Texas Overwhelms Oklahoma, 36-20, in the Red River Rivalry

By Vico on October 12, 2013 at 3:45p
Chris Whaley picks off Blake Bell and scores a Fat Guy Touchdown against him. Everyone knows that counts for double points.

Oklahoma has defeated Texas for the past three years. In the last two years alone, Oklahoma beat Texas by a combined 80 points. A lot of us were expecting a similar story to unfold in Dallas in this year's contest.

That did not happen. Texas dominated the game from the start. Minus a few errors by Texas, often requited by Oklahoma, it was always in command of this contest. After turning Oklahoma away on a 4th down play in Texas' red zone, the Longhorns were able to end the game and preserve a 16-point margin of victory.

Don't look now, but Texas is now 3-0 in conference play and, well, "controls its own destiny" in the Big XII. It still has to play at Baylor to end the regular season, though.

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I bet a lot of Longhorn fans/alums are actually disappointed in a way - if this game had turned out to be another loss to Boomer, Mack Brown may have been hard-pressed to keep his job.

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Mack lives to fight another day... Look on the bright side, though - if fans and alumni want him out, having a respectable season lets him choose to retire on his own terms, going out on a high note after beating the rival Sooners and perhaps making a play for the division or conference crown.

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Thought Oklahoma was gonna blow them out of the water. Guess that's why they play the games... and I'm not a bookie!!


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Big game Bob does it again!

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here, its a war room

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Yep - big game Bob pulled a big game Bob. On another note - it never seems to be a good thing when the whole world is telling you you're 100% going to win. So, I love that OSU has their detractors...you can never have enough fuel.

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Its not gonna be fun for Bob when he has to fire his brother.

"There's nothing in the desert and No man needs nothing."

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I'm glad that I don't bet on CFB.  I'd have taken Oklahoma all day.  TTUN by 2, I would've taken all day. 
Hey, props to Texas.  They probably heard all week how Oklahoma was going to stomp a mudhole in them, and came out motivated and ready to play. 

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