Hot Off the Press: Florida A&M Game Poster

By Walt Keys on September 18, 2013 at 1:00p
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Nice! Though I fully expect that tie to look a little more bombed out and depleted come Sunday...
u got skillz



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Why don't they click their heels three times.....and go back to Florida

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Awesome.  Hahahaaa

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Oh man, I want me one of them ties.

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Love the rose on the button!  Do I detect a theme?  Great job, Walt!

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I would have been cool to have it say "(formerly) Ohio A&M Buckeyes versus Florida A&M Rattlers".
Awesome poster, as always.

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Damn Walt.  You just keep out doing yourself.   Bra-vo

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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That is awesome...nice incorporation of the snake!


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I was pretty sure this was subtle ode to Bo Diddley's "Who do you love" until I checked the lyrics. 

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that was the inspiration. though, obviously, slightly tweaked

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Excellent.   Appreciate your work, as always.  

"A guy from Ohio can make it in life if he works hard enough." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes

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I'm assuming the coat pocket is holding the check for $900K, the coat fitted for Mean Gene. 

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Yeah, a beaten up rattler leaving town with large check in hand would've been a good concept, too.

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This is just pure sexiness. Well done, as always, Walt.


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Bravo Sir!

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Walt, I really enjoy your interpretation of Brutus without the face.  It's incredibly clean, and allows for the audience to infer the expression themselves.
 I'm sure the omission is largely due to copyright, but I think it's stellar nonetheless.

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h8 you and your awesomeness, walt.

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Great poster for a bad game.  
Nice work

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I need to get a scarlet and grey blazer like that.

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No kidding. That's the epitome of a swag jacket right there.


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The latest suggestion for 11W Dry Goods, perhaps?

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As long as it's full-canvas and the pattern matching at the shoulder is good, I'd buy one.


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A discerning buyer, and a man after my own heart.

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Another winner.  Great job Walt!

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Very cool, rattlers are nasty beasts for sure.  Skin 'em.

vacuuming sucks

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Hoping that by season's end there will be a place to get all of them together on one larger multi panel image.  I think you did something like that last year?  That way I can get them all in one frame.

vacuuming sucks

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Brutus wearing snakeskin boots would have been awesome as well.  Well done, Walt!

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