Ohio State Changes Date for 2014 Virginia Tech Game

By Jason Priestas on October 24, 2013 at 3:58p
Date Opponent
Aug. 30 vs. Navy (M&T Bank Stadium)
Sept. 6 Virginia Tech
Sept. 13 Kent State
Sept. 20 Bye
Sept. 27 Cincinnati
Oct. 4 at Maryland
Oct. 11 Bye
Oct. 18 Rutgers
Oct. 25 at Penn State
Nov. 1 Illinois
Nov. 8 at Michigan State
Nov. 15 at Minnesota
Nov. 22 Indiana
Nov. 29 Michigan
Dec. 6 B1G Championship Game

Ohio State announced today that the 2014 game with Virginia Tech has been moved, from Sept. 20 to Sept. 6.

The move was prompted by ESPN, who approached the schools about a possible date change to feature the game in either a national telecast at 3:30 p.m. or a primetime affair under the lights.

The meeting will be the first between two schools that are the 2nd (Ohio State at .773) and 6th (Virginia Tech at .745) most-winningest programs of the last 25 years. Ohio State will travel to Blacksburg the following season to take on Virginia Tech on Labor Day.

The Buckeyes were off the weekend of Sept. 6, and with the switch, will now be off Sept. 20.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State will host Atlantic Coast Conference power Virginia Tech on Sept. 6 next year instead of Sept. 20, as was originally scheduled. ESPN approached both schools about the date change and the possibility of either a full national telecast at 3:30 p.m. or a primetime telecast. Both schools supported the change.


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DaiTheFlu's picture

Man, I'm really not liking this two bye week business. I guess having both of 2014's out of the way by early October means that there won't be any weeks late in the year in which Ohio State is out of the spotlight.

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AndyVance's picture

Ditto. Moar football!

d5k's picture

Boy is our conference schedule friendlier under the new division split.  Not that it is that rough this year, but we basically trade Wisconsin and NW for @MSU (+ maryland and rutgers) in terms of quality opponents.  Ending with 2 home games is nice too.

AndyVance's picture

Unfortunately, friendlier in this case also means "weaker" in the eyes of poll voters and pundits. I'm actually sort of bullish on Sparty, despite his Walrusy ways, but not playing Nebraska, Wisconsin and Northwestern for long periods of time is a bad thing. Here's hoping that Wisky and Nebraska take care of business outside the conference so we have a quality ranked opponent to face in Indy each December.

BucksfanXC's picture

Soooo does that put Eat Too Brutus to the Rutgers game?

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My birthday is Sept. 7 so they pull out a W vs. the Hokies that will be another great bday gift :)

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northcampus's picture

That's a 'road to the national championship' schedule.  A 'name' OOC opponent, a few decent road games without back-to-back challenging teams, and 3 bye weeks (2 open dates and Indiana).

MN Buckeye's picture

Maybe Indiana will be good by then. Naaah, what was I thinking.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Va Tech will be considered a marquee match up until Ohio State wins.

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yrro's picture

Va Tech is one of those teams, like Notre Dame, that make you instantly overrated if you beat them. They have a great winning percentage but they never seem to beat anyone that actually matters.

Buckeyeneer's picture

Yeah, and they pull an App State and lose to James Madison.

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DaiTheFlu's picture

I dont know, I prefer the new divisional lineup, in that we are effectively trading Purdue and Illinois for Rutgers and Maryland. Rutgers appears to be on the rise, and Maryland has a better chance at success in the short term than Purdue and Illinois, which are two games that I will not miss at all, as they are lose-lose for us. For some reason, if we don't pound those two teams by 40, we either lose or squeak out an unimpressive win, hurting us in the polls. I am disappointed that Wisconsin is going away, as I would much rather play them than Sparty. Like mentioned above, though, the odds of us meeting a solid and highly ranked Nebraska or Wisky in the B10 Championship game are pretty good.

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Deadly Nuts's picture

Better be a night game.


mtrotb's picture

2 byes is just the way the calendar falls having 14 weekends between labor day and thanksgiving as you have the timeframe to get your 12 games in.   On years when we play UM before thanksgiving then we will have only one bye.  However, in 14 we have the 2 byes much earlier than this year.  In 2013 it worked better playing 6 having bye, playing 3, having another bye.


Buckeyeneer's picture

I'm just excited that our OOC schedule looks a lot better. I don't even try to defend this year to critics. I know, I know, they're usually planned well in advance, but this is the worst OOC schedule that I can remember.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

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carence's picture

Here's to hoping VT is ranked high when we play them.

buckifishr's picture

VT is ALWAYS ranked high in the first week or so of the season.  Then they suffer an embarrassing loss on national TV (see 9/7/2014) and fall out of the spotlight until the ACC championship game.

cplunk's picture

so stoked- as a DC area resident I generally only make it back to Ohio for one game a year. Next year I'll get to catch the game against Navy up in Baltimore and the game against Maryland in College Park. Awesome.
If the Va Tech series is a home and home then in 2015 I can catch that one too.

ChazBuckeye's picture

This is fantastic because Va Tech will have only played William and Mary U during week one.  So they'll still their proverbial highly ranked selves before OSU beats them.  Sweet!
Unless they lose to them like the did to James Madison.... ;-)

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BrutusBuckey3's picture

Dang. Wish V tech was top 10 for this game. Or even top 25. Also wish they never would have moved the date. Then I could see the Black Keys AND the Bucks.