Auburn Runs Mizzou Out Of The SECCG

By Johnny Ginter on December 7, 2013 at 8:13p


Tre Mason was utterly unstoppable, rushing a Javon Ringer-esque 45 times for a much better running back-esque 303 yards en route to a 59-42 victory. The fact that his legs held up long enough to do this is kind of incredible, and so is the turnaround that Gus Malzahn was able to orchestrate at Auburn. Gary Pinkel will have other opportunities at this thing in the future, but for now the SEC establishment stays on top and Verne and Gary get to be happy.

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Alright El Guapo, beat that tonight!

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Never is the key word.  Sheesh.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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I give up...send them to the Natty. We're not worthy...

Our Honor Defend!

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Auburn has a good football team.  Probably the most impressive rushing attack in the country.

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"Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team
- no one more important than the other." -  Coach Norman Dale

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Tre Mason: 46 carries, 304 yards, 6.6 yards/carry: win
Carlos Hyde: 18 carries, 118 yards, 6.6 yards/carry: loss

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

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I am baffled that a) Mizzou couldn't gameplan to stop the most one-dimensional offense in the country, and that b) Meyer and Herman didn't simply pound the rock with El Guapo last night. For all the grief the defense is getting (rightfully so), I think they did well enough for us to win if our offense had been clicking the way it normally does. Offensive playcalling was a trainwreck.

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(a) Auburn's offense is unbalanced, not one-dimensional.  Yesterday, they had 5 different players with runs with of at least 20 yards.  They attack from all angles.  Malzahn's attack is not one-dimensional just because it's very run heavy. 
(b) Yeah, you're probably right.  But, I'd also assume that if OSU got that one-dimensional in the second half, Narduzzi, the best DC in the game right now, would have made adjustments.  Just a hunch.

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A) Perhaps - that is one way of looking at it - but it was clear that the Mizzou defense was ill-prepared schematically for what was a pretty obvious Auburn gameplan. I'll grant that LSU was the only team to actually stop it, but absent two fluke plays, Auburn is a 9-3 team instead of a 12-1 team playing for a BCS title.
B) Actually, I think Ohio State's offense did better than expected against Narduzzi given the success Miller and Hyde had running the ball, but Herman dropped the ball when he went away from what worked. Also, the receivers were outplayed against the Spartan DBs.

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Auburn's D looked sooooo suspect. I'm almost Giddy at what FSU's Minor League NFL offense will do to it. 


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Wait until they see what Florida State can do on offense. And defense.