Donte Whitner Is Changing His Last Name to 'Hitner'

October 2, 2013 at 12:47p    by Nicholas Jervey
I dunno about this one, Donte... (photo from Getty)

Donte Whitner, former Buckeye and 49ers player, really hates being fined for hits he thinks are legal, so much so that he's willing to change his name in protest.

Whitner is appealing a $21,000 fine for a hit he put on St. Louis's Chris Givens on Sunday, and had previously put out support for a 'Legal Hitner' line of t-shirts. After teasing it yesterday, he apparently went through with it today:

This is maybe the third craziest pro athlete name change of all time, but at least Mama approved it first.


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In other news, Charles Woodson is planning on changing his first name to Laying.

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Charles Laying...???  Is that because that is what UM has been doing the last decade for the most part against the bucks?  =P
Edit - Sorry I missed "first" because that has not been spoken from a UM fan outside of September and it is October...  ;)

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More like Sportin Wood-son

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I hate the direction these new "safety" rules, or at least their enforcement, are taking the game.  Many of these 'illegal' hits occur when players are moving so fast it's impossible for them to change direction to avoid helmet contact or whatever.  It's football.
Cheap shot are one thing.  However, many of the hits players are fined for etc. today are a result of just playing the game the way it's meant to be played.

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I really wanted the Bengals to sign Donte when he was a free agent in Buffalo. A duo of Hitner and Reggie Nelson would be nice. Although I like Iloka and I think Shawn Williams was a good draft pick. Cincy needs to get rid of Pac-Man Adam Jones, and Taylor Mays, those two are awful.


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Mays, maybe. Although he's been doing better not deplorable playing weird-ass 'everybody's hurt!' positions in a pinch.
Adam? no way. If we ever get our secondary healthy and can afford to have him on punt duty, his return game is nuts. 

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"You know who else had a penchant for punishing a first-half air attack?"


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I was thinking the exact same thing.

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Ceci n'est pas une signature.

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I just bought my #LegalHitner shirt.... don't have a pro team (all Buckeye) but the lil lady is a niners fan, so I am more than a lil excited to show her. She has donned the "only Buckeye jersey outfit" for me, but somehow I doubt the transitive property applies.

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Whitner was one of my all time favorite Buckeyes.  I named my dog after him actually...

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Donte looks like  he's tapped into the neighbor bitches "inferno" a little to many

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On the team depth chart, it’ll say S Hitner. Good thing for the space key, right?

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Lol, ahhh.... To be 12 again

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Hope he changes his first name back to "Lights Out"