Urban Meyer Presser Recap: Indiana

By Kyle Rowland on November 18, 2013 at 12:04p

Here comes Baylor, here arrives national headlines and there goes Ohio State. Following the Buckeyes’ 60-35 victory amid less than ideal conditions – injuries and weather – head coach Urban Meyer proclaimed that the Buckeyes would no longer glance outside its own world. Concentration is on Indiana and staying focused on happenings in the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

“We weren’t really playing a good game, but we still put up 60 points,” said quarterback Braxton Miller. “Just have to put a hard effort in. You have to give it your all.”

This week, the Buckeyes welcome Indiana into Ohio Stadium for Senior Day. The 18 fourth- and fifth-year players have been through endless ups and downs during their time in Columbus.

Years under Jim Tressel were spent beating Michigan and winning BCS bowls, then came a year of upheaval followed by unprecedented success. What those players mean to the program is not lost on Meyer. The group has invested and restored what it means to be a Buckeye, returning the tradition-rich school to a lofty place on college football’s totem pole.

Urban Meyer

  • Offensive champions: Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort, Jeff Heuerman, Evan Spencer Philly Brown, Carlos Hyde and Andrew Norwell.  Hyde and Norwell were co-players of the game.
  • Defense: Michel Bennett, Joey Bosa, Ryan Shazier, Noah Spence and C.J. Barnett. Shazier, Spence and Barnett were tri-players of the game.
  • Special teams: Cameron Johnston and Ron Tanner. Tanner player of the game.
  • Meyer said this week is all about the 18 seniors and getting healthy. Ohio State has nine scholarship players who are out for the season.
  • Joey Bosa (neck) should be available Saturday, according to Meyer. Joshua Perry is probable, Curtis Grant 50/50.
  • Talk of the winning streak is non-existent. Meyer said there is no emphasis on it. Instead, they're focusing on special teams, where five offensive players are on the unit.
  • Meyer said the BCS is a flawed system that did the best it could. “It worked great for a while.” He said controversy will still exist with playoff.
  • The impact Kenny Guiton's had on Braxton Miller and the football program is “profound,” Meyer said.
  • On Carlos Hyde's improvement from 2012 to 2013: “He’s more mature, handles his business. He’s 230 as opposed to 240 and change. Much faster now. He has acceleration now and is playing very aggressive.”
  • Meyer was asked about the national title and OSU's perception in media and instead talked about special teams with sly smirk on his face. It caught a chuckle from the media.
  • Asked if Miller needs another year of college, Meyer answered, “I don’t know.” Meyer said he hasn’t had NFL conversations with any players, but think Miller, Shazier and Bradley Roby are the candidates.
  • Meyer said he had a pit in his stomach leaving Illinois Saturday afternoon. He gave himself grade of “C” and said coaches have to get better.
  • On defending Miller and Hyde: “It’s a problem. We are blocking the perimeter as well as I’ve ever seen. The guys blocking for them are really really good right now. Difficult to defend.”

Tom Herman

  • Herman said the public gets enamored with offensive skill players, which is how Jack Mewhort’s appreciation goes under the radar. Meyer called Mewhort the offense’s MVP and Herman expanded, saying he’s the glue that keeps everything together up front.
  • Miller’s throwing was hampered by wind, but Herman said to totally blame it is overboard. That said, he admitted he should have called a better game.
  • Herman was asked about his newborn son, Maverick. He quips, "I'm glad he's not blond-haired and blue-eyed, because I haven't been home much."
  • Herman said despite all the offensive success this season, OSU can still get better at throwing the ball. Teaching to do in several areas.
  • On defending the read-option: “Teams have gotten better at having a couple of different answers. You can’t play the dive the same way every time.  Teams are switching it up, I don’t know if there’s one way more common than the other. We see a variety every game.”
  • Herman said you adapt to expectations where you're at. Team and offensive success at Rice, Iowa State, OSU very different.
  • “Wins are really, really hard. And winning on the road is really hard.” –Herman.
  • Herman said Dontre Wilson deserves to play more. But points out OSU has so many playmakers on offense. “Every time he touches the ball, Miller, Hyde, Philly don’t.” Herman said he needs to find more ways to get Wilson the ball.
  • On Miller’s long TD run: “We were in jet tempo, going fast. Illinois had a check where any time we went into jet they went into cover zero and blitzed. The guy he made miss was unaccounted for. He made a great read and then made the guy miss like I’ve coached him to.”

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ap2538's picture

"He gave himself grade of “C” and said coaches have to get better."
You listening Bert?

misterbulbous's picture

I know this is like an old guy yelling at clouds, but I really miss the days of just watching a damn football game and cheering for a victory.  Now it's all this drama of BCS ramifications, conferences, sports network bias, blow-out style points...etc.  Each victory seems tarnished because it didn't meet "x" criteria.  End of rant.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

This. My brother plays ball for I-AA Bryant University in RI. I love going to his games for this exact reason.

-1 HS
dja.ohio's picture

I'm with you.  Reading or listening to too much media sucks the joy out of this season.  Have to enjoy watching the players while they're in school and enjoy the wins.  

ibuck's picture

Friends don't let friends watch ESPiN Sport Center.

Our honor defend, so we'll fight to the end !

If you can't win your conference, just quietly accept your non-playoff bowl game.

Denny's picture

Friends don't let friends say things like 'ESPiN'


Idaho Helga's picture

I'll cuss a cloud or two for ya too.   Remember when all that mattered was beating TTUN?  That sure seems back-burnered now doesn't it.

yrro's picture

Interesting to not mention Hyde there. I'd be surprised if he comes back the way he's been playing. Must want to keep him hangry.

kcbrez's picture

I agree with you. I'm dreaming of him in a Browns uniform already, but wouldn't you love to have another year of The Miller and Hyde Show in Columbus? I would.

N8thegr8's picture

Hyde is graduating and leaving anyways...

"Play for Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State. That simple." - Kirk Barton 

dwcbuckeye's picture

I think Hyde is a senior

Wilkins78's picture

Hyde's a senior.

Baroclinicity's picture

Hyde is a senior.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Boxley's picture

I am not positive, but from what I have read, I believe Hyde is a senior.

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." President T. Roosevelt

Haybucks's picture

This may have been posted already, but Hyde is a Senior.

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


tae1986's picture

So.... Is Hyde a senior?

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Baroclinicity's picture

I can see from where the upvotes begin that mine might have been taken seriously, in which case, it was not serious!  I just found it funny that several people stated the same after the staff had already done so for the OP.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Squirrel Master's picture

Don't beg, its unbuckeye of you!

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

Denny's picture

I, too, would be surprised if Hyde comes back next season.


MDBUCK's picture

Hyde's a señor

20sider's picture

That would be Señor El Guapo to you and I.


harleymanjax's picture

After this year, I believe El Guapo is no mas!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

chitown buckeye's picture

What year is Hyde?

"I'm having a heart attack!"

Squirrel Master's picture

I believe he is the 13th Chinese Zodiac! rat, ox, snake, dragon, tiger.....Hyde!

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

Seattle Linga's picture

Hyde = David Lighty the man with 12 years of eligibility left --- or is it 13?

misterbulbous's picture

Has Jordan Hall entered the witness protection program?

Earle's picture

Just trying to get healthy so he can compete with Hyde for the starting RB job next year.

Snarkies gonna snark. 

GoBucks713's picture

All Hall needs to do is put his Herbie Hancock on a piece of paper and he can be on the 7 year Tommy Callahan plan.

-The Aristocrats!

OSUFlash's picture

He and Rod Smith both.


Ethos's picture

at least smith gts another year to prove himself. hall is done. 

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

osuguy2008's picture

Surprised Bosa didn't get in on that group Defensive Player of the Game

Joeyfbank's picture

I just can't see miller leaving already. I don't think he is ready, and prolly won't be drafted until the 3rd round


Toilrt Paper's picture

I just hope Braxton thinks he and his son and his mother can struggle for another year without much money.

Doc's picture

IMHO, Braxton needs another year of college ball.  I'm not to sure how he would transition to the NFL.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W

dubjayfootball90's picture

Agreed. I am not being a jealous fan, I just think another year would boost his draft stock and make him that much better.

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RunEddieRun1983's picture

Where he is now he'd be as good, probably better (with coaching) than Pryor is now or could ever be.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

dja.ohio's picture

I hope he satys, and believe that he would show even more improvement next year, but I think he goes pro given the fact that he has a child now.

osubuck57's picture

Know we only have 1 starter coming back on the O-line next year, but would be very surprised if Braxton left early. Shazier, I could see. Only underclassman right now that makes sense.


Will in Arizona's picture

Roby will definitely go pro.

Denny's picture

Yes but will he go pro in something *other* than sports


KLF Buckeye's picture

I am feeling pretty confident we get Braxton back next year. I also feel like we NEED him to come back next year; replacing 4 O-linemen and a QB is a very tall order.

Frankly Scarlet's picture

Whomever the QB is next year, he'll be running for his life every time he drops back.

"Buclkle your chinstrap, we're gonna grind meat!" - Woody Hayes  

d5k's picture

Only if Ed Warrinner is one of the guys that gets a head coaching job.

nm_buck's picture

Disagree.  While next year's group won't have the experience of this year's squad... they will be good.  We have some young talent coming up, and they have been getting some decent PT this season.  They might not be the best in the league to start... but they'll get better.  They always do.

"The future is bright at Ohio State."  - Urban Meyer 1/1/15

brandonbauer87's picture

I see Shazier as a guy that wants a championship. That may be a silver lining if the Bucks get left out come bowl season. 

elitesmithie's picture

Something to always consider is the players home lives. If they NEED the money they are more likely to leave early. Braxton has a kid, if you could guarantee a 3rd round pick, and not slipping to 6-7th or undrafted it may be hard to say no to. (This is all speculation) 

camodog's picture

Week 13 SOS, Chattanooga, Idaho, or Indiana?

baggle's picture

Chattanooga is from a state where the SEC exists, SEC speed and it'll be great competition for Alabama that can only benefit their SOS.
Indiana? They have a football team? How can Ohio State continue to play these crummy teams?

Idaho Helga's picture

Unfortunately for me, Idaho is the worst team in Div 1.  <sigh>

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

On the plus side, they get to play in an aircraft hanger.

Seattle Linga's picture

A friend of mine played ball for Idaho and now plays for the Rams I think he is the only one in the NFL from UofI

Idaho Helga's picture

That would be the recently remodeled (!!) aircraft hangar.  Every time since I have moved here and I hear "Kibbie Dome" I am thinking Kibbles and Bits!   Kibbles and Bits!  I would be a season ticket holder and their best friend if they could get wins in their league (oh wait, they got dumped, so now they are independent) or  if they were even the Minnesota of their former league.  Can't get interested in a team that pimps out players for $$$ to SEC for a zillion road games.  Everyone here screams that they should go back to Div 1A and have RIVALS in Montana and Washington and yes, we fans would certainly travel to games where in the past they were truly competitive.
They are a classic case of player abuse at the hands of the University for $$$.   Why anyone would sign for them I dunno.  These players are being pimped out and I'd welcome comments from anyone who thinks they can argue otherwise.
/end of rant

d5k's picture

Unfortunately for us, you are leaving out Oklahoma State which gives the spotlight completely to Baylor.

Ethos's picture

i feel bad for hall. a senior who has great talent and he has hardly seen the field after some career games. 

"I spent 90 percent of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted." - George Best

OSUBias's picture

Biggest value to your team is availability. The guy just can't stay clear of the injury bug. Really is too bad, I always liked the way he handled himself.

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

RedStorm45's picture

Ohio State has nine scholarship players who are out for the season.

Who?  Is this counting Blake Thomas and Adam Griffin?  Just a couple weeks ago Meyer was saying they were close to getting everyone back and being 100% healthy.

OSUBias's picture

Bogard for sure, Barnett too

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

OSUBias's picture

Yup, I'm an idiot. What he said.

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

LeftCoastBuck's picture

Adam Griffin, Jamie Wood ....two that come quickly to mind

"Have a Coke and a smile!.....along with $150 in UM football tickets"

buckeyepastor's picture

Is there anyone posting here that lives in SEC country.   Curious whether McCarron and Yeldon and Saban's crew are as humble and honest in copping to their short-comings as OSU is.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

unknownmusketeer's picture

I talked to a South Carolina fan yesterday about the dominant performance from Alabama and how losing to Alabama (South Carolina losing) in the SEC CG would be a significant accomplishment. Also, I listened to how beautiful the Auburn pass was that won the game.
I chose to hold my breath for more important purposes.

buckuar's picture

I'm in Jacksonville, Florida and Gary Danielson says that Alabama doesn't have any short-comings.  They were just looking forward to Chattanooga.
That's the word from SEC country...
In all seriousness, I listen to satellite radio, so you know what kind of talk I'm hearing.  It's the same national stuff you get in B1G country...

harleymanjax's picture

There is a few of us Jacksonville Buckeyes on here!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

BKshepherd's picture

Herman's comment about his son is hilarious.  His wife must have a great sense of humor.  

chitown buckeye's picture

I was loving his "... made the defender miss like I coached him to" quote. He seems like he has an awesome sense of humor. I'm sure his wife has a great one too.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

Squirrel Master's picture

I was concerned he made it too much of an innuendo about his wife cheating on him because he is a workaholic. Not the nicest thing to say about your wife, but I guess he didn't mean it like that.

I saw a UFO once.......it told me to have a goodyear!

Dougger's picture

so fourth year players: does this include Roby-wan-Konobi?

I like football

LeftCoastBuck's picture

I think Roby is a RS junior, so technically he has another year of eligibility...but everyone thinks he is NFL bound after all that has happened

"Have a Coke and a smile!.....along with $150 in UM football tickets"

Dougger's picture

exactly but will he be with the guys who get honored as a fourth year player ie senior. I doubt he will but think he deserves it

I like football

b_pbucksfans's picture

Joey Bosa not a Co-Defensive player? Blasphemy!

Haybucks's picture

CBS Sports has this to say about Bosa.
Rookie of the Week: Ohio State defensive end Joey Bosa

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


Seattle Linga's picture

That is one strong kid