O-H-I-O in Cal's Memorial Stadium

By Jason Priestas on September 15, 2013 at 12:45a

It didn't just seem like there were a lot of Buckeye fans at Cal's Memorial Stadium Saturday night. There were a lot of Buckeye fans on the scene – perhaps as much as 60% of the crowd – transforming the venue into Horseshoe West and giving us an always spectacular O-H-I-O chant on the road.


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From Columbus to Cali. Awesome

Lobs it to the endzone... Touchdown Devin Smith!!

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Sorry for the repeat of something I posted earlier, but I was at the game and was astounded by how loud and sustained the O-H-I-O was, particularly in the 3rd quarter.  The Cal fans got irritated with us and tried to drown us out with a cheer of their own, but we just got louder.  Also, I've noticed that the common snarky response from any opposing fan base whenever we do that chant is something to the effect of Ohio being the only word we know how to spell. I can think of a few others: ass kicking, win, Kenny Guiton, scoreboard, etc.  
Today was a good day.

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That's awesome.

I'm just happy to be here

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We can spell this word also-W.I.N.




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I was there too. It was glorious. Not 2009 M*chigan glorious, but glorious none-the-less. 

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Ah yes, the 2009 game in Ann Arbor.  Their fans tried to drown us out too, trying to spell out their state.  Goofy for them and Awesome for us!  So much Scarlet in place of that yellow.


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The sun never sets on the Buckeye empire.

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Just wait until you guys travel to Evanston. It'll be similar, OSU fans always take over Ryan Field.

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Yep! I am driving down from the Twin Cities for the game.

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This is what helps us us get into bowls, we travel and definitely support! Go Bucks.

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That Cal hash definitely gets me into the bowls...

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I was there.
Cal fans were amazed at how well we traveled, but they were also slightly embarrassed/miffed when the very loud OHIO chants broke out, and drowned out their student section in the 4th quarter. The stadium in my opinion, was about 60 40 in our favor. It looked like the inside of a pomegranate.
Berkeley was a sea of red after the game.
Cal Memorial and Berkeley is a beautiful stadium/place though, and I'm glad we scheduled this home and home. Can't wait to go to Oregon. I think I'll pass on Norman and Blacksburg, lol.

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This truly is a BUCKEYE NATION!!!

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Took my 4 year old son to his first buckeye game yesterday and I was so happy that the O-H-I-O chant was started. Such a proud moment to be passing on the passion of tOSU football to my son with tens of thousands of other buckeyes. It was a day I won't soon forget and hopefully my son keeps the passion going. He also mentioned to me this morning, but "We hate michigans dad, don't we", I responded yes, we do.

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4 years old - awesome.  Why did you make Cal away the first?  You guys out on the west coast?  I started my father-son one game a year with my son when he was 6.  (we're living in Dallas)

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Go Bucks...I thought tree-huggers were kind, loving, accepting people? I guess they're just sore losers like many others, and not special at all.

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I'll start by saying most of the Cal fans were great but we had an annoying guy behind us in section PP which was 95% OSU.  After we started thumping them he started with the "what do you need to get into OSU, a 2.1?" comments.  I didn't want to dignify it with a response, but after a while a quiet grandmother type OSU fan had enough.  She turned around and told him "at least we can count to 52".  The guy wasn't heard from that point forward.
It was a great day.