Lonnie Johnson Decommits From Ohio State

By Jeremy Birmingham on November 11, 2013 at 8:14p

When Lonnie Johnson committed to Ohio State in May, the Gary (Ind.) wide receiver touted the support and understanding of the Buckeye coaching staff as the primary reason he pledged to the Buckeyes over Missouri, Purdue, Kentucky and others.

Lonnie Johnson is no longer a part of the "Dream '14."Lonnie Johnson has reopened his recruitment.

Today, as he makes the choice to reopen his recruitment, it's the same understanding from Ohio State that helped him feel comfortable as he made a difficult choice. Johnson, who was the eighth commitment of the "Dream '14," and ironically the recruit responsible for the moniker, told Eleven Warriors it's just a matter of making sure the choice he made was the best for him and for his family in the long haul.

Few high school football players have gone through the challenges that Johnson has faced over the last year. Rumors about academic issues had followed him since he received the offer from Ohio State last year, prompting many to question whether or not he'd even qualify at Ohio State; an unreasonable worry according to Johnson himself.  He's faced nagging leg injuries that kept him from competing on the camp circuit this past spring and summer and dealt with the loss of not one but two very close friends to senseless Gary violence this summer. 

He will be taking college visits to Western Michigan, South Florida and Cincinnati in the upcoming weeks and has also picked up a recent scholarship offer from Akron.


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AndyVance's picture

Always hate to lose quality recruits, but best of luck, young man.

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The worst type of gray box... But I hope he makes the best decision for himself 

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I can think of one gray box that was ten times worse....

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Also not the gray box I had hoped to see next, but wish him the best of luck.

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Not the gray box I was hoping for, but based on what's been reported lately here on 11W, can't say that I'm surprised.  Good luck, young man.

Champions.  Undisputed.  

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High and tight boo boo

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I guess the writing was on the wall with this one, as much as I think we all wanted to wait this one out before jumping to conclusions. But good luck to Lonnie and I think I can speak for us all when I say we wish you the best in whatever you do!

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Well said Poster - wishing him the best as he pursues other options

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Best of luck to the kid in the future.  Gary, IN is a tough place to grow up, so I'm glad to see he's committed to getting out of there and pursuing an education, even if it's not with us.

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Good luck to him. I hope everything works out well for him.

Our Honor Defend!

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Hope he keeps his head up. Those types of heavy personal issues at this point in his life can derail a kid's entire future.

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This sucks, but he has to do what's best for him. Goodluck

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best of luck young man

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Good luck to Lonnie wherever he lands...
No doubt that the Buckeyes will fill that scholarship with someone who wants to be a champion.

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Because Lonnie doesn't want to be a champion.

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Somebody's gotta be that guy on every thread... (not you Silverstate)
Good Luck Mr. Johnson.

"We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - Tool

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 I'm sure that he is decommiting  from OSU specifically because he was afraid that we would win too much. Why does there have to be someone who says something like this on every thread when it comes to a recruit going somewhere else. As long as the recruit was classy about it, wish them luck and move on.

+1 HS
Roger's picture

I'm all for calling people out on sour grapes BUT I don't see think this necessarily needs to be taken as such. 

Value is subjective. I don't know about you, but I don't want kids to pick Ohio State because they like the girls, coach Meyer is their hero, or they want to be close to their parents; I want kids to pick tOSU because they want to be dominant and win championships. 

There's nothing wrong with the kids that are in it for a good time, quality education, and being close to family. The Purdues and Vandys of the world are full of them. 

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Ya but his comment definitely sounds like he is implying that Lonnie Johnson doesn't care that much about winning.

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Maybe he doesn't care as much about winning as he does other things. There's nothing wrong with that. 

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I don't blame him for prioritizing other things over winning. Two of his friends were recently killed. His family is from a really violent place. If he goes to a place like UC, and gets immediate playing time, he'd have a much better chance at making it to the NFL in three years than he would at Ohio State. Then, he could support his family.
When you give it context, I think he absolutely made the right choice, and I think that he'll end up doing great wherever he ends up.
With that said, this is all speculation on my part. His motives could be entirely different. But he seems like a great kid.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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The real tragedy here is that you think having a better chance at the NFL is his way out. The odds are so small, even for scholarship athletes of doing so. Wouldn't the smart play be to take the best education you can get and support your family that way?

Roger's picture

Maybe, but that's his estimation to make. 

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just because it is inferred does not mean it is implied
we are assuming the best for one person and assuming the worst out of another with very little reason.  

"What is our aim, I can tell you in one word. Victory" Winston Churchill

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If he's taking visits to those schools, grades may really have been an issue. 

Class of 2008

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If I am Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, etc. I would be paying this young man a visit. I don't know his reason for decommitting but I would think if those schools offered it would be more intriguing then wmu and USF. Need some talent like hjz to stay in the B1G

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I don't think he'll qualify for a B1G school academically.

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I think that has to be right because no other 'BIG time contenders are offering

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This assumption is incorrect (if athletics is a factor).  The B1G has great academic institutions, but don't kid yourself that a student-athlete (Johnson in this conversation) isn't going to be part of the class solely because of grades.  With the exception of Northwestern, every other B1G school is not nearly as selective when athletics comes into play (unless he doesn't qualify for the overall NCAA minimum academic requirements (ex: Cardale Jones, Duron Carter (post-OSU), Demar Dorsey (UM), Tank Carradine (Illinois)).  
I'm not sure how educated you are with how the OSU admissions policies work for certain 'factors' the school considers, but if Lonnie Johnson is someone who the staff feels can absolutely help them win on the field and he meets the NCAA minimum, he's part of the class regardless of whether he is a 3 star, a 4 star, or a 5 star recruit.  Same for Michigan.  Same for Penn State.  Same for Wisconsin.  Michigan and Wisconsin fans make the same arrogant, misguided assumptions towards OSU as OSU fans do towards UC and the MAC schools.  If OSU and Michigan were as selective academically regarding student-athletes as some fans think, these two would be about as successful on the field as Northwestern, Duke, or Vanderbilt.  And that is a fact.
*Now if Lonnie was a regular student applying to Ohio State, the OSU admissions team would be much more selective when considering his transcript/test scores/background.

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Agree with everything you said but certain schools are more willing to take a chance on a kid that might not qualify than others. West Virginia taking Noel Devine as well as SEC schools taking kids they know don't have a good chance of qualifying come to mind. 
Also, I don't think Cardale Jones really belongs on that list of players. His quote on Twitter was ridiculous and dumb, but he is supposedly a pretty good student. 

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He will be taking college visits to Western Michigan, South Florida and Cincinnati in the upcoming weeks and has also picked up a recent scholarship offer from Akron.

No offense to any of these institutions, if you apply yourself you can get a good education at most any college BUT based on this list I'm wondering if academics is a concern?  tOSU is basically Wide Receiver U so this seems perplexing to me, but I'm not locked into the recruiting scene very well, I rely on 11W for that.  Also, maybe wants to be a bigger fish in a smaller pond?  Pure speculation on my part, have no idea, maybe some other big time programs will be on his future visitation list.  Echoing the sentiments of other people here, nothing but best wishes for the young man.

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rdubs's picture

Seems to definitely be a big fish small pond situation.  Seems like a great kid, but unfortunately wants to play somewhere else to better ensure early PT.

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Best of luck to the kid. You have to think academics have to play some factor based on the schools he's considering. Otherwise the smaller fish in the Big 10 are idiots for not going after this kid. He's a good one to get.

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Best of luck, kid.  

Representing the Buckeyes in the Mitten State since 1987.



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I was excited when Lonnie committed to us because of the adversity and tragedy he's had to overcome. I believe that will make him a fantastic human being, based on what we've read about him and the really positive influences of coaches and others in his life.
Sorry to hear about him deciding to go in another direction, but wish him only the best. The school he chooses is going to be very very fortunate to get this young man.


Good luck Lonnie. Hope you catch on somewhere else soon.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Best wishes Lonnie. Hope you land somewhere safe and productive. NEXT!!!!


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I don't have a beef with the guy for this, but I think the verbal commitments are silly. It seems like they don't really mean anything. 

...and Michigan still sucks.

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Yeah but a lot has happened to him recently.  And if academics are a concern, he may wish to not have to sit out or lose a year or two because of ineligibility.  Urban demands a LOT - just practicing and working out is a job in itself, let alone also making good grades.
I give him a pass because he's had a lot going on, it seems.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

No offense to him but I was never fully on board with him...  he's a good player though, just not one 'high' on MY list.  Good luck to you Lonnie.

avail31678's picture

Perfectly legitimate opinion, and said nicely.  And you wished him luck.  I see no reason for downvotes.  Maybe your opinion didn't NEED to be said given the circumstances, but your tone is fine in my opinion.
Upvote to help cancel the downs.

kareemabduljacobb's picture

Haha I appreciate it. I figured I'd get some DVs, doesn't bother me. Like I said he's a good player, but with all the WRs we've landed and are in on with limited schollies, this isn't a big loss imo. He'll excell elsewhere though, no hard feelings towards him or the peeps of 11W.

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Good luck to the kid, I am sure he has made the decision he feels is best for him...which is what is most important.

OSU_ALUM_05's picture

Can we have a sad panda box or something? This good/bad gray box thing is confusing.

Best wishes, Lonnie.

Yeti's have feelings too.

13THandSummit's picture

Maybe different shades of gray for all the different types of big news stories? I can think of around 50 different types.

703Buckeye's picture

I see what you did there, haha.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

13THandSummit's picture

Honestly thought I would get downvoted off the site for that lame attempt at humor.

avail31678's picture

Oddly it's that exact lame type of humor that gets chuckles here.

BassDropper's picture

He must not be confident enough in his ability to ever see the field. Not trying to knock the kid, but we have had under the radar guys come in and start their freshman or RS Freshman year. Brad Rody, Malcolm Jenkins, Tyvis Powell just to name a couple. 


BassDropper's picture

All I am saying is - he is apparently decommitting because he wants to go to a program where he  can see the field early. If Urban Meyer recruits you, he isnt recruiting you to go sit on the bench and take a redshirt, he wants you on the field contributing as early as possible. If he doesnt think he can contribute here then by all means he has every right to go to a school where he can get what he wants.


sharks's picture

Best of luck, sounded like a great kid from the article.
That said, I wonder about his tweet from last week where he seemed like he was taking a shot at a coach or coaches...

A man got to have a code...

RedStorm45's picture

This must have been the de-commit the staff has been hinting at all year.

headina's picture

Wow best of luck to him, but it seems strange the other schools he is looking at are not even close to the caliber of tOSU. 


avail31678's picture

Good luck Lonnie.  Work and play hard.

36buck's picture

no surprise at all.  crossed him off the second we heard last week he was looking at mac schools.  that being said, his offer list besides us was nothing great.  purdue, kentucky etc.

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

Good luck to him,
i am 100% certain we can use that spot on a better recruit that is more talented and from a more stable environment
lots of great talent still on the radar

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


703Buckeye's picture

Lots of players come from unstable environments, I don't see how that's a criteria for recruiting a college football player.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

@703buckeye... Its not the unstable environment itself that is the issue, its how he handles the environment he has.   If I had the football talent you can bet your A$$ my academics would be in order and I would not squander the opportunity to earn a top college education for free and a chance to play for one of the top 3 schools in the football nation.  Just because he comes from Gary and fits a profile of inner city kid who did not place any importance on academics and then its too late to change it.  Dodson's is an inner city kid (Not Gary level inner city) example of someone who is taking the initiative to improve his grades, improve his body and get ready to play at the next level, its taking him longer than the average recruit but he's working on it and he will be good when he gets there
I didn't disparage the kid in my original post, but we all know Urban can and will recruit better players with the proper drive and tools to succeed.  And furthermore as I re-read his de-commit tweet it smacks me of smug self- importance.  As I said before, we can and will do better, good luck to him.  Down vote me if you must (again) but I don't think this opinion is out of line, it doesn't need to be popular but he has a responsibility to take care of his business to earn that scholarship and he obviously wasn't willing to do it.  And where is Meg when we need her ??!!

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


703Buckeye's picture

Of course you would focus on academics if you had D-I athletic abilities but keep in mind that your parents probably raised you with importance placed on school anyway. Johnson may have not been raised with any importance placed on academics and just passed on from grade to grade. By the time schools took notice of him and he learned about the need to bump up his grades, it may have been too late. Now Lonnie will have to go to a school at which he will qualify.
fyi: Dodson went to Cleveland Heights HS, that's not inner-city, it's a suburb.

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

FYI I know exactly where Cleveland Heights is I live 20 minutes from it and have relatives who live there.  It is technically a suburb of Cleveland but its 1st ring suburb right next to some of the worst parts of Cleveland, it is very diverse with both inner city characteristics and suburban characteristics.  
You would have me excuse him for living in a poor area, but then excuse him again for not latching on to the means available of him to break any circle of poverty he may be in... don't know him enough to say one way or another
Instead of excuses I expect people (He and his parents) to be held accountable for their actions or in-actions.  Its not enough for me to say he gets a pass both ways.   

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


Alpo's picture

Redshirt, Firstly he earned the scholarship offer and his commitment was accepted by the staff. He has now decommitted, but it is pure speculation as to why this has happened. I respect your opinion, and will not DV because of it, but it is merely, your opinion. The fact is nobody knows at this particular point whether it was playing time, grade issues, etc., that contributed to his not being a part of this class. I've also heard "his heart was no longer with the buckeyes."
And I do not know you or where you are from, but it's easy to say If I had such opportunity, I would do this or that. it's another thing if you've lived it or could compare in any way, and maybe you have. But unless you know Lonnie personally, I wouldn't be saying he is "squandering an opportunity". 
Of course Urban and company will find somebody to give this scholly to, but let's not assume anything about a 17 something year old kid that most of us have only heard about since he committed to TOSU back in May. 
Best of luck to you Lonnie, wherever it may be

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

Is Gary, IN like a bad side of Youngstown or something?

osu07asu10's picture

Worse, if you can believe that.

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The 0 is silent.

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

Well for 2 very young men to lose their lives, I'd believe it.

jkrk's picture

Yeah, Gary is hands down the worst city in Indiana, possibly the midwest.

johnblairgobucks's picture

seems as if they have 3 strip clubs for every mini mart and 3 abandoned/boarded up strip clubs for every one in business.
if the street signs were written in Russian instead of English you'd think you were in Chernobyl.

Scarlet_Lutefisk's picture

Most of the images people are familiar with are actually from Pripyat.

Alhan's picture

So it is East St Louis?

EDIT - Didn't read far enough to see the similar comment below mine. Derp. Carry on.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

Oldschoolbuck's picture

East St. Louis is a wasteland, too. But Gary may be worse!!

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

Gary makes Youngstown look like candy land

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DefendYoungstown's picture

Gary is like Youngstown's lil step bro...

What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

andyb's picture

Doesn't seem so bad to me!  haha

Wilkins78's picture

Hahaha, I'm glad I scrolled down, I almost posted little Ron Howard singing the reprise above.

MN Buckeye's picture

I have nothing but respect for this kid. His life situation changed, and he is still trying to figure out the next step in life. I wish him the best as he moves forward.

TheBadOwl's picture

Exactly. If this helps him get to the NFL in three years instead of, say, five years, so he can get his family out of Gary, he made the right decision. 

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

Poison nuts's picture

Great point.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

His real goal should be having fun playing football while guaranteeing a better life by taking advantage of the educational opportunity presented.  Everyone wants to punch that NFL ticket but sooooo few of theses college kids actually make the next level.  But a degree will last his lifetime not to mention the networking available to him after school.  That's the real smart play and he blew that by not taking care of his academics.
Because his friends died does not really change his family situation, I didn't see anything about his family in the article, did I miss something?  Its really an opportunity lost for him, one i wish i could have had!  I guess I'm the tough guy on this kid...

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


zbd's picture

Opens up a scholarship for a better player.  Indiana is not known for football.  Let's get a taller receiver from Florida or New Jersey.

36buck's picture

tall, short, what's the difference? as long as he can catch the ball.

johnblairgobucks's picture

The coaching staff was obviously impressed enough by him, that they extended him a committable offer.  I hope life works out well for the young man. 

Red Shirt Ensign's picture

I agree, I want someone who is willing to seize the opportunity and work.  He didn't work on his grades and now its easier to go to a smaller school.  even though he would have had great access to tutoring etc... they know how to provide resources so these guys can succeed in the classroom

"Captain, over here, I've found someth... AHHHH!!!!!!"


Davep160's picture

I understand that the man had to do what he had to do.  The best of luck and I hope he has an awesome career wherever he ends up.
Go Bucks

calebhouser9's picture

Moving on... don't want anybody on our team if they have doubts any ways. 


BSTP DeCon's picture

Sucks seeing a good recruit decommit from tOSU, but I have to admit, it's worse seeing this kid being dealt with such a bad hand in the game of life... Hope all goes well in this kids future and best of luck to him.

BuckeyeStrong1993's picture

I live in southern Indiana and when i was 16 i was on a AAU basketball team and we traveled up to Gary for a tournament and needless to say it was BAD up there. We had to have police escort us to our busses after our games because there were so many dudes out on the street yellin shit at us. I got called a honkey , cracker , bitch , pussy , every name in the book you could imagine just about. It was insane. ( excuse my language )
 Good luck to you lonnie hope everything works out for you.


jaxbuckeye's picture

When I was in the Navy, I was coming back from vacation in Philly to my base in Chicago.  I got this bright idea that I could save air fare by taking Grey Hound for the first time.  DUMB decision.  24 hours later with a layover in Gary, I made it.  Gary is NOT a nice place, but I wasn't scared homie.

vitaminB's picture

Congrats to Lonnie for getting an OSU offer without ever having to lift a weight.

luckynutz's picture

Tough break...was extremely impressed with him and his desire to be a buckeye. Sometimes life situations change, and priorities do as well. Sounds like its something he has wrestled with for a while,and that the staff was fully supportive of him throughout. Never like to see a kid walk away from something he worked so hard to earn. Its his decision, and I'm glad that the staff was there with him and everyone parted ways amicably. Best of luck wherever your future endeavours take you lonnie.

Poison nuts's picture

Bummer. I liked him. Tall, athletic, can play offense or defense. I remember him being super hyped & really trying to recruit for OSU at one point...oh well - recruiting is always interesting. Good luck Lonnie. Good news is UFM is pretty good at dealing with de-commits & turning it into a positive situation.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Haines City Fl Buckeye's picture

              Hmmm wish Lonnie nothing but the best.I am wandering though if this is a decision made by both parties(lonnie and team).I know were in on alot of top talent still in recruiting and just wandering if this was a common decision by both parties in giving him a chance to go on and find the right fit and for us to open another spot for a bigger fish.Like i said i hope for the best for him in the future and this was just me wandering.

              Anthony Dunne
                  Living and breathing Bu

hit_the_couch's picture

Is he looking around to make sure that he made the right choice or is he certain he doesn't want to go to tOSU?
I wonder if he got an offer from one of those big time programs like Bamer.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

Buckeye Chuck's picture

I'll admit up front I don't follow the recruiting process too closely, so this is a genuine question and not me making an insinuation, but is this decommit fully voluntary on Johnson's part?
I only ask because this isn't Kalis dumping us for Michigan -- this is a kid with an offer from a national power who is now apparently mulling over Western Michigan and Akron? This is something that I'm assuming doesn't happen without either 1) our side realizing that it's not going to happen for him academically, and not wanting to miss out on someone else while waiting for the inevitable; or 2) second thoughts about him as a prospect, leading to dropping hints that while he's perfectly free to still come here, he's basically a longshot to ever play. This news then becomes a way for both sides to save face.

The most "loud mouth, disrespect" poster on 11W.

hit_the_couch's picture

I know for awhile his grades/ academics were a concern. Maybe it's still the case with him.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

BAR43's picture

Good points, there has got to more to this and would be interesting to know the true underlying issue(s). Either way wish the best for the kid in finding the best place for his college endeavors and just hope he gets a good education to get to a more stable situation for himself and family down the road.

Toilrt Paper's picture

He has looked at the other commits and has determined it is in his best interests to visit a directional Michigan school and a directional Florida school. Best of luck finding the destination that is best suited for you.

DannyBeane's picture

As depressing as this gray box is at least it didn't come as a complete surprise. Lonnie, here's to your success on the field and off!

Buckeyeneer's picture

Good luck, young man, in all your future endeavors!

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

AndyVance's picture

I think what the comments in this section have demonstrated, at least in my mind, that the 11W staff should consider doing a story on the academic requirements for playing football at Ohio State (and the other B1G schools, for that matter). When a situation like this pops up, the discussion of grades and test scores naturally arise, and for those of us who attended Ohio State when the average ACT score was 20 instead of 28, it might be nice to get some perspective on what the bar for admission really is for these student-athletes.

chitown buckeye's picture

Thats a wonderful idea,Andy. I have a lot of family members who are interested in attending OSU. The requirements to get in are drastically different now as compared to when I got in during the mid 90's. My ACT score would not have gotten in me now a days but I only took the test once because that score got me in... 

"I'm having a heart attack!"

AndyVance's picture

Well, and taken another step, while I think I have good handle on the admissions process/requirements because I know some admissions people, I have no idea how much lower - if at all - the bar is for a scholarship football player. That's sort of where I'm going with the idea... What were the average test scores, GPA, etc., of the recruiting class, or the team as a whole, and how has that changed over the past 20 years? Lots of ways an enterprising writer could go with this question/topic.

Toilrt Paper's picture

These days, in general, if not in the top 10% of your HS graduating class you will be sent to a branch campus for a year or two, before getting to the main campus, if ever. I know of at least one branch campus where it is now possible to get a Master Degree in Education from THE Ohio State University in a 5 year program. AND a BS in Business from THE Ohio State University at a branch campus. Branch campuses also offer student tickets to football and basketball games at THE Ohio State University.

TraptnMI's picture

Cincinnati is a great place to go. Under Tubby, he'll be noticed. Wonderful people, city and University! A great showcase locale.

" It's real good whatcha done Anthony, real good ! "

ChazBuckeye's picture

Good luck to him.
Bring on Johnny Dixon.  With the way Miami's playing, I can't see him going there.  And I emplore you all not to take this negative in nature.  It's recruiting...it's not to be taken personal.  I see a lot of that above.  Please don't take this that way.  Even 11W staff have pointed out that this may occur.  Sure looks better now then on NSD, see Taivon Jacabs.....

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CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Well, that's a bummer.  It's always sad to lose a top quality player.  Hopefully it all works out well for him and the Buckeye recruiting class.