Pittsburgh Brown is Officially the Starter at Safety

By Kyle Rowland on October 1, 2013 at 4:10p

Pittsburgh Brown is officially the starting safety for Ohio State. Tyvis Powell will be his backup. Powell remains the starting nickelback, with Vonn Bell as the backup. 

Brown, a senior, has 21 tackles on the season. He's no slouch. But he must build on his leadership skills. 

There was no other movement on the depth chart. The most noticeable starter aside from Brown is Jordan Hall, he of one carry against Wisconsin. Hall is still listed as the starter, while Urban Meyer and Tom Herman have said they hope to get him more involved Saturday at Northwestern and throughout the rest of the season.

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Interesting on Hall.  Hoping this is just more than a gesture.  I do think Hyde needs to get the majority of the carries, but Hall deserves to be involved. 

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Big shoes to fill. Hope Pittsburgh is ready!! Good for Hall. He should of been much more involved in the offense than what he was. Don't think it slights anyone, as much as it says, we messed up last week, and he's earned the playing time, along with Hyde.


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I'm just glad we are blessed with capable depth and losing such a huge leader isn't the death sentence to our season. In Columbus it truly is a "next guy up" situation what an embarrassment of riches we are blessed to have.

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You spent five years working your ass off for just this chance, Pitt.
Get some.

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A man got to have a code...

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Let me be the first to say Damn it Tyvis!!

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Tyvis will be ready and def in the mix for a starting job next season.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Burger back over Mitchell for #2 MLB? did this just happen?

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Not a big deal, it's presumed Mitchell is red-shirting. 

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Glad to see this, obviously not at the expense at losing someone with such an impact on the team in Bryant however. 
Best of luck to Pitt, I believe he step up accordingly. 
Also nice to see Tanner and Vonn Bell listed in there as well.
And Jordan Hall. 

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I don't think there will be much of a talent drop off from Bryant to Brown and that's not to say that Bryant isn't a stud because he is, but that Pittsburg Brown has got the skills to hit the ground running. Only thing that worries me is just losing the experience and vocal leadership on the field. Wouldn't mind seeing Bell get out there a bit too. Some good experience this year will pay off in the future. 


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I think Pitt Brown was a 5 star recruit.  He does have some experience and has been in the system a long time. Don't think he hits as hard as Bryant, but he should be solid.  Sounded like he had a very good Spring. I think we will be fine.

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Hall matches up well against the NW defense, he should get 10-12 carries to go along with another 15 from Hyde.  Re-watching the Wisconsin game again it is pretty clear why they wanted the ball in Hyde's hands.  The LB's from Wisconsin were very active and made contact within 2 yards of the line almost every carry.  Only a RB who gets consistent yards after contact makes sense.  I love J. Hall but he is not overpowering anyone nor would he have been able to elude the Wisconsin rush defense.  Sometimes it is match ups more than anything else.
I prefer Hall in the option game.  Hyde never seems to get his spacing right.  Going to the edge against NW will tire them out and while their starters are pretty decent, their depth is very inexperienced. 
NW's run defense is not as good as Wisconsin's.  OSU will have all three backs involved in this game and the ground attack should be good for 250+. 

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Interesting to see Hall starting against 4-3, with Brown in there most be a short passing game plan using backs, maybe some screens, (waiting for that "SEC" jail break screen to happen perhaps D Wilson) we could be seeing a new wrinkle as Big Ten game under way, Hyde willl be used in red zone and certainly second half. Hyde will more in likely start the Iowa game. Corey Brown will step up and do very good. Should see some sacks in 2nd half. Can't wait to see what's in store. Go Bucks!

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I am a fan of every last player on this team and trust the staff. However, I sure wish the PR spot looked different.

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