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By Matt Pence on September 22, 2013 at 6:00p
11Warning: Graphic Content – Florida A&M

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Loving the 100% fourth down efficiency! When we don't get the first down on third down it's pretty neat to just be like "hey it doesn't matter we're just gonna go for it on fourth!" Gotta love that mentality in your coach and the poise our offense has to get it done 4 times out of 4! Go Bucks

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Yeah, but not really loving the 3rd down efficiency.  I got the feeling that the Buckeyes were maybe trying some things on 3rd down with the confidence that they could just pick up 1st down on 4th.  Still, the one thing that makes me nervous about this offense is short down situations.  Spread offense or not, I just want to see a team that can power forward on a 3rd and 2.

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I was a little nervous about that in the first few games. Then Hyde came back.

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awesome graphic, interesting choice of helmet for the Tackles

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Need a graphic on the percentage of journalist that whined about game, but had nothing to say when Oregon did it.

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Wow, nice graphics ... sweet.

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I think the coaching staff knew the second half was going to be a ball controlled, run the clock out half. To keep the 50/50 run/pass mix they were a little pass happy on the play calling, as evident in the stats above.

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Very cool, nice work.

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Awesome stuff! Thanks!

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Digging this. +1

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Fantastic. Thanks 11W!

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I love you guys!

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This is very neat, loving it!

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Cool man, not like we'da done it in 1968, but still far out. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Creative graphics - love it

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I can't ever remember 2 halves being so completely opposite in the play calling! We expected the second half to be run heavy, but NO passes?

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For the record, this is all net yardage according to OSU. 

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Nice job Matt, well done!
I like how you conveyed a reasonable amount of information cleanly, succinctly and attractively.  Will definitely be looking forward to this for the rest of the season (and for basketball too?).

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Loving the Buckeye infographics!