Terrelle Pryor Concussed in MNF Loss to Broncos

By DJ Byrnes on September 24, 2013 at 12:55p
Annnnnd boom goes Pryor's brain against his skull.

Terrelle Pryor took the hardest hit I've ever seen him take in last night's Monday Night Football loss to the Broncos. The GIF above doesn't really do it justice, but it's no surprise to anyone who saw the hit that Pryor ended up concussed. To his credit/detriment, he was able to shake the hit off before taking two more snaps (both incompletions) before being pulled from the game in favor of Matt Flynn the backup wunderkind. 

After the game, Pryor sent out this tweet:

Given that he wasn't knocked out until the fourth quarter: Yikes.

It's a shame too, because Pryor has definitely improved in all facets in the game. As Ramzy noted last night on Twitter, it's almost bizarre watching him play with actual throwing mechanics and being able to put appropriate amount of touch on his passes. 

O! what could have been at Ohio State... and Pryor was pretty damn good for the Buckeyes:


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Looks like helmet-to-helmet to me.

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was thinking exactly the same thing

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Me to.  Shouldn't that have been a 15 yarder?  Guy hits him with the top of his helmet.  I hope Pryor has all the success in the world in the NFL.  I was always wanting him to have a break out year at OSU.  Seems like his talent wasn't fully appreciated.  I guess that is what happens when your QB coach is out getting lattes.

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I could be wrong about this rule but Pryor was arguably still in the tackle box and was no longer a defenseless player once he tucked the ball and ran. I think helmet-to-helmet hits are legal in this scenario.

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Helmet to helmet hits are not legal under any circumstance anymore (even a running back who lowers his head to use as a ram can be flagged).  That hit should draw a fine. 

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That is a brutal hit. It's good to see Pryor playing well though, I always like seeing Buckeyes play well in the NFL. 

...and Michigan still sucks.

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Hope TP gets well soon.  I would love to see him fulfill his potential.

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Just when he was about to crack my fantasy line up....get well TP! Nice showing last night, I remember it!

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Here's to healing up quick.....he's performed admirably on such a pathetic team.

Found myself thinking what might have been on a few occasions last night.

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I love Braxton [and Kenny G] but it is fun to think about how Urban would use TP.  We would be unstoppable on offense

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Yeah, given how well he did in Bollman's offense, I don't think we'd have ever scored less than 40.

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Not down with the Pryor hate.  He made a stupid mistake.  Their were a lot more people a lot higher up that made this thing bigger than it needed to be.  
Punch someone on the field, get suspended for a game.  Sell your own stuff, lifetime ban?

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You do realize that it wasn't him selling his stuff that got the multiple year (5 I believe) ban, it was his refusal to meet with and talk to NCAA investigators. He made the choice to leave school without talking. When you are a student-athlete and the NCAA comes knocking, you're required to answer or you put your eligibility in serious question.
EDIT: It was only when he was trying to become eligible for the NFL supplemental draft that he wanted to talk with investigators and throw other teammates (Hall, Posey, and others) under the bus with him for the awards banquet they all attended.
EDIT 2: I'm not mad though, I'm happy for TP and hope he continues to thrive. Pryor however, didn't just make 1 bad decision and then stop. He had a pattern of poor decisions that led to him ultimately leaving school.  

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This is obviously a matter of conjecture and opinion, but can you imagine what might have befallen us had he chosen to cooperate with the NCAA? I'm thinking he did us a huge solid by keeping his mouth shut (again, this is purely speculation on my part).

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He very well may have. However, when you are a student-athlete you are required to meet with the NCAA and talk about the investigation which he never did. As a result Ohio State's hands were tied and they had to "punish" him for his actions.
Again, I'm not hating on Pryor, what happened has happened and its done. Time heals a lot of things and I think people want to remember all the good he did. Remember the multiple vehicles, speeding tickets, the tattoo shop, the sports memorabilia dealer. I mean, not all was true but it wasn't one singular decision that Pryor made.

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you also relize it was his freshman year that it occured right?

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What occurred? Him selling his rings, pants, and sportmanship award? That actually happened (page 3) in May/June of 2009 after his freshman year occurred.
The vehicles? Tickets? Driving with suspended license? Those all happened from 2008 until the time he left campus.
The Talbot accusations were from 2010.
Febuary 19, 2011 (page 11): Pryor brought 3 teammates to Cleveland for a charity event in which he was paid $200 for attending, with 3 other teammates also receiving the same compensation.
I'm still a huge TP fan, but his "transgressions" didn't just occur his freshman year and then he walked the straight and narrow. And at the end of the day, Ohio State didn't punish Pryor, the NCAA did. We just accepted it.

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Yes, I'm very familiar with the details of the investigation.  My point is more the current hating by fans and the university.  Tressel has been welcome back by university officials as a sinner saint. Led out at halftime and welcomed by the good graces of OSU's brass.  Tressel should have known better than a 20ish kid.  
Pryor however is blackballed.  Not to associate with the university and made an example of.  For what?  200 bucks and selling his own stuff?  Yeah, I'm not down with rules that trump constitutional laws, such as the 5th.  I get the NCAA and OSU is not.  So be it.
OK when I heard he sold his gold pants, I was pissed. That was a DUMBASS thing to do.  But geez, it's almost been 3 years.  The good news is that we've seem to almost forgive Clarett, so it looks like TP has another 7 years of shunning by my count.
Geez OSU, let it go.  

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Again,...Ohio State did not "blackball" Pryor. 
Per the Ohio State NCAA Infractions Report, penalties (page 21):
"Disassociation of student-athlete 5 (Terrelle Pryor) for 5 years from any involvement with the institution's athletic program. This disassociation includes:
a. Prohibiting from providing any financial or other assistance that supports the recruitment of prospects of enrolled student-athletes;
b. Prohibiting him being provided directly or indirectly any benefit or privilege that is not available to the general public (including tickets from current student athletes)
c. Prohibiting him from using any athletics department facilities (except for tutoring and other services, if he returns to the institution)
What is Ohio State to do? Violate an NCAA punishment by allowing him to be part of the athletic department? We can't appeal the decision now, we had an opportunity to do that and passed on the opportunity with all punishments meted out.
He wasn't booted from campus, he wasn't kicked out the university, he could have stayed and continued to receive a higher education.
Also, the majority of sentiment towards Pryor on this site is positive and I think most of the fan base welcomes him back.  I am sure that after the NCAA punishment passes, he will be welcome back to the athletic department like Posey, Herron, Adams, and the rest of the student-athletes involved are.

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Nice work, I wasn't aware that the NCAA had a disassociation clause.  Their pile of BS just gets bigger and bigger the further you go down the rabbit hole.
BTW... someone should tell Pryor this.  From his comments this week he strongly implied that it was OSU not the NCAA who had banished him.  He also stated that the university privately told him he was not welcome even for academics.  

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Haha and as we know with TP, not everything he says is completely accurate.
It is the "NCAA" punishment but it was agreed upon, even possibly suggested by the OSU Athletic Department. 
At the end of the day, it was a shit sandwich anyway you serve it and Pryor probably harbors (deservedly so) some ill will towards the university. However, it was his choices that ultimately led to the punishment he received.
EDIT: As far as the disassociation clause for the NCAA, I am not sure how many times (if ever) they use it on a player but this is common practice with boosters. Ed Martin comes to mind with scUM bball. DiGeronimo was ordered to be disassociated with the tOSU program as part of the sanctions.  

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Right on.  It's hard to disagree about Pryor within the guidelines of the bylaws.  But I'm sure his mentor Ted Sarniak advised him to not talk....or somebody other than himself.  "Don't squeal on your friends kid."  Which sounds a lot like the right thing to do, to someone who doesn't know the NCAA.  So I don't really put that one on TP.  
It just gets me that Tressel, is back in good graces, and Gene Smith, never lost a beat.  IMHO, what Tressel did was far worse than Pryor.  And yes I'm sure Tressel got much better advice from his lawyer.  So what it boils down to is not so much the crime but how the crime is handled...   Or in other words, how much $ you pay for your advice. 
Shit sandwich alright.  

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We talkin ab 200 bucks tho......
Down with the NCAA.
So funny how the media/national sports consciousness has changed so quickly. Pryor and the boys were thugs, the Buckeyes were cheaters that had to be punished (above and beyond losing the players in question).
Now players should be paid, and everyone just shrugs at Johnny Hancock, Fluker, Lyles, otherOSU, on and on..
Go get em TPeezy!!!!!

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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He is probably going to wish he hadn't tweeted about not remembering what happened, if he is hoping to get back on the field next week.  Basically admitting to being knocked out, as part of the medical evaluation, will most likely keep him from starting next week.

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Did the defender get flagged? should have.

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He was within the tackle box and acting as a runner, under this scenario a helmet to helmet hit is still legal as Pryor was not considered defenseless.

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Yeah, it wasn't even mentioned that it was helmet to helmet on the broadcast, even if it was legal, it was bad.  I think Pryor can turn into an NFL QB if he has enough supporting cast on his team. 

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That hit was rough.
Watching the rose bowl again...  Oh my.  TP would have destroyed in Urbans offense.  Here's how I see it:
Tebow > TP (Tebow played in a game with a broken leg.  Nuff said)
Tebow < TP
Tebow = TP = Sir Charles' golf swing
Tebow << TP

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Pryor made a couple spectacular throws last night on the run. I was I had a .gif of them...

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He actually completed the first attempt for 7 yds after he was concussed.  The 2nd attempt on 4th and goal from the 1 was incomplete. It was on the money but the defender had good coverage and knocked the ball away.
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I forgot how good he played against the ducks. He was a man amongst boys. His stiff arm was sweet. 

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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1. The NFLPA is looking into why he was allowed to play after that hit.
2. Sure would be nice to have a Pryor thread w/o a side discussion about the how and why he and Ohio State parted ways. 

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Terrelle Pryor is a big dumb-dumb. He sold stuff that was his own property and got OSU in a bunch of hot water. Never mind that I'm some fat armchair QB that woulda kill'd for the opportunities he had, or at least that's how I justify my irrational hate towards the acts committed by some 21 year old kid in college, when I was his age I was just fornicating with the neighbor's cows. THESE COLORS DON'T RUN PAAAAAWWLL. 

^How every critic of Pryor comes off, as irrational and crazy. It would be nice to have a thread without a Pryor-OSU debate, but that will never happen. Best of luck to the guy though, he's shown that he has the talent to make it in the NFL. 

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Agreed on all counts. He's got all the physical gifts, but putting them all together at the pro level is a heck of a task for anyone. 

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Lucky for him, I wouldn't want to remember playing Peyton's juggernaut offense either.

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That was the 2nd best night for me as a Buckeye.  Watching that game play out after hearing EVERYONE say how badly Oregon was going to paste tOSU was truly epic!  Never gets old talking about it.

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