Ohio State Confirms Viriginia Tech on Labor Day, Hawaii to Visit in 2015

By Kyle Rowland on October 10, 2013 at 2:27p
The freaks come out at night

Ohio State made the official announcement on Thursday: the 2015 game at Virginia Tech will take place on Labor Day. Also announced was a 2015 home game versus Hawaii. In addition, a 2018 home game against Cincinnati has been moved to 2019. The game will take place at Ohio Stadium. 

2015 Ohio State Football Schedule
Sept. 7 – at Virginia Tech
Sept. 12 – Hawaii
Sept. 19 – Northern Illinois
Sept. 26 – Western Michigan
Oct. 3 – at Indiana
Oct. 10 – Maryland
Oct. 17 – Penn State
Oct. 24 – at Rutgers
Oct. 31 – Bye
Nov. 7 – Minnesota
Nov. 14 – at Illinois
Nov. 21 – Michigan State
Nov. 28 – at Michigan
Dec. 5 – Big Ten Championship Game

Source: @BuckeyeNotes

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SilverState's picture

Weird not having Wisconsin.

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Not a big upgrade as far as I can see versus all those soft schedules that were in place when Tress was the coach

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Let's review some of the teams Tressel played OOC (ranking reflect end of season):
2001: @ #20 UCLA
2002: v. #7 Washington St (Pac10 champ), #24 Texas Tech, @ Cincy
2003: Washington, NC State (both ranked at time of game)
2004: Cincy, @ NC State
2005: #1 Texas (National Champs)
2006: @ #13 Texas, Cincy
2007: @ Washington
2008: @ #2 USC (Pac-10 Champs)
2009: #20 USC
2010: Miami FL (ranked at the time)
In summation: you're an idiot

Cause I couldn't go for three

NYC Buckeye's picture

Thank you for this...
Also, everyone keeps talking about how we are "scheduling differently now that the playoff is around", and that seems completely inaccurate...   Seems to be the same basic formula, one big OOC matchup against a top 25 team, one MAC team and two other fillers...  
Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not seeing anything different...

Squirrel Master's picture

just an FYI, the games played in this season were scheduled during Tressel's time.
Also, what happened to the years 2011,2012 with your stats? because those were scheduled. Not Urban's fault, he didn't schedule these games.
and VA tech might not be ELITE now, doesn't mean they won't be again. They were the best for a few years much like any of the teams now.

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And how many times did we play Akron and Kent State and every MAC team under the sun during that time as well? I see 2 mac teams on here and Hawaii who last time they played any big time program lost I believe to Georgia 52-7 (not sure of the score). That was my point. Even tho Va Tech used to be good, they aren't now so much and then 2 MAC teams, so call me what you want.

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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That oughtta quiet the weak schedule critics. Yep, that'll do.

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What are you talking about? Hawaii kept it within 35 points against Georgia in 2005!  They are practically an NFL team, if they can only give up 38 points to an SEC behemoth.
Also, Tommy Chang passed for like 22,000 yards and 472 TDs in the early 2000s at Hawaii, so they are super fu**ing relevant.

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Isn't the Northern Illinois game rumors to be canceled and someone else move into the place? Not a huge fan of having 2 MAC schools especially when neither one of them are from Ohio. I would love to see a mid-level school from a BCS conference get that spot (I would rather it be a big name program but that is unlikely).

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Seems like I heard the NIU rumor, too... Would be MUCH better to see us swap them out for an AQ-conference opponent.

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Last I checked, NIU was 5-0 with 2 wins against B1G teams. If they win the MAC they would be a team that could really help our SOS this year. But...as you said, by 2015 they will probably not be as good and might bring down our SOS. On the other hand, WM is 0-6 and isn't likely to be much better than they are today. They will hurt our SOS and would be a great swap for an AQ team. 

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That's a great point - I was thinking more on the lines of "if they are cancelling, we need another 'big name' opponent," rather than "NIU sucks," because clearly they're doing pretty darn well right now. My longer-term concern, as we've seen with Cal and SDSU, is that teams outside the traditional powerhouses are "Here today, gone tomorrow" sort of success stories. Playing Boise this year would be much different than playing them when they were the sexy BCS Buster story of the week... but you have no way of predicting those sort of trends when you're scheduling so many years in advance.
Regardless, Western Michigan is a huge pox on this schedule.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Dump Western Michigan for an AQ-foe. The Broncos are one of the worst teams in Division I. OSU will not score any points for the playoffs beating them.

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Well, here's hoping the Mitten State squads don't fall off the face of the earth, because the two of them and Tech are about our only shots at ranked opponents that year... Maybe Penn State will get their mojo back by then, given the reduction in their punishment...

brandonbauer87's picture

My first reaction was the same, Andy. The good guys are really gonna need someone to step up in conference. 

DMcDougal24's picture

I sure hope B1G and Gene Smith are cool with November night games, because Penn State and Sparty are the only two home games people will care about. And you know Urban Meyer wants two.
Also relevant, whoever OSU puts at QB will most likely be making his first career start on the road against Virginia Tech, one of the top ranked defenses in today's game. Not going to be easy at all.

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ON Labor Day? Damn, guess I'll have to take that Tuesday off work.


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Guess you'll have to have my guest room ready, too, buddy.

Denny's picture

I'll remember 2 bring the little party hats.


Buckeye-in-DC's picture

I live in Washington, DC (as my name implies) and when Virginia Tech announced this game a number of weeks ago, I said to my wife, "Hey, I'm going to go see OSU play Va Tech in VA on Labor Day 2015." 
Her response:  "Who's gonna drop off the kids at school on Tuesday morning?"

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Getting on our schedule is the surest path to mediocrity these days.  Get ready for some 6-6 seasons VT.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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QUICK - someone start caching all the breathless reporting about what a tough opponent Tech was for Bama this year... I have a feeling we're going to need that as evidence that they're a quality opponent...

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Well played, sir.  Very well played.

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2014 sked is much better. Here's hoping the B1G weights skeds starting in 2016.

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I'm hoping to travel to this game. This could be a great time watching Beamer's gullet flop around as Ca(o)rdale and the boys stomp the Hokies into a (insert weird special night game uniform color here) colored mudhole.

-The Aristocrats!

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Has Virginia Tech confirmed yet on if they'll be wearing the "Stone" helmets for this game?

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B- or C+ for the schedule grade. I will be passing up on the alumni tickets.

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Well at least Hawaii is better than Florida A&M thanks Gene!

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Our 2016 and 2017 schedules look a lot more promising, with much better competition than our recent ones, for sure.
2016: Bowling Green, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Indiana, Wisconsin, Penn State, Northwestern, Nebraska, Maryland, Michigan State, and Michigan
2017: TBA, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Indiana, Rutgers, Maryland, Nebraska, Penn State, Iowa, Michigan State, Illinois, and Michigan


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Denny's picture

If you factor in the time zone difference, it's really only like three and a half days. 


Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture


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Exactly what I was thinking then I realized Hawaii has a 10 hour flight, which can really scramble the brain IMO.

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The Big needs to get into gear.  tOSU, Michigan, Nebraska and Penn St should be top 20 teams on a regular basis.
In the next tier Wisconsin, Michigan St. and Rutgers should be able to put some teams into the top 20 off and on over a period of years.
Someone else should be able to surprise folks every so often....maybe....Iowa, Maryland, Illinois, Purdue ?
For tOSU schedule...throw in a MAC school and then one big name school would be a good start each year.

Optimistic Buckeye Pessimist's picture

Really would like to replace W. Michigan with a bigger and better mid-major or AQ school.

Read my entire screen name....

Deadly Nuts's picture

Boise State is the answer...


Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

...to a question no one has asked.

BTBuckeye's picture

Always hard to win @ VT
But I'm still seriously disappointed.

OurHonorDefend09's picture

With how shitty OSU's conference schedule is going to get with the additions of Maryland and Rutgers, they're going to have to schedule a top 10 non-conference matchup every year. There's no other way they're going to prevent themselves from getting laughed out of all SOS discussions.

Don't give up... Don't ever give up.

mr.green's picture

maryland and rutgers are a step above purdue, iowa, minn....

GoBucksOSU's picture

If it was up to me, I would replace Western Michigan with a good SEC team or something. Someone tell Gene Smith the 2015 non-conference schedule is no better than the past 10 years. I thought he said our non-conference opponents would be upgraded.

Eph97's picture

Home and home with Alabama is what I want. Alabama at night in the 'Shoe would be epic.

741's picture

It's a shame the home and home with Tennessee was cancelled - I was really looking forward to that.
Also, why not a home and home with Hawaii? I'd go!

bucksfan92's picture

I still hold out hope that the home/home series with Tennessee and UGA get back on the schedule.  Very, very disappointed in the Monday game At Va Tech. I had hoped to go there for that game but not now.

rampageripster's picture

You all act like scheduling a top 10 team every year is so damn easy...  so much more goes into putting together a schedule than just picking a school and saying "we want to play them".
I'm actually quite happy with what Gene Smith has done putting together some interesting upcoming series as well as cool one-off games (like playing Navy in Bmore).

Cause I couldn't go for three

BuckeyeAtHeart22's picture

Chyeah Brah! Let's like totally rip Hawaii to shreds! It's gonna be so sick and gnarly, even, like, Manti Teo's girlfriend will feel the beatdown.  Haha brah, surfs up! Hang Ten brahhhhhhhh! AHhhhhhh haha!
Wait, what sport is this bro?

Squirrel Master's picture

So we schedule Alabama for an home and home in 2016-2017? Will that please everyone?
but then in 2015, Nick Saban leaves to go to the NFL. Alabama gets caught up in a scandal (they have already started crossing that line) and gets hit with a bowl ban and schollies lost. Now Alabama is a 7 or 8 win team.
That did wonders for our SOS like you guys want! Are you happy still?
Sorry but Va Tech is not a pushover every year! They were the Alabama at one time too!

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^Somebody needs a hug^

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

mattanderson1985's picture

Is that Hawaii game a Home/Home or just they are only visiting us?

SaddleRiverBuckeye's picture

why cant we play 10 conf games and 1 Ohio school to support football in the state and 1 marquee game

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