkins would be the first to say that he came in a little hot on that one.
That said, I like the spin Mike Vrabel is putting on it..."Brutus - The Toughest Damn Mascot In The Land!"

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.