Debriefing: Florida A&M

By Michael Citro on September 22, 2013 at 10:30a

The non-conference slate is officially over. Ohio State is 4-0 — 16-0 under Urban Meyer to date — but everyone involved with scheduling yesterday’s destruction of Florida A&M should feel bad about themselves.

The Buckeyes racked up 55 points in the first half behind a school-record six touchdown passes by Kenny Guiton. Ohio State added 21 more after the break, without throwing a pass and playing second-teamers, third-teamers, walk-ons, and a few ushers from C Deck. You almost felt sorry for the Rattlers  in the 76-0 loss, until you remembered Florida A&M received $900,000 to take that beating.

The goal was probably to get through the game without any injuries, but James Clark unfortunately didn’t. Aside from that, it looked like a three-hour practice, with Guiton getting every imaginable receiver involved in the offense.

Carlos Hyde returned and gobbled up a few carries, knocking the rust off after his three-game suspension. The Buckeyes just scored another touchdown while you were reading the previous sentence.

What do you need to know about Ohio State’s non-conference finale against the Rattlers? Read on, friends, and you will see.

Water Cooler prep (Everything you need to know…in one paragraph)

Kenny G, aside from an early interception, was his usual smooth, smooth self with 24/34 passing for 215 yards. Evan Spencer and Jeff Heuerman were rewarded for their blocking at Cal with lots of targets and each scored a touchdown (Spencer had two). Freshman Ezekiel Elliott had a huge day, with 162 yards on 14 carries (11.6 YPA) and two touchdowns. The Buckeyes scored three touchdowns on their first eight offensive plays and never looked back.

Talk before the game 

“Time for Carlos Hyde to chow on some cupcakes!”

“With the weather like this, the Shoe is going to be half empty today.”

VIPs in attendance

Despite it being a less-than-stellar matchup, there were some recruits on hand for the contest. Our own Jordan Wagner says '14 WR Kyle Frizzell (Springport, MI), '15 ATH Eric Glover-Williams (Canton, OH), '15 RB Larry "L.J." Scott (Hubbard, OH), '15 PF Carlton Bragg (Cleveland, OH), '16 SG Tyus Battle (Gladstone, N.J.), '16 SF Seth Towns (Columbus, OH), and '17 QB Danny Clark (Massillon, OH) were walking the hallowed grounds of The Ohio State University this weekend.

Also there were numerous scouts in attendance from the League:

Talk in the aftermath

“It was great seeing so many young guys today. EzE is going to be special.”

“Ohio State won first downs.”

Give that man a buckeye leaf (Player of the game)

Despite another solid performance by Kenny G, it’s time to give some love to someone else. Elliott was a beast and turned nearly every touch into something exciting for the Buckeyes. The highlight among his highlights was a 57 yard gallop that he nearly took to the house. The freshman scored twice in the third quarter, on runs of 16 and 13 yards, and made it look easy. Give Guiton, Evan Spencer and Jamal Marcus honorable mention here because they all played well.

Snot Knocker of the Game

On just the second possession of the game, the Buckeyes lined up at the Florida A&M 11-yard line, following a long Philly Brown punt return and a tacked-on penalty. Guiton took the snap, looked to his right and fired a strike to Heuerman inside the five. Rattlers cornerback Devonte Johnson came up to prevent the touchdown. Instead, the junior tight end trucked Johnson and scored Ohio State’s second touchdown of the game.

Did you see that?! (Play of the game)

A ridiculous game probably deserves an equally ludicrous play of the game. It happened on Ohio State’s first drive. On third-and-goal, Guiton floated a pass toward the back of the end zone, where it was intercepted by Patrick Aiken. Rather than take a knee, Aiken decided to run it out from the back of the end zone. He was met at his own three by Jordan Hall, who forced a fumble and then recovered it. The Buckeyes were basically back where they started, but had a first down. Hall scored on the next play and the carnage was on.

If you prefer the more traditional type of play of the game, Brown’s 65-yard punt return to set up the second touchdown should fit the bill nicely. Brown probably ran 120 yards on the play, sidewinding from sideline to sideline, repeatedly cutting back against the grain. Philly did a great job of following his blocks and a personal foul at the end moved it half the distance to the goal, leading to Heuerman’s touchdown.

When you sank into your chair (The moment Buckeye football disgraced your family)

This moment had to be when Ohio State scheduled the game.

Jim Tressel's Least Favorite Moment of the game

It was late in the first quarter, and Tressel was working on his bonsai tree — a beautiful cherry blossom. As the former OSU coach snipped unwanted growths and tied others to ensure the tree grew to his desired aesthetics, Tressel saw the Buckeyes line up in a five-receiver set on first-and-goal from the Florida A&M two-yard line. “Tsk, tsk, Urban,” said Tressel, as Guiton threw incomplete for Spencer. A pass interference penalty gave the Buckeyes the same down from a yard closer, and Kenny G shoveled a pass to Hyde to make it 27-0. “Dave’s your man in that situation.”

What you texted your friend at the end of each quarter

First: Well, that escalated quickly. Welcome back, El Guapo!

Second: FAMU thinks General Custer had it easy.

Third: EzE! We’re shutting down the offense. Might not get 80 now.

Fourth: Not sure this game really does anything for us but hey, 4-0!

It was over when

Ohio State made it onto the field in time for the opening kickoff.

The season cranks up to the next level in six days, with the Wisconsin Badgers visiting the Horseshoe for the B1G opener. Will we see you at Eat Too, Brutus?


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ziplock007's picture

I Hate the BCS.  The risk for playing a great non-conference team outweighs the reward big time!.
If OSU would've played, say, Clemson on the road at night with their backup QB... and lost by a field goal in triple overtime they would drop in the rankings.  The media would resurrect their "OSU can't win the big game as they're overrated" mantra
Yet they play air, I mean FAMU, win without effort and they're a great team for some reason.

Buckeye_Ryan's picture

I love reading these, especially Jim Tressel's least favorite moment. So awesome. 

Born a Buckeye, raised a Buckeye, will die a Buckeye.

bucksfan92's picture

The administration at OSU should be ashamed of themselves for scheduling this game. And I am sick of OSU fans defending it "because Vandy backed out".  That happened over a year ago - we could have easily scheduled a MAC or CUSA team in their place - any school from either of those conferences would have rearranged their schedule for a game @OSU.  This was a disgrace- and to charge $80 for a ticket?  That's unethical.  I didn't watch a single play of this game, and the fact that this game was on the schedule was part of the reason why I didn't bother to send in my alumni ticket application for this season.

OSUStu's picture

Well aren't you in luck since this is the last year you will have to deal with this type of opponent?

If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.  ~ Bruce Lee

Norwalk's picture

I too am tired of reading Ohio State fans defending it because Vandy backed out because it isn't true. This game was scheduled in 2011. We added SDSU after Vandy backed out and moved our schedule around a little to make that game fit.

Seattle Linga's picture

Funny read Michael - Agreed about Tressel's piece ~~~ that was good. The best part about this game was that we got to see practically everyone on the roster. Cheers

AJW_16's picture

I decided to take my dog for a walk after halftime and ended up listening to the entire second half on the radio. Does anyone have highlight clips of Elliot in the 2nd half?

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

chitown buckeye's picture

I would think Tressel's least favorite moment of the game had to be going for it on 4th and 8 from the 10 yard line. Although, lets be honest with this offense there are a lot of moments to choose from that Tressel would shake his head.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

AndyVance's picture

Saw an amazing stat this morning: we lead the nation in fourth down conversion success - we've converted something like 10/12 this far this season. I like that mentality, though it's true we haven't been in many (if any) high-risk fourth down situations.

chitown buckeye's picture

I definitely love the aggressive style. I think it's important to get into the mind set whether they are "high-risk" or not. I think the more reps you get at the situation the calmer you will be when it becomes a must. We've probably gone for it more on 4th this season then all 10yrs  with Tressel.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

weirdscience's picture

That's great, although I always like to see our kicker get some reps because at some point in the season, everything might come down to a 55 yard FGA.  

chitown buckeye's picture

I agree with you. I was thinking that during the games this year. As much as I like the aggressiveness on 4th, you're probably right that a field goal is going to be important as well.

"I'm having a heart attack!"

fanatibuck's picture

Nothing like Buckeye Nation. More *itching about the schedule. When do we ever let stuff go. SIGH!!!  Oh, yeah our toughest opponent we will play in the Shoe is next up on the slate. Why don't we talk about that Badgers invading Ohio Stadium. 


ScarletNGrey01's picture

Agreed, angry fans should send a letter to Gene Smith, fuming on a forum like this serves little purpose.  I think Smith was trying to give a HBCU institution some exposure and a chance to fund their athletics, the Battle of the Bands was the premise, but that didn't happen due to the hazing situation.  This is likely the last time the bucks play a FCS team, they took care of business, we won't drop in the polls and a lot of second and third string kids got a chance to play.  Time to get over it and be thankful we didn't have a poor showing and move on to the Wisky game.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

gravey's picture

Whatever.  We scheduled FAMU, and FCS team, like a bunch of other schools have.  It's economics, nothing else.  What so many fail to mention is that some of these FCS games are close, and occasionally end up upsets.   We blew them out - but haven't always blasted cupcakes - so it was a good win, only one injury  - and millions of dollars were made for some 34 other varsity sports.  Besides, I like the idea of playing a HBCU, (or  a service academy), at least once, and we have all these cool connections with FAMU.
Also, like the Cal game, whoever scheduled this did years ago and could not have known that FAMU would look like a high school team....but surely expected a unique battle of the bands, which didn't play out.  Had that happened, (and the football team been a bit better) it would have been just as cool as scheduling some crap team like UCONN.

ScarletNGrey01's picture

Oops ... repeated what you had in my post above before reading your post, my bad, well put gravey.

The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win. -- Woody Hayes

southernstatesbuckeye's picture

"whoever scheduled this did years ago and could not have known that FAMU would look like a high school team...."
Yes, that's true.  At scheduling time, they resembled a Pee Wee squad.
So let's be thankful for the improvement over the years, eh?

I like cookies.

Seattle Linga's picture

Heard a comment yesterday on Fox Sports Radio about how UFM should be embarrassed for scheduling FAMU and for running up the score. This game was on the books before UFM arrived in C-Bus and we ran the ball the entire second half. Know what you're talking about before you open it up! Haters gonna hate! 

hardkorethree's picture

One thing I do like about these games, is that it provides an opportunity for our backups, freshman, and walkons with the chance to play.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Great article Michael, very entertaining!
Go Bucks!!

Buckeye_Mafia's picture

The angry tOSU fans (see posts throughout this article) would be pissed if we scheduled a MAC school and would find something to b*tch about if it wasn't FAMU.  They were rewarded handsomely for this game and let's face it.  EVERY major school hosts a cupcake each season.  We just do it at the beginning of the season.  Other schools do it throughout the year during conference play.  Could be worse...we could be almost losing to Akron and UConn... 

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

MN Buckeye's picture

The situation is what it is. We stomped a team that everyone knew we were going to stomp. It was obvious this week that Urban was not enthusiastic about playing them, but the coaches made the best of it. A lot of guys that have worked hard all summer (and the past year) got to see action on the field in the shoe. We make the best of it and move forward.

dlb72osu's picture

Emerging questions based on comments:
- would Bri'onte Dunn and/or Michael Thomas benefit more from a red shirt or a transfer? Would tOSU team benefit more if they transfer?
-what is Braxton Miller's frame of mind after watching his backup's performance?
- is the OSU fan base going to be screaming for Kenny G. at the first hint of stalled drives? How would that effect BM?
- is qb position as thin as it appeared after Kenny G. was pulled in 2nd half?
- why is a listed cornerback, Devonte Butler, at the running back position at the end of the game?
Just wondering?

I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

- Invictus

MassiveAttack's picture

I think Jim Tressel's least favorite moment of the game was when we went for it on 4th and 8 from the 40 and got 12.
I think FAMU was:

The Ohio State University - "Haters love us!"

Concord's picture

Win or lose it was so much more exciting when we were playing Texas and USC.
We need to get away from games like this.
Hell we've won all our games and none have been close and we have still dropped in the polls.
We can go undefeated and if neither Alabama or Oregon lose we aren't playing for the National Championship.
And it's because of games like these that that could happen.