Time Dwindling for Buckeyes to State Case

By Kyle Rowland on November 18, 2013 at 9:15a
The lobbying will begin soon.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Conventional wisdom said everything would shake out. On Dec. 8, undefeated Ohio State would find out its opponent in the BCS National Championship Game. But more than a month after the initial BCS standings were released, that scenario is becoming more far-fetched.

Three weeks remain in the season and the Buckeyes still find themselves rooting for Alabama and Florida State to lose. Time is running out on the dream season.

“A lot to work on,” said head coach Urban Meyer following a 60-35 win at Illinois Saturday.

After 22 consecutive wins, Ohio State being in its current position is unthinkable to many. The scarlet and gray can first air complaints in the direction of the Big Ten.

For the latter part of the 20th century, “The Big Two, Little Eight” ruled the Rust Belt. In recent times, the Big Ten has turned into the Buckeyes’ own personal playground. They’ve won seven conference championships and one division title dating to 2005. In that same era, though, the league has lost frequently on the national stage, including Ohio State, which leads to diminished returns in respect from voters and computers.

Meyer told his team to embrace the stakes. They’ve done so by piling up wins and points – the Buckeyes have scored at least 56 points in the past three games. Through all the production are visions of a descent, as Ohio State is not only failing to keep pace with Alabama and Florida State but also losing ground to Baylor.  

“The last few weeks everybody was asking us about the situations with the top three teams,” junior linebacker Ryan Shazier said. “Before that, we were just playing game by game. This week we need to get back to what we normally do.”

In the end, a weak strength of schedule could be the Buckeyes’ undoing. Their four road wins – Cal, Northwestern, Purdue and Illinois – are against teams with a combined conference record of 0-26. The non-conference schedule of Buffalo, San Diego State, Cal and Florida A&M did nothing to create buzz in September. In fact, Ohio State fell two spots in the poll before conference play began.

Now, not even 56- and 25-point margins on the road impress movers and shakers in college football. That’s the result of a 22-game win streak that includes one win over a top-15 opponent. Michigan State and Wisconsin’s rise could alleviate some of the criticism. For Meyer and Co., they’re shifting the focus elsewhere after weeks of peeking outside the bubble.

“We need to make sure our focus is on just getting better each week instead of all the national stuff,” Meyer said. “I think I’m learning a lesson. Just shut your mouth and quit worrying about this, quit worrying about that.”

Meyer harps about distractions at every turn so tuning out any noise fits his narrative. At Florida, politicking became a need in 2006 and he played the role of a congressman well. Meyer donned the politician cap at various times already this season. After Evan Spencer’s comments went viral last week, Meyer hinted at curbing media access, which means only he can state the Buckeyes’ case.

Philly Brown didn’t touch the national title talk Saturday afternoon. His attention was on the previous four hours, defining the game as a wake-up call. 

Offensively, Ohio State’s usual antics shined. Carlos Hyde rushed for a career-high 246 yards and Braxton Miller totaled 324 yards. But resting starters didn’t happen because the defense allowed 420 yards and 35 points – its most all season. The unit did record six sacks and a pick-six on a day when two starters were missing and another was injured in the third quarter. Not that excuse making is in their DNA.

“That is unacceptable from us,” senior safety C.J. Barnett said. “Illinois is a good team with some great athletes, but at the same time, we expect more from ourselves.”

As does the sport of college football. The beauty pageant means undefeated seasons and humbling opponents isn’t always good enough. Two years ago, a 4-3 Ohio State team left Illinois delighted. The 2013 team departed with a sense of dread. A similar air of defeat befell Penn State in 1994 after a too-close-for-comfort triumph over the Illini. It may or may not have cost them the national title depending on whom you ask.

Going forward, the prize for Ohio State remains the same. Wrapped in an oversized box with a pretty bow is a trophy with a sizable Waterford crystal football. They say diamonds are the way to a girl’s heart. The route to a college football player’s core traverses through glittering crystals.

The Buckeyes are taking a step back, keeping the trophy in their sights, but staying grounded in what’s often a topsy-turvy close to the season.

“There will be a lot more focus on Indiana this week instead of worrying about the big picture,” Barnett said. “We need to worry about the right here and now.”

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rkylet83's picture

In 2006 we faced a 2-10 Illinois team and escaped with a 17-10 win.  That game was considered "a win is a win" and "just a first test of the season".  It didn't cost us a spot in the polls, or any consideration that we weren't the number one team.  Back in 2006 the fields were more level.  Now its completely opposite.  
This season we get out to a 28-0 lead, play lethargic and let them get within 12 points...then pull away to win by 25.  Result = Ohio State escapes, weaknesses exposed...  I really hope the playoff committee will be like a jury and not be influenced by any outside pressure.  If they are we'll be having similar threads for years to come.          

sandytowne's picture

There are many, many differences between 2006 and 2012.  That includes the perception of the B1G in general.  In 2006, many thought the B1G was the premier football conference in the country.  It is why there was so much talk of a rematch between OSU and TTUN in the national title game. 
The perception now is that the B1G is a weak conference which many pollsters use as justification to devalue OSU.  Even "devalued" however, OSU would be in the playoff if it started this year. 
The real problem for the Buckeyes this year is how terrible the B1G is.  Everyone knew going into the season that the out of conference schedule was weak, but the conference has not lived up to its billing either.  Outside of Wisconsin (which was a very good win, and one probably not appreciated as such by the polls), OSU's second best win right now may be Buffalo.  Or Iowa. 

WildBear Buckeye's picture

In 2006 we faced a 2-10 Illinois team and escaped with a 17-10 win.  That game was considered "a win is a win" and "just a first test of the season".  It didn't cost us a spot in the polls, or any consideration that we weren't the number one team.

There are many, many differences between 2006 and 2012.  That includes the perception of the B1G in general.  In 2006, many thought the B1G was the premier football conference in the country.

While the overall perception of the B1G plays a role, here's another difference between the 2006 and 2013 Buckeyes. Check out the resume of the 2006 team. Yes, there was a 17-10 escape at 2-10 Illinois. Look at the rest of the games, excluding the #1 vs #2 matchup. Beyond the margins of victory, consider that the 2006 defense gave up more than 10 points twice in eleven games, with 17 points being the most allowed - in a 38-17 win at Iowa. If the 2013 defense limited opponents to 17 or fewer points, we wouldn't be where we are now.

chirobuck's picture

Just keep taking care of business buckeyes.....you can only control what you can control

^ best post ever ^

ScarletNGrey01's picture

If I've posted it once I've posted it ... well, a number of times ... wish the playoffs started THIS season.  The bucks are an explosive team in the air and on the ground and the defense flies around and has not peaked yet, think we'd have a good chance on a given day against any team.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

RunEddieRun1983's picture

I mean we played a soft schedule this year... So did Fl. State the only difference being at some point Fl State had to play 2 top ten teams..  That's the only difference.

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

Tim's picture

Florida State's win against Miami doesn't look as good now that Miami has been falling apart.  Clemson is a good team, but I don't think they're necessarily better than Michigan State or Wisconsin.

WezBuck28's picture

2 players make Clemson who they are, without them I see a 4 loss team..

RunEddieRun1983's picture

They're not a 4 loss team... This is why everyone talks about "scarlet colored glasses" Clemson has 1 loss, they don't have 4 and there is nothing about the roster that says they should have 4.  Stop living in the "what ifs" and "they should bes" 

I don't always downvote, but I do always downvote a Michigan fan trolling the Buckeye boards.

I_Run_The_Dave's picture

By the end of the year, FSU's two wins over top 10 teams will become two wins over unranked teams.
By the end of the year, OSU's two wins over Wisconsin and MSU will become two wins over top 15 teams.
But the media doesn't want to hear it.

doodah_man's picture

Why are we having to explain our win when number one Alabama ONLY beats an unranked (and who at various times during the game played the Tide tough) by 13 points? I'm just not hearing the same level of hand wringing over that victory.

Jim "DooDah" Day
It is hard to play dirty against a man who picks you up.

fanatibuck's picture

Exactly my point DOODAH. All the other top teams get a pass on looks test where as the Buckeyes have to pass some mythical and extremely movable goal posts that never satisfies the naysayers. I believe this sentiment goes much further than OSU's strength of schedule and I believe it has a lot to do with the BENJAMINS. 


Kyle Rowland's picture

Alabama's won three of four national titles and beaten a lot of very good teams. I think they might have a tad of built-up equity. 

Buckeye80's picture

I agree.  But I will once again point out the double standard.  I don't believe Ohio State gets any credit for running the table last year.

andyb's picture

Seriously Kyle, If Alabama gets credit for 3-4 National Championships then OSU should not drop from 2 to 4 because they haven't lost a game in almost 2 years.

doodah_man's picture

Kyle..please reread your comment and think about how silly that sounds, unless you had engaged the sarcasm font...

Jim "DooDah" Day
It is hard to play dirty against a man who picks you up.

fanatibuck's picture

I don't like all the ominous headlines and the dramatic tone I keep witnessing Buckeye sports writers posting all over the interwebs. If we go undefeated and win the Rose Bowl it will still be a great season. Of course my goal as a fan has always been NC especially after that last tic of the clock and rushing the field at the end of our game vs scUM last season. The reality is the BCS system has always been a flawed system based on style and less on substance. A 4 team playoff is a step in the right direction, but I can see that committee being heavily influenced (corrupted) just like these pollsters are. The Buckeye program has really worked its butt off since Urban has been at the helm and I will continue to just enjoy the ride. JUST WIN BABY!!!!


cbusbuckeye's picture

I have to respectfully disagree. If we go undefeated and win the Rose Bowl this season will be for nothing...two undefeated seasons in a row, bested the all time OSU winning streak and all we get out of it is a lousy Rose Bowl win. Dont get me wrong I LOVE the Rose Bowl, but after what this team has been through and all the wins they have piled up if it doesn't amount to a shot at the national championship it will be a real shame.

chitown buckeye's picture

It would be a shame but to say the season is for nothing is a little over-dramatic. What is really a shame is the fact no one can enjoy a college football game anymore without looking at style points, how much we won bye, are we being treated fairly by the media, etc.. Blame the system. The players are working hard and playing their asses off and to say it is going to be for nothing is bad on your part!
Last year the team went undefeated and will be remembered forever. They have a place in the WHAC along with all the teams that have won the title. They will be remembered as fondly as those Championship teams to me. If this team does the same, they will also be remembered by me in the same light as well as knowing they got screwed by a falwed system. I don't need validation by media outlets, or a pathetic MNC Trophy in the case to know these buckeyes are a quality team and could play with anyone in the country. This is the last year of this joke of a system. Take each win for what it is and not worry about how it will effect the outcome of a stupid system.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

cbusbuckeye's picture

I agree completely, especially regarding enjoying college football. Maybe saying it is for nothing was a little over the top, I know the players are working and playing their asses off, which is why for their sake anything short of a NGC appearence would be a sham. They have earned the right to play for a title with their play this season (and last, although technically what you did last season only counts if you play in the $EC).

00Buck's picture

If you don't need validation then WHY POST ?  that is senseless every human knew years ago when BCS Bull Crap series came about and all the negativity after LSU loss tOSU was going to be placed on a negative bias pedestal, thus here the hell we are, the real problem is their are NO striped shirts to step-up and throw a flag and say UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT on the offensive press.  The BUCKEYES have done everything right and nothing wrong, and ANY negativity they gaine comes stricktly from the idiots that sits in the chair of AD, that turd has done NOTHING he won't even stand-up and throw his red flag, and cry fowl....... IF this were the previous to the visits to the NCG losses we wouldn't be having this conversation FSU would NEVER have climed the BCS ladder so quickly, and would have still been perhaps 9th or 10th in the polls, I heard one announcer declare Jamison as the next Johnny Football, and the basterd never stepped on the field..........  BIAS IS RAMPANT...and it's not for the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES FOOTBALL SQUAD 

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

chitown buckeye's picture

I do agree with this thought. I have been saying for a while now that I am fine with the Rose Bowl and continue the streak. However, I would certainly like to get a chance at the title but we do call it (MNC) Mythical National Championship for a reason. The system is a complete joke and anyone who thinks we are crowning the best team in the country is a fool.
Would I like to have OSU get more respect in the national media? Yes. Would I love for MM to eat crow? Yes. Do I think we can play with any team in the country? Yes. Could I put together a spreadsheet full of data on the top 4 teams and make OSU look just as good if not better then the other 3 teams? yes. The bottom line is it doesn't matter. We can create all threads in the world crying over getting disrespected its not going to change the situation. Enjoy the ride of winning!! Who cares how it is perceived.
Win the final 3 games. Let things shake out and if we play in the Rose Bowl, win it! Laugh at the joke of the national championship game and enjoy being undefeated! It seems people around here need validation from the Media to enjoy wins. MNC trophy or not isn't going to make me love the buckeyes more or less. A playoff is coming and we will get our chance. Sit back and enjoy what Urban has done and what is to come in the next decade!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

Onion's picture

I completely agree.  When I was a wee lad, well before the BCS and before ESPN there were only the following goals for The Ohio State football team:

  • Beat TTUN
  • Win the Big Ten
  • Win the Rose Bowl

To me, those are still the goals.  It becomes increasingly clear as the years go by that Ohio State will not garner the same level of attention as other marquee programs for myriad reasons.  I've decided to live with that since neither I nor Ohio State can control what happens in the polls/computer rankings except to just keep winning until no one can ignore it.

oregonianbuckeye's picture

As annoying as this all is, I still think that it will all end up okay. I firmly believe that 2 of the top 4 teams will lose prior to the bowl season. I'm not sure who those two will be, certainly Baylor is the odds on favorite to lose at least one, but it almost always works out this way. Remember, some in the national media were talking about whether Stanford would jump us in the BCS eventually. 

fanatibuck's picture

Good points Oregon. I still hold out a lot of hope things will shake out as long as we keep winning. The Hoosiers are bringing a high flying offense to the Shoe for senior day and the boys have got to be ready. 


andretolstoy's picture

This entire 'we have to create a narrative via the media along with win' is is a colossal hemorrhoid on the game. It's one of the main reasons why I'm starting to hate college football.
Be assured that it will not change with the playoff system, at least not dramatically. Blogs like Eleven Warriors are great, but they have very little push against media Godzilla's like ESPN. As long as there is corporatism in media and a monopoly of 'airwaves' it's only going to get worse. The NCAA is the same issue.

gobucks96's picture

We are still only one step away from the big game. Relax, three weeks for a failure and alot of crying from the south.

Buckeye1996's picture

I still think Bama loses as well as Baylor. Assuming we win out...OSU vs FSU.
Wouldn't it mess up the media minds if Bama and FSU loses, while Baylor and OSU wins out....OSU vs Baylor. That would be great just to stir things up.

ChazBuckeye's picture

^^^^This and thank you!  We need more thinking/opinions like this IMHO.

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

I_Run_The_Dave's picture

With the previous narratives of 1-loss Stanford jumping OSU, and with Oregon now at 5 in the BCS with the same argument...  do not be surprised when 1-loss Alabama is talked up to jump OSU if/when that happens.
"They just weren't playing Alabama football.  When they play Alabama football they can beat anyone in the country." -- Jesse Palmer
When Ohio State is playing Ohio State football, we can steamroll anyone in the country.  When we aren't playing Ohio State football, we score 60 and win by 25 with over 400 rushing yards in another time zone.

ChazBuckeye's picture

NO one loss team will over step OSU.  You won't have to worry about me believing the hype, because it's not going to happen!  Bama won't be in the SEC title game if Auburn beats them (so they'll be 11-1.  NO WAY do they pass us Dave!  Even if Auburn plays Mizzou with both having one loss.  No 12-1 SEC team will be in the NG this year with two unbeaten teams remaining.  Sorry Dave, it won't be happening). Baylor will lose this weekend and even with a winover OK ST, Baylor won't over step OSU after beating MSU in the B1G CG (Baylor will only be 12-0 and OSU will be 13-0 with a win over a top ten team at years end).  I encourage you Dave to stop listening to the hype...
OSU 60-Ill-35=Baylor 63-TxTch-34
You still believing the hype????

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

I_Run_The_Dave's picture

At no point did I ever say I believe the hype.  If you read my post, I said the same as you...  how on our off day we still win by 25, as well as my sarcastic poke at Jesse Palmer.  
What I did say is that the media will try to still push Alabama even if they drop a game, because they are already pushing and have pushed other teams.

BuckGnome's picture

It didn't help us that Northwestern fell to pieces after we beat them.  The Wisky - ASU blown call also is looming large.

WildBear Buckeye's picture

It's possible Sparty's derp against crappy ND will be even more damaging. That would have been possibly their best win, given Michigan's current situation.

ChazBuckeye's picture

Let's look at it like this, every game is a situation to learn more about your team and yourselves.  Some wins will be like Purdue with the 56-0 win.  While other games like against Illinois, it's all of a sudden a horrible win because the other team scored 35 points (sound similar to post NW banter???)?  That makes no sense to me.  OSU's defense let their foot off the Illini's throat, period!  It still gives OSU something to work on defensively as well as offensively.  
IMO, the offense was trying to do too much with a swirling wind all around them by passing over and over again.  I agree with Carlos, why didn't they run the ball ALL DAY LONG?!  Illinois defense is HORRIBLE vs the run.  So why not run the ball all day long?  I feel this would have kept the Illini's Offense off the field and OSU still wins big with less points scored.  However, that's not what happened and now it's time for them to learn from those situations.  
Lastly, OSU is still at #3 and with some losses could be in the driver's seat.  I see no reason to worry at this point.  We're ROLLING and to me, it feels great!  22-0 with Indiana and TTUN coming up.  Then MSU with a possible top ten ranking in the B1G CG (not to mention Wiscy will end up 10-2 and in a potential BSC at large...may be).  

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

d5k's picture

I think Vegas was right when they had us at 4th most likely to make the title game.  They anticipated Baylor catching us in the computers and polls if they win out which probably isn't unjustified as Baylor has looked better than we have overall.  It is somewhat fitting that the final year of the BCS would have undefeated major conference teams on the outside looking in.  Only other time was Auburn in 2004 (?) if you don't count Cincinnati, Utah type teams as "major".  One last "look how dumb you are" to the BCS defenders (who are now involved in the playoff ironically).

Hovenaut's picture

These days, the game of college football seems much different than what I remember it being.

Just win, Buckeyes. No apologies necessary.

National Champions

WildBear Buckeye's picture

If there are indeed three or more undefeated teams at the end of the season, that would be the biggest difference of all. Other than 2004, with undefeated Auburn left out, can you remember another season with three undefeated teams, much less four? It's certainly possible, but it's extremely rare.

d5k's picture

Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU top 4 teams, Boise St also undefeated
But the Big East wasn't really considered a major conference at that point.

WildBear Buckeye's picture

In 2009 TCU and Boise St. in non-AQ conferences, so it doesn't matter what their records were. But you're right, Cincinnati won the Big East and was left out. Looking at that Cincinnati team's record I see some parallels to the 2013 OSU team, actually. Undefeated during the regular season, but wins like:
28-20 over Fresno State (8-5 that season)
47-45 over Connecticut (8-5)
and, looky here,
49-36 over Illinois (3-9)
likely prevented Cinci from getting anywhere near Bama and Texas.

chitown buckeye's picture

Agree completely. As I stated above, its hard to enjoy any win anymore unless it is a perfect flawless game which are few and far between. Hopefully the playoff system will help bring things back to normal, whatever normal is anymore I guess.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

lax20's picture

The media and most notably ESPN play a major role in the BCS.  ESPN as we all know is in bed with the SEC.  I truly believe many are B1G haters came about after the launch of the B1G network and its huge success (ESPN is so envious).  There are no style points at this stage of the season.  The Buckeyes just have to win out and be one of two undefeated teams standing.  Alabama can have a below mediocre game against a pathetic Miss. St team and not lose ground says it all.  Just win baby win and let the chips fall where they may.

N8thegr8's picture

For a second while reading this article I thought I was accidentally on espn....

"Play for Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State. That simple." - Kirk Barton 

Calgarybuck's picture

I feel like we need to host the B1G and ESPN for festivus this holiday season and air out all our grievances with our fellow friends! 

Seattle Linga's picture

That's a great idea but do you think it will change anything? I would like to think so but there is so much hatred around and towards us I don't know if it would matter. However if we could hold people accountable on what they say on National TV, now that might change things.

rhutchjr's picture

I love reading 11W and all the stuff about Nat. Champs but most people spend there time degrading all the other teams near us(even if its true). I am only a believer in one thing, just beat meat-chicken. All this talk means nothing if we got upset by the muskrats (or what ever they are? who cares?) Once that mission is successful then Alaliyah to what ever else happens. Lose to them due to bad weather or what ever and we become very quiet. GO BUCKS!!

Toledo, a good place to be FROM

N8thegr8's picture

I feel bad for the team. I really do. The team and the fans should be loving every minute of what's going on with season and the current win streak. Instead there is this sense of failure, of things not accomplished. Sure some people will say they do love every minute right now but the general mood is disappointing. If the team can leave Illinois after winning a game by 25 and feel a sense of dread something is wrong. They keep winning every game and yet keep being told they aren't good enough. I couldn't imagine the emotions those guys are feeling lately. 

"Play for Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State. That simple." - Kirk Barton 

N8thegr8's picture

Also starting to feel a little guilty for all those times I would bash Boise State. Sure the level of competition in the WAC and their overall schedule wasn't the greatest but nobody, myself included, really gave Boise State the respect they probably should have gotten. Well I guess Pat Forde did but he's the kind of douche you don't want cheerleading for you. 

"Play for Ohio State or get beat by Ohio State. That simple." - Kirk Barton 

fear_the_nut70's picture

 Can someone please explain the huge difference between OSU beating Illinois 60-35 on the road and Baylor beating Texas Tech 60-34 at home (Texas Tech's best win is against TCU and they have lost 4 straight)?   

Blue Eyed Buckeye's picture

When did Ohio f*ing State become Boise State?  22 game win streak and not in the national title game.  I hate the BCS.

fear_the_nut70's picture

We are not Boise State.  There was a huge backlash to this program losing to BCS NCG's, and I think it still follows the program around.  The things is, though, this is an Urban Meyer team, so I don't really see the comparison.  Best thing I heard this last week was that "this might be the weakest Ohio State team we see for quite some time."  That comment was NOT a crack on this team, but rather, a forecast of things to come.

SaudiBuckeye's picture

Prior to the start of the season much was made about the possibility, or rather the high probability, of Ohio State playing TTUN twice. Much was discussed on whether if the teams spilt wins which scenario would be better. Well TTUN did not keep their end of the bargain and we will, unfortunately, get only one attempt to score a century of points on them.
Fast forward to late in the season the discussion has become whether or not teams ahead of the Buckeyes will lose or not. And whether or not the Buckeyes should should be jumped by "better" 1-loss teams and thus denied a chance to participate in the NCG.
IMHO whether or not our beloved Buckeyes play in the NCG is much ado about nothing. The only thing that matters is winning the next three games - one at a time. The only things that the Buckeyes can themselves control are the results of the next three games. Win them and we will be playing in Pasadena, either in the NCG or Rose Bowl.
Beating an undefeated team in the NCG or beating a "faster" Oregon in the Rose Bowl will result in a 2013 won/loss record of 14-0 and a 26 game win streak. Then I dare anyone to tell me the Buckeyes are not the Best Football Team In The Land.

Seattle Linga's picture

Saudi - I love your post and you make some great points. I for one would agree with you and would like the team and everyone to take a step back and stay focused on the task at hand and as a fan - just enjoy the ride.

buckeyestu's picture

Next game up, is indiana, it is the only game i am focused on. Well maybe the other osu team will have my attention too, the cowboys, i hope take down the bears.

Toilrt Paper's picture

You think things are bad this year? Just wait for next year and the 4 team playoff. Whose 4 teams will be selected by actual human beings. What is bad for Ohio State now will be intolerable next year. The SEC and ESPN know what they do so well will have MUCH more of an affect on real human beings, who can be swayed by opinion(noise). Not normal opinions, opinions which will be plastered on the front page of sport sections on a daily basis. Opinions or worse, that will be on the radio and TV on an hourly basis. Continual untruths and lies on the internet being used to further an agenda against any and all leagues and teams other than the SEC......for what reason? To convince specific individuals on the 4 school playoff committee, that if there are not 2 SEC teams in the 4 every year, they will be publicly individually besmirched, defamed and ridiculed, so it will not happen again.  
It will not take more than a year or two for the majority who wanted a playoff system will wish they had the BCS system back, which is much harder to influence with the SEC slobbering.