The Dubgate Waits

By Jason Priestas on November 30, 2013 at 6:00a

“I love football. I think it is the most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose.” — Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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And so it begins...........

Michigan Sucks!

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Another O-H-I-O chant takes over that dirty stadium up north.
Let's roll.

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It's ga*e day!  Let's do this!!
Go Bucks!!

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Wakey, Wakey, eggs and bakey. Oh yeah, and some booze too. Let's go!

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It's 6:53am here, it's still dark, I am sooooo cranked for this already.

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Cheers Buckeye Nation!

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The anticipation and the wait are so rough. I'm just glad it is a noon game. I might die if I had to wait until 3:30.

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OMG bout to lose my shit, haven't slept all night...RED BULL

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I went to bed at 1am after beating scUM 80-7 on NCAA football 2009 (Chimdi Chekwa had 11 sacks, which is one less than Bosa gets today). Woke randomly at 4:30.  Been up ever since.  Cannot wait to get this day started!!

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Grant Reed, the brave kid (now 12) who named his cancer after that team up north and then went and beat the hell out of it, will be in AA today. LET'S DO THIS BUCKEYES, win this one for Grant.

Football is complicated...

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Seriously though, shout out to Hoke (and TTUN athletic dept.) for hooking him up with tickets. Classy move.

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That was classy. Grant should lead the Buckeyes out of the tunnel today.
Skin so_e skunk weasel!

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Thought I was gonna have to miss first half of today's game for son's basketball game. He woke up complaining of upset stomach. That's enough for me. We are staying home. Thank you sickness! I'm stoked!!! Did I just say that?

Holy Buckeye!

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Yeah, I am not above pulling that move. One day a year . . . 

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Best pre-game decision by a Buckeye Believer today!

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It is 7:43 am and michigan still SUCKS!!!
and I'm sure that Flounder is still fat!!!
It's game day and time to kick the shit out of the ugly helmet team!!!

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Lets get this thing stared!  Come on Buckeyes beat the stinkweasels!

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Ok, I know this is probably so Benedict Arnold of me especially on the day of 'The Game' but I just watched the E:60 Miracle at Michigan.....and man it had me ballin' my eyes out. 
About the Mealer family who got into a huge car accident, where dad and one of the sons' g/fs passed away.  Grew up as OSU fans, and one of the brothers ended up as an OL for Michigan (not recruited by OSU).  His older brother was paralyzed from the accident, and after his insurance ran out, the Michigan Strength and Conditioning group (Barwis and Rich Rod led) took him in to help him walk again. 
If you have a chance, make sure to watch it

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They are a great family from my neck of the woods. Go Bucks!

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The greatest day of the year, is finally here. Go Bucks and _ichigan STILL sucks! Making my first trip to the outhouse, as I'm from Houston, TX.I'm predicting 44-13. 7 of those points for the meat hickeys being a garbage time TD and PA. Big day for Carlos, the OL, DL, Coach Meyer and the Bucks.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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Time for pain!  Go Bucks!!

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This is the one game that we remember throughout the entire year. Go make us proud boys

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"Because I couldn't go for three."  - Woody Hayes