Ohio State 2-Deep: Week 4

By DJ Byrnes on September 17, 2013 at 3:38p

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Hope he gets some carries to knock off the rust!

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Interesting that only Pat Elfein is listed as a backup Guard.
Diesel still listed as a starter.

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After the heat he got on his start, I was glad to see UFM praise Taylor Decker after the Cal game. Good work TD!

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To be fair to him the guy from Buffalo will be the best pass rusher we will face all season by far.  Unless somehow we play South Carolina.

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Who's the good pass rusher on South Carolina?

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Interesting to see Jalin Marshall and Brionte Dunn on the list. Don't recall them on there before so maybe they will both get some PT, at least on Special Teams. I'm hoping for Jalin!
I was somewhat surprised that Hyde isn't listed as a returner. I thought he was a pretty good kickoff returner at one point and expected he would be involved in ST. I guess Wilson changes that situation. No more about who has sure hands but who has sure hands and runs lightening quick.

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I'm pretty sure they've been on the 2 deep in weeks past as well

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Literally is the same depth chart from last week. Based on what I've seen so far

  • This is I think one of the last guaranteed blowouts so If guys like Dunn, C. Smith, J. Marshall, M. Mitchell, J. Clark, M. Thomas among others don't play I expect all of them to redshirt.
  • Miller is still the man over Guiton in Meyers eyes which I agree with, although many people earlier mad it sound like Miller wasn't going to play much this week
  • Washington is still the starter over Bosa although I see Bosa starting again and Washington resting this week. 

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James Clark has already played, so I don't think he can redshirt, barring a medical issue that meets NCAA approval.

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completely missed that thanks for pointing that out! What game did he get in and how many plays roughly. you know off the top of your head?

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Is George Makridis on scholarship? It'd be unique if we had two scholarship long snappers while down three 'ships.
Haynes looked like he almost made a special teams tackle on one punt.

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No. He's not on scholarship. None of the LS are.

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Bryce Haynes is on scholarship.

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Yeah, Haynes is most definitely on scholarship. Some guy named Vico with the details: 

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Both Haynes AND Makridis are on scholarship.

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If Makridis is on scholarship, it's only for this year as we have open scholarships from players that left, got hurt, etc.  

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That is correct. Both of our LS are on scholarship and Makridis earned his this year due to players leaving and getting us under the scholarship cap.

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Two scholarship long snappers? Somewhere, Jim Tressel just long snapped all over his pants.

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Am I the only one who thought Steve Miller was 6'6''?? Listed at 6'3'' on the chart.
Also, Josh Perry at 6'4'' 246 lb. Schzam, schzam, schzam.....

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Miller is 6'3". 


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I love seeing the two-deep.  But how about what channel the game is on...I am guessing BTN at 12pm EST...

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Starts at noon on BTN / BTN2GO.

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