Exploring Chaos (Or Charting Ohio State's Course to the BCS Championship Game)

By Kyle Rowland on November 4, 2013 at 9:15a
The Rose Bowl, site of the 2014 BCS National Championship Game.

Ten weeks into the college football season and three weeks into the chaos that is the Bowl Championship Series, five undefeated power conference teams remain. In the final year of this foolish system that has virtually no support, it would be appropriate if disorder and mass confusion rained down on the powers that be.

College football’s postseason has run amok with poll manipulation and drama in recent seasons. A new four-team playoff – and inevitable eight-team system – can’t get here soon enough for fans who have grown tired of the style points game.

But for now, it’s one final month of scoring points to impress voters, debate about whether Northwestern, Mississippi State or Wake Forest is a more impactful win and hearing about tenths of a point in computer ratings.

So, in the last November in the BCS’ history, who has the clearest path to the national championship game? The answer may surprise you.

Despite a 21-game win steak, Ohio State is not ranked first, second or even third in the BCS. Instead, Urban Meyer’s Buckeyes find themselves behind three undefeated teams and in need of at least two of them to have a mishap. A week on the sideline could be the cure-all. Ohio State does not step foot in a stadium until Nov. 16. Before then, Nos. 1 and 13, 3 and 5 and 6 and 10 face off in three of the most anticipated games of the season.

If the top-five teams win out, Alabama is a shoo-in for the BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena with Oregon as the most likely opponent. But in the 16-year history of the BCS, only six times has the championship game featured two undefeated teams. Even rarer is multiple undefeated teams after the conference title games. Only twice during the BCS era have there been more than two unbeatens from major conferences – 2004 (USC, Oklahoma and Auburn) and 2009 (Alabama, Texas and Cincinnati). Odds are it won’t happen again.

Just one year ago, the month of November had, you guessed it, five undefeated teams — Alabama, Notre Dame, Oregon, Kansas State and Louisville. Only the Irish would get through the regular season without a blunder. 

Another strong impossibility is a one-loss team in the championship game if multiple top-five teams stay undefeated. At this juncture of the season, there are fewer opportunities to make up ground if someone stumbles. Important for Ohio State fans fretting about Stanford, who’s close behind, are the words of Jerry Palm and Brad Edwards who believe it’s far-fetched for the Cardinal or any other one-loss team to finish ahead of the Buckeyes.

The least stressful position to be in is first or second in the human polls – Coaches and Harris – which are two-thirds of the BCS formula with six computer ratings comprising the remaining third. That along gives Alabama and Florida State an advantage – for now.

The top-ranked Crimson Tide, winners of three of the past four national championships, do not have the path of least resistance to the Rose Bowl. Alabama hosts LSU this Saturday, travels to No. 8 Auburn the final week of the regular season and will play a solid team in the SEC title game. All three games are possible pitfalls in the Tide’s run at an unprecedented (modern era) third straight national championship. Remember, Alabama has only finished undefeated once in their current string of titles.

Of the remaining unbeatens, Alabama’s opponents’ win-loss record is by far the best. Baylor’s schedule isn’t far behind, but the Bears’ conference is holding them back. The Big Ten might take the brunt of the criticism when it comes to conference bashing. They have a championship game, though, which is something the Big 12 can’t claim. That one fewer game could be a major roadblock for Baylor.

That is, if it gets through the gauntlet of a schedule that remains. The Bears play the entire top half of the Big 12 in November – Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. The first of those games is Thursday night against the Sooners.

Computers also aren’t fond of Baylor. It leapfrogged Stanford in both human polls this week, yet Baylor is still behind the one-loss Cardinal in the BCS standings. When you glance at the computers, the picture becomes clearer. Stanford’s average computer rating is 5, while Baylor’s is a putrid 9, second only to Oklahoma’s 11 in the top 10. Escaping their November schedule unscathed would provide a massive boost for the Bears.

On the same night as the Baylor-Oklahoma game, Oregon and Stanford play in a match up of top-five teams. It’s the toughest remaining game for the Ducks or any undefeated team, for that matter. And Oregon still has Oregon State and a possible Pac-12 title game on the docket. 

Then Ohio State and Florida State come into the picture. As far as remaining schedules go, not many teams in the country will have an easier go at it than the Buckeyes and Seminoles. Opponents’ records are well below .500 and conference championship games won’t deliver a much stiffer challenge. Michigan State could enter the contest with one loss, but Ohio State will still be heavy favorites, as will Florida State against a Miami team they just blew out or mediocre Virginia Tech.

Not even both teams’ archrivals – Michigan and Florida – present much of a battle. Those two games have been must-see college football for decades, just not in 2013.

It’s a big reason why Ohio State-Florida State is the most likely title game come Jan. 6.



d1145fresh's picture

I don't want to be 'this guy' but last year November had 6 undefeated teams: Notre Dame, Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, Louisville and THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.
But I get you are saying 5 teams that could have played in the BCS game.

BuckeyeQ6's picture

Yep, and it would have been two undefeated teams in the title game again.

ziplock007's picture

Stating the obvious: Imagine if you were a voter and you pledged to be as unbiased and impartial as humanly possible.
Also, there's only Four Teams on which to vote: OSU, Bama, FSU, & Oregon.
Do you put OSU in your top two?  The only current ranked teams they will/have played are Wisky and most likely Mich St.
As of now... of course things can always change but the Big Ten currently sucks.  The phrase 'The Big Ten is down this year' has been replaced by 'The Big Ten.'  The Big Ten is slowly becoming 'OSU & The Mountain West of the MidWest'. Convincing wins over Ill., Indy, & Mich won't wow voters or the computers.
I'm the biggest OSU fan I know, but OSU is not in my top two.  Hence, in my opinion, as of now, they are justifiably withheld from the championship game.  Thus, I'm not upset at the rankings.

d1145fresh's picture

I agree with you to a certain extent but if I am a voter I am also putting Wisconsin and Michigan State as top 15 teams. I truly believe that Big 10 is a lot better this year than many are giving them credit. While they only have one top level, top 5 team (OSU obviously) I think the middle tier is pretty good when you really look at them. Wisconsin, Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State are all okay as is Michigan and Minnesota.
What happened to the B1G is starting to happen to the SEC IMO. The middle level teams are becoming better in general but that also means that they are going to lose to each other throughout the season. This leaves maybe a team or two who are 0,1,2 loss teams and a large group that will have 3-5 losses on the season.
As to your questions, if I was in charge of polling I would have FSU and Oregon 1 and 2 right now. If OSU can't use their 21 game winning streak then why can Alabama use the past two seasons to keep them at No. 1 when they haven't really played anyone this year? 

CowCat's picture

Past wins don't really count, but I think there is something to be said for consistency.
Would you rather choose FSU, who is having one good year in a bad conference?
Or TOSU, which consistently represents well in BCS games, has a winning streak and is currently shattering school records with a title-winning coach?

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

00Buck's picture

IF you are " I'm the biggest OSU fan I know" you can not have it both ways you are or your not .....IF you are then they ARE in your top 2, IF not.then they are NOT...  I am a BUCKEYE and THEY ARE my number #1   NOT A DOUBT IN MY MIND. 

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

albinomosquito's picture

There's a difference between being a fan and being a homer..

DaiTheFlu's picture

Please stop.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

CincyOSU's picture

00Buck -
1) Take your meds...PLEASE.
2) At the very least, please learn remedial grammar. Reading your ramblings gives me a migraine.
3) Don't post unless you are taking your meds.
That is all.

SirMarkusCombs's picture

I'm pretty sure Alabama could lose to Ohio State, and still Jump the Buckeyes in the polls.. 

BuckeyeQ6's picture

That would be a shame.  I'm starting to believe our team is good enough to play with anyone.  This would have been a great year to start the playoffs.

SirMarkusCombs's picture

If we get the same kind of increase in production over the next 3 weeks as we did the last 3 weeks, I couldn't agree with you more!

SirMarkusCombs's picture

And I'm KIND OF being serious...

BuckeyeQ6's picture

I'd be fine with that!  I originally hoped to play Bama to beat the "best" but I'll be happy to get in at this point.  Alabama, Oregon, and Baylor will probably lose, leaving us with Florida State or Bama if the Seminoles drop a game.  I'm happy either way.

BenW's picture

Am I the only one who was surprised that we're averaging 4th in the computers? Maybe our schedule won't hold us back as much as I thought...

yrro's picture

Our schedule hasn't been *that* bad, it's mostly that it doesn't get that much tougher, with the exception of the Big 10 title game.

TMac's picture

I'd be great with that NCG!
FWIW, Urban is 5-1 vs Florida State

gumtape's picture

Fwiw that was against bobby Bowden. This FSU team with jimbo fisher looks special. Oregon and FSU should be one and two. Last year doesn't matter and they have been the most impressive.

just another psycho, irrational, delusional Ohio St fan

00Buck's picture

great !!!!!!!!!!!!!   Closet fans........... FSU is not freakin special....they put their pants on the same as you and I..........  seriously do ANY of you read what you type !!!  FSU beat a miami team that should have lost a long time ago.... whoopteedooo !!!

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

cinserious's picture

FSU makes themselves 'feel' special by blowing out teams we all knew were frauds while leaving in Jameis Winston and all the rest of their starters for the entire 60 minutes. Then Jimbo Fisher jogs off the field gloating about how bad he beat a top ten team.
Bullying seems to be theme lately, why is no one calling this shit out yet? 

"Get him a body bag, Yeah!"

DaiTheFlu's picture

Do YOU read what you type?

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

bcksfan07's picture

You should maybe relax a little bit. Just... take a deep breath, because everything's going to be ok.

BKLYN_Buckeye's picture

Bama is going down this week. And Baylor will lose to Oklahoma. Just need some Stanford magic on Thursday. Go Bucks!

brylee's picture

I will drink some of that kool-aid!

Phoenix824's picture

Please pass the cup

IBleedSandG's picture

Po' it up!

We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan, we're from O-HI-O!

nm_buck's picture

it's good with a splash of Stolies....

will0327's picture

Im at the point where i think the championship doesnt really matter {of course i would love to be in the championship game} But i think its starting to get the point where if you dont want us play for the title. Well then we are going to beat whoever you put in front of us ......Send a huge F U to the BCS and everyone whos been down us.       This team hasnt lost in 2 years we are watching greatness 


Buckeye419er's picture

Question: Who has the longest win streak in FBS history WITHOUT winning or participating in a title game?

CC's picture

Toledo - late 60's.

TMac's picture

Boise State; 24 games in 2009-2010

BenW's picture

It appears to be Toledo's 35 in a row from 1969-1971. Although they did have 3 consecutive Tangerine Bowl victories. 


BuckeyeUte's picture

I would have to go way WAY back and take an educated guess. 1890 - 1893 Yale stringed together 37 straight wins before losing to Princeton. They have no national championships to their name... Probably because they didn't exist back then.

TMac's picture

FBS/FCS didn't start until 1978

BenW's picture

Ah, good call. Boise State it is then. 

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

I'd place the cut off at the beginning of the Bowl Coalition as there really was no such thing as a title game prior to that (and even some of those years are questionable).
Of course none of that affects your answer of BSU.

Buckeye419er's picture

Praying daily...the stars must align in such a way that they burn a hole clean through Satan's layer aka Alabama, the mother cluckers aka Oregon, and dances with footballs aka Florida State. 

TennesseeBuckeye's picture

I thought it was Free Shoes U

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Woody Hayes

kalabuckzoo's picture

Why can't powerful people just step up and do the right thing?  It's clear to everyone that the current system is f'd, thus changes coming next year.  Just ditch the current plan and implement the 4 team playoff this year.  Nonsense that it could not be done.  The commitee is already set.  With two months to plan finding two open sites to host the "semis" can't be that hard, and play the champ at the rose bowl as planned.  Not to mention the "bcs" clowns would cash in by adding two more games.

INTLBUCK's picture

I was thinking the same thing yesterday. Far-fetched, but if we did have 4 undefeated a this year, could you imagine that playoff???  Wow. Must-see TV (and a major money maker). 

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Why can't powerful people just step up and do the right thing?

Would you be saying that if you were in charge of bowl that would stand to lose millions of dollars if a top 4 team breaks the contract with you?

Citrus's picture

BOLD PREDICTION: tOSU plays Stanford in the NCG 

Bama loses twice
FSU trips up in Gainesville 

lax20's picture

I like it, but how about this prediction.  It all comes down to the last weekend of championship games:  Alabama loses to a Missouri team nobody gives credit;  FSU loses to a Virginia Tech team that plays very good D and Oregon loses to a mirror image of them in Arizona State.  Leaving the Bucks victory over the Spartans and a high flying Baylor team undefeated.  OSUvBaylor in the NC.  Am I dreaming or what!!

45has2's picture

The only thing tripping in Gainesville besides the Gaytards are the Hare Krishnas. Aaaaand, it's still all Urban's fault.

"I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people." -W.W. Hayes

TennesseeBuckeye's picture

We would play Auburn in that case

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

iantrevor's picture

If tOSU doesn't play an SEC team in the NC game, would it "count" for much of the country? I hate playing the role of the constantly-downtrodden, but I fear the only way to rehab the image of B1G is to beat the best SEC team in the big one. 
After the last two weeks, I believe OSU can play with any team on both sides of the ball on any given day. My hope is that we get to prove ourselves against Alabama in the NC game. 

00Buck's picture

SHORT memory here....... tOSU needs to prove NOTHING........ an SEC team has already fallen to the BUCKEYES......  just because Gene Gene the dancing machine says it didn't happen, what do you think Arkansas would say ?...........   THEY STILL SAY THEY GOT THEIR ASSES KICKED  THAT'S WHAT

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

fanatibuck's picture

00BUCK what does Gene have to do with the NCAA vacating our Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas? He is not the one who issued that punishment. Boy, some of you fans need to let go of the Gene Smith bashing. It is really getting old and DELUSIONAL!


iantrevor's picture

I'm happy that you and I think that way, but the voters disagree. Big wins (across the conference) will garner respect for the B1G and keep things like tOSU's descent from 2 to 4 after wins from happening. I think it's better for us if we get to play Alabama in the NC game. Can't you already hear Mark May saying "Sure. They won the BCS championship game, but it was against FSU. Alabama was clearly the best team in the country, despite their loss in the SEC Championship Game."
That being said, I'll take 26 straight wins over Mark May's respect any day. 

Ahh Saturday's picture

People around the CFB world --but mostly Tallahassee and Columbus-- will be historically pissed off when there are four undefeated teams from AQ conferences at the end of this season.  What a great year for a four-team playoff, which is why, of course, the playoff will start next year.

OurHonorDefend09's picture

Is FSU vs OSU a possibility in the Rose Bowl or is that a no no due to the PAC-12 vs B1G tie-ins? Or would OSU get an at-large bid to another BSC bowl to play FSU?
Honestly, if both teams get screwed out of the National Championship, that would be an excellent substitute. I know it would suck to get left out, but I'm just trying to look on the positive side. A win vs an undefeated FSU team in a bowl game I think would still do wonders for OSU and the B1G's reputation.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

Phoenix824's picture

ACC has Orange Bowl tie in and the Rose would take a 2 loss Stanford due to the PAC 12 tie in over anyone else if it plays out with all four/five if you include Baylor are undefeated.  

Wesleyburgess1's picture

Contracts would have to be broken for that to happen.

00Buck's picture

tHEIR ARE NO CONTRACTS between the BIG and Rose anymore......... It ended when the Bucks chose to play in the NCG a few years ago......  so the ROSE rather than take a good second place BIG chose Oklahoma to play...........that nullified the contract.........

Upon this Rock, I build my house....and Let no man put asunder

Catch 5's picture

If the B10 and P12 champions are not in the title game, they go to the Rose.  That is the contract and still valid.  If either's champion is in the NC game, the Rose gets to pick the best team available when it is their turn to choose.  That is why OK got in.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

Bubba 81's picture

If Alabama loses to LSU ( which is possible ) and Oregon loses to Stanford. We are in!!!
After watching the FSU / Miami game, I had a few take aways.                                      1. FSU linebackers looked small ( hello Carlos Hyde )                                                       2. Miami's depth issue on the defensive line really hurt them after half time.                     3. Jamis is really good but his is not Ivan Draggo ( he is just a man ) although he is faster than I thought as well.                                                                                                4. Miami's pass defense played a lot of basic man coverage which killed them in the run support and is why IMO they lost the game. Our pass defensive scheme is actually much better suited for the FSU offense.                                                                                5. FSU has one really good receiver who is very tall but that's it.                                     6. If a team can put together a consistent pass rush on Jameis he will look like a freshman. I have to see him look rattled because he always has a ton of time in the pocket.                                                                                                                        7. I was not as impressed with FSU as I thought I was going to be.                                8. We can beat this team because we can score as well as they can                                 9. Sweep the leg... do you have a problem with that!!!                                                 10. The FSU chant is one of the worst sounds on the planet earth and it never stops. 

Iwearmocs's picture

As much as it sucks to say this, I have no issue with Ohio State being 4th;  If two other teams finish undefeated we will be in the rose bowl, and we can take this streak to next season (knock on wood haha).  With that being said, if we get jumped by a one loss team, I'll be pissed.

cinserious's picture

Who's crappier Michigan or Florida? I hope they play in some kind of crappy bowl game this yr.
If OSU-FSU plays out, our run defense can control FSU's good stable of RBs. Winston would do well against our pass-d though, however he will be forced into making a few mistakes that the Bucks must capitalize on.
I'm not convinced FSU's defense is as good as Miami (fraud) made them look on Saturday night. I'm sure they are pretty good though. Just not good enough to contain Braxton, Hyde, Hall, Rod Smith, Devin Smith, Spencer, Fields, Brown, Heurmann, and Vannett. Plus wild cards like Guiton, Wilson. Plus the nation's best offensive line! Plus Urban Meyer and Tom Herman scheming.

"Get him a body bag, Yeah!"

fanatibuck's picture

In other words CINSERIOUS we can win the NC if invited. I am on BOARD!! :)


Catch 5's picture

Only twice during the BCS era have there been more than two unbeatens from major conferences – 2004 (USC, Oklahoma and Auburn) and 2009 (Alabama, Texas and Cincinnati). Odds are it won’t happen again.

Then please explain to me why we need more than four teams in a playoff?  This clamoring for an expanded playoff will ruin the best regular season in sports if we let it. 

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

Phoenix824's picture

I agree with you.     No need for 8 teams.   We could  kind of have that coming up already with the Conference Championship games.     If we got to four super conferences instead of the Big 5 we have right now it would be ready made 8 team playoff if you just have the Conference Champions play each other in the four team playoff.     Put a premium on winning your conference Championship.   I know it would negate the Alabama/LSU rematch situation from a year ago but who cares and you may have a pretty good team come in second in their Division but I could live with it. 

nm_buck's picture

Take this year for example.  If Bama, FSU, Oregon and Baylor all stay undefeated... an undefeated OSU team could be left out due to Baylor's SOS and the lack of respect for ours.  8 teams would be fine by me.  Look at D2... they play 11 game seasons and a potential five more games in their tourney.  What is it.. like 20 teams?  I don't think that is necessary... but 8 teams would be a breeze.  That is 7 total games... rotated amongst the bowls.  Max of three games for the two championship teams. 

Catch 5's picture

How much would you like that playoff when OSU rests their starters and loses to Michigan because their spot in the B10 championship game was secure? If you think OOC games are bad now, just wait until the post-season gets diluted with that many teams. Why would any team schedule a major OOC challenge if you only need your conference championship to get in?
When we get more than 4 teams, we sacrifice the importance of the regular season - which is what makes college football so great.

Make their asses quit! - Nick Saban

yankeescum's picture

I actually think that if I had to play one of the other four undefeated teams, I would rather play Alabama than Baylor, Oregon or Florida State.  I think that their defense has a chance to be better, but their offensive line is worse than it has been in years and years.  I never thought that I would say this, but if Oregon and FSU and Baylor lose, I hope that Satan's Tide wins out in SEC play and then gets destroyed by the Buckeyes (or luckeyes or suckeyes as all the assholes out there call us).

gobucks5413's picture

Man...you all need to quit melting down. Holy smokes

m5987usus's picture

My bcs title prediction: Florida state Alabama, Florida state with 0 losses alabama with 1 loss, that's my bcs championship game prediction.

gobucks5413's picture

Does that mean we are losing to someone? I know the whole SEC bias thing...but you seriously think they get in over us if we are undefeated?

m5987usus's picture

Yes and here's why. If Alabama loses to lsu this weekend and this is their only loss they will probably jump osu ONLY because of our schedule. Our best win if things are the same will probably be to a 3-4 loss msu team. Northwestern is 4-5 now. Wisconsin has two losses and could lose another. If alabama only loss is to a #7 ranked lsu team but they've beaten a number 9 Aggie team and the rest of the sec including Georgia in the title game and that they've won 3 of the last four titles how could they not be in the title game. I want more than anyone for osu to be in the title game I just think it will be very difficult because our best win as an undefeated team is an unranked Wisconsin or Michigan state team.

Kyle Rowland's picture

Zero chance a one-loss team is in title game over undefeated Ohio State or any other undefeated team from a power conference. 

gobucks5413's picture

Michigan St could very well be a top ten team come big ten championship weekend....also, Wisconsin is ranked, and i'm not real sure where I see them losing again...

ejoceans's picture

This year will turn out to be a joke as far as the rankings and the final rankings too.  If we are left out we will win the rose bowl and end up at number two by years end.  Its just the way the world wants it to be this year. Well let me correct that, the world would love to see us lose but they will just have to wait for that til later(way later) down the road!  If all goes right we will win out and find a way in.  Oh, and what happened to all of you people out there that were fed up with THE BRAXTON MILLER????????   Man, oh, man, you really are some fair weather fans huh?  Brax360 up to his old tricks and looking better then ever in the mean time!!!! I love seeing him grow up as a QB right in front of our eyes! Its a beautiful thing.  Who knows he might stay for his senior year and bring all of college football to their knees! O  H!

Lets do this Brutus

OldColumbusTown's picture

IF we see some upsets this week in college football, with Bama, Oregon, and Baylor all going down, it would be very interesting to hear the talking heads discuss the BCS scenario going forward.  Right now, Ohio State isn't even in the discussion.  With losses by Bama and Oregon, and OSU more than likely vaulting up to #2 and suddenly projected to go to the MNC, the entire BCS world would be thrown into the chaos referenced in the header title.
I'd love to hear the explanations at that point why a 1-loss Oregon, Stanford, Alabama, etc. deserve to be in the discussion, because you know it would happen...

Ethos's picture

I'm actually fine with all of this crap going on, because if we keep winning, and we end up in the top 2, the entire country will want us to fail.  Meyer will have all kinds of motivational quotes to post all over the weight room during the 4 weeks of waiting.
It will be GLORIOUS

"What do you need water for, Sunshine?!" - Coach Coombs, if you don't love this man, you have no soul.

Boomcat's picture

Great read, and its very interesting to talk about possible scenarios and such. However, I think we all are forgetting a very, very important piece of information: we have Urban Meyer. As much as we hate the outcome, he was the guy that talked his way into the NC in 2006, remember? Urban won't take too kindly to being left out of the title game with a 25 game win streak. If anybody knows how to work the system, its him.

buckeyepastor's picture

I agree that OSU's resume up to now simply isn't objectively as strong as the others.  That's why they need help.   That said, if it were all about this year, and I think it should be even if that does mean 21 in a row doesn't merit us any extra bump, 'Bama has no business in the top spot.  If there were no pre-seaon or September polls, just a ranking of the teams in the BCS based on how they've performed and who they've played, FSU and Oregon are 1 and 2, followed by 'Bama (as they did beat a good aTm squad) and then tOSU.   
I'm not angry at our current poll position.  I will be angry as hell if a one-loss 'Bama remains in the top 2 and still plays FSU in the title game ahead of us.  I think that could happen.   From the talk 'Bama is getting, I truly believe if they lost to LSU or Auburn there would be strong sentiment to still have them in the title game even though they have not looked nearly as dominating or consistent this year as last year.   

"Woody would have wanted it that way" 

ABrown07's picture

Anyone who is questioning Ohio State's sos should read Jeff Beck's article entitled "The College Football Spin Zone" written 11/4/13. It's a great article and it does an excellent job comparing OSU's schedule to FSU, Oregon, and Alabama without letting the sarcasm get too carried away. To anyone who has not read it yet and questions our sos, you will be surprised at what you read in terms of how tough our opponents have been compared to theirs.

I don't like nice people. I like tough, honest people.
-Woody Hayes