Statement from Accuser's Family Raises Questions About Police Conduct in Jameis Winston Case

By DJ Byrnes on November 20, 2013 at 4:23p
Jameis Winston

Welp, the situation down in Tallahassee just got a lot more interesting. From Yahoo!: 

The statement released to the Times by Patricia Carroll, the unnamed alleged victim's family attorney, accuses the Tallahassee Police Department of failure to fully follow up on the initial rape complaint; prematurely and unilaterally alerting Winston's attorney and Florida State campus police to the situation; and painting a foreboding picture of the potential fallout from accusing a Seminoles football player of sexual assault.

"We requested assistance from an attorney friend to interact with law enforcement on the victim's behalf," the statement said. "When the attorney contacted Detective [Scott] Angulo immediately after Winston was identified, Detective Angulo told the attorney that Tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him because she will be raked over the coals and her life will be made miserable."

Thus we have arrived at a freshly ugly, bombshell allegation in big-time college football.

Could you imagine if this happened in Columbus? 


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Yep just read this on ESPN and Deadspin, so it's beginning to make the rounds. Not sure what to think about this whole situation. Hopefully justice is served either way.

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Should anything honestly surprise anyone anymore? Squintston may be in more trouble than we thought.

"I'm in favor of it" - John McKay, on the execution of his team.

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Are you kidfding me ?  There is NO penalty for capital crime in FLOOREE DAH ! especially IF you play for one of their schools...... Don't believe it !  Ask Bobby Bowden  ROFLMAO I hope to hell it's true, but some homey will swear to god it wasn't him (WINNY) cause he was WIT HIM rolling Blunts and doing tallboys !

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while the TPD is investigating things, can we please find out Why Winston needs to squint to read plays coming in from the sidelines 20 yards away, but has no trouble reading coverage and finding open receivers 30 to 40 yards down field.

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Really? Just stop.

I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.


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I'd like to take the time to explain why this is unacceptable, but you'll probably just ignore my liberal PC faggot diatribe.

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Thought it was a witch hunt when it first came out.
An eyebrow raiser to me was when I heard about a week ago Winston was refusing to talk to police.  Just made me wonder why not...

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Because it is his constitutional right and talking to the police (allowing an interrogation that is) is rarely beneficial.
The policeman's statement is pretty much just providing facts.  Whether true or not, if she accuses the starting QB of the local team she will be raked over the coals by the 2%'ers.

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And I get that.  But if there is nothing to hide?

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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The police have proven themselves to be pretty inept to this point in their non-investigation of an incident that happened about 1 year ago. I wouldn't talk to them either.

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To the "nothing to hide" argument:
NEVER voluntarily talk to the cops. Otherwise you might end up getting an involuntary colonoscopy. 

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clearly, i'm not intelligent enough to use the embed code.

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I recently served on a jury where the defendant repeatedly raped his live-in girlfriend's daughter.  She didn't come forward with the information until month's later.  The police sadly had no evidence to go on, and decided to ask him to come in to "clear it up."
In his attempt to clear his name, his story eventually turned into a complete confession, and he was found very very guilty.
Depressing narrative aside, had he been smart enough to just decline their request, he would be walking free right now.

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Actually glad tOSU is in Columbus where the CPD isn't going to brush stuff under the rug for some college football players (not saying that's exactly what's happening in Tallahassee).  Hear a lot of stories from places like Gainesville, State College, Tallahassee, etc.  That stuff isn't likely to fly in Columbus.

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Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Lexington, Kentucky are two others that come to mind when "doing what's in the best interest of the program" is local law enforcement's top priority.

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It was pretty obvious to me from the jump that the only way this would all make sense would be because the police covered it up. Seriously, the police forwarded it to Attorney General 1 day after TMZ started poking around in the case. That's why everything is just now coming out. I'm sorry, but my mind is made up on this matter that something DID happen. Jameis came out last week and said his roommate could confirm his where-abouts on the night of the alleged incident. In the statement released today, the young woman said his friend or roommate was present during the rape.


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I don't believe this to be a full fledged cover up. My instinct is that the police said those things to the victim and her representatives because they didn't want to deal with the wild goose chase that you see with high profile athletes all the time and tried to head it off at the pass.
The problem is that as a policeman you have to be objective and treat every case the same no matter who it involves. The Columbus police were completely objective in the Carlos Hyde case and got it all figured out, but his name got smeared in the process. The Tallahassee police it seems have now managed to smear themselves as well as Jameis...nice job fellas!

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This would not be the first, nor probably the last, time that Tallacalacky police have looked the other way. Whenever they picked up one of Bobby Bo's boys they always called Bobby first. That resulted in charges very rarely filed. As another poster alluded to, football factories in podunk towns pretty much run the town. e.g. Happy Valley, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, College Station, Fayetteville...etc. During Bowden's decline there were 10,000 to 20,000 empty seats/home game at The Joke. The local paper estimated that cost the city's merchants about $10 million/weekend. With Free Shoes University's success this year one would think that The Joke would be sold out every home game. Not so. Only the Cryami game was sold out this year with only the almighty Idaho left on the home schedule. Tallahassee is a government town, period. State and local entities and four universities provide 90% of the employment. The popo is just trying to protect one of the city's major cash cows.

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Well, it looks like Mr. Winston will have to sit out a FULL HALF against Idaho instead of just one quarter...

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I never ever have any sources or inside information, but my uncle actually works for Florida State's athletic department and he doesn't even know what the truth is. I guess I'm back at square one with no sources or inside information!

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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To give an idea of how dangerous this could be, Florida State's backup QB is out for the season. Having to play a 3rd-stringer against Florida could make the Gators bowl-eligible

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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...and they'd probably jump us in the rankings because of their strength of schedule coming off a big win against FSU

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Tallahassee also does not have the artistic stylings of Mindy Drayer
Pictures, or it didn't happen.


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Beat me to it!  Well done!

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Remember how they were saying that the case didn't move forward because the victim didn't want to press charges?

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- The attorney representing the alleged victim in a sexual assault investigation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston says her client never said she did not want to press charges.
Patricia Carroll said Wednesday it's not true that the case about the alleged December 2012 assault was placed on hold because the victim did not want to prosecute, as a Tallahassee official told city commissioners in an email.
Carroll says the alleged victim was trying to get on with her life after it became apparent the Tallahassee Police Department was not seriously investigating the case. TPD did not respond to calls seeking comment.
One of the lingering questions surrounding the case involving Winston, a Heisman Trophy candidate, is why it took 11 months for police to hand over information to prosecutors.

Our Honor Defend!

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Doesn't matter, they have to investigate to protect other possible victims, there is DNA dosen't prove a crime was committed, police originally said only two people know. Then why all of a sudden are there two other witnesses. Let me guess 2 males and they both play football at FSU. Cop told girl basically to shut up and go away, not good. Can't imagine why she would not want to pursue case.

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Going to go ahead and capitalize that first 's' in Serious now.....

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It comes down to physical evidence collected at the time. The fact she made a complaint at the time also helps give weight to her side. 

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Anonymous needs to get involved. This is starting to sound very shady.
Jimbo Fisher's discipline will probably never be in question with this. Urban Meyer has some in the media ripping him for not disciplining Carlos Hyde harsher although Carlos was never charged.  

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If the Police did just shove this under the rug they should be Winston's cell mate. Violence against women is about as wrong as you can get. Men should protect women whether it's your ol lady or some stranger in the street. I see someone hurting a woman it's a wrap it will take a couple people to pull me off them. I grew up watching my mother get backhanded I don't play that shit. And i'm an overall peaceful soul but you can't stand for stuff like this. But on the other hand Jameis is innocent until proven other wise. Hopefully these are just ugly rumors I hate to see stuff like this go down.

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Rape charges be damned....we have to keep the Buckeyes out of the NCG.

- Major Media

Yeti's have feelings too.

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This is terrible if its true. Not rushing to make any judgements but I hope the truth comes out either way

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I'm guessing that the TPD's investigation has a ton of preliminary paperwork to do on this case, and their "actual" investigation will begin as soon as possible....... Jan. 114, 2014.
Seriously, if she had a rape kit done, Winston should volunteer a DNA sample to clear his name A.S.A.P.  If it were me, and I was he, I would.
How long does it take to process a DNA sample? 2 weeks?  If innocent, 2 weeks, and this things goes away... for ever.

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She went to the hospital, a rape kit was utilized, and all they are waiting on (detectives) was the local D.A.'s office to begin the Hapias Corpus (hope that's right) process, which includes the perp's DNA (aka One very stupid freshman quarterback)...  The hindrance one Police official graduate of F.S.U. playing drag the line.....   <--- This is from my brother (a lieutenant with the Florida State Police)  he also says that they are one phonecall away from being involved, it is getting ugly fast, and just a couple of days away from a decision being made .  This is as of 1925, 11/20/13.  He also said their are so many reporters descending on the campus, we will ALL know what happens as it happens.  IF I hear something else I will post......  p.s. My brother is a Buckeye too... 

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Appreciate you sharing your info with us.

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I'm not one to readily give up my Constitutional rights to illegal search and seizure; however, I agree with you, JohnBlair -- if I were innocent, I'd have my attorney, several physicians and/or lab techs that I'd retained present at the hospital and give a DNA sample ASAP!
The drip, drip, drip of information over the course of weeks (or months) is not going to do young Mr. Winston any good.

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Except, what if you HAD had sex with her, but it was consensual sex? The DNA test proves nothing in this case unless Jamieson is saying he didn't sleep with the accuser that night or the day previous. And even then, it only proves that he's lying about THAT. I admit I'm not 100% up on the facts of the case, so I'm not exactly sure of his claims. In general, if you're not battling a media shit storm, it's better to avoid doing anything not required of you legally.

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These November/December surprises are becoming more frequent: Newton in November of 2010, Tatgate in December of 2011 and now this controversy. 

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I bet FSU will jump Bama for the #1 spot due to the bump in their SOS for beating the Tallahassee PD and the State Attorney's office.

johnblairgobucks's picture

Anyone know if the TPD still has the Rape Kit pertaining to this case?  I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it has been lost or accidentally destroyed. 

jenks's picture

Or in Cleveland. They stockpile them for decades without doing anything up here.

AngelHeartsBuckeyes's picture

Just saw that his DNA is a match. I know of this is not evidence of an assault, but I did see some place that he denied ever being with her- not that it was consensual.

Buckeye born and bred. Buckeye til I'm dead.

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the first thing that sucks (or would suck) is if that young lady was harmed. tragedy
the second thing that I think would suck is if this is the event that puts TOSU in the NCG, i would rather it be about wins and losses 

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razrback16's picture

No worries on that. If he were to get suspended and FSU lost a game, that is not on us. Just like Alabama getting to play in the NCG last year wasn't on them. They backed into it because of bs penalties on us.
If we're fortunate enough to go undefeated this year, we deserve to be there, IMO. The national media is not going to convince me otherwise, no matter how hard they will try, and try they will.

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"When we can say more about this case, we certainly will," Coe said Wednesday. "And we look forward to that day. We hope to move it forward as quickly as we can in coordination with the state attorney and bring closure to it."

Which means after the ACC CG, so that the undefeated season puts them into the NCG.


Enzo's picture

What would Urban do in this situation? Would Jameis sit even without formal charges?

741's picture

Se'Vonn Pittman was apparently given his walking papers and I don't think charges were ever filed, were they? I think UFM has set the bar appropriately high here as it relates to players treatment of women, but yours is a fair question to ask.

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The DNA belongs to Winston, and the State AG's office has been given 1 (one) week to reach a decision to charge or not charge the Perp....... right now it is being litigated inside th STATE's AG Office (with the Florida governor's intervention) <--- you won't hear that part on the news.... Looks like Mr. Winston has some explaining to do.   Also 2 Investigators (detectives) will be receiving reprimands for their handling of the case  aka Mark Furman (OJ case).   Things are looking Rosey for the bucks... provided they JUST WIN BABY JUST WIN !!! INFO AS OF 0900 11/21/13.

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Sorry, but count me as one that doesn't want someone to get raped and another charged with rape as events that lead to the buckeyes getting a chance at a championship.  

Read my entire screen name....

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Things are looking Rosey for the bucks...

Wow, a woman was allegedly raped, and your main concern is how the outcome might affect OSU. Are you sure you were military?

TennesseeBuckeye's picture

I want to know way back when this started what he said to his coach, did he say he didn't know her, did he say I knew her but we didn't do anything, because if he did, whether or not it was consensual he would have lied. If the coaches knew anything about this, PSU.

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when this first hit the news over and Over again ESPiN showed that filed police report said the Perp. was much shorter then Winston. And that he had 2 friends saysing he was somewhere else. Now it's a differrent story with a NEW spin by his Lawyer..Not looking good or Media Not reporting Real facts..