Meyer's Rage Level with Carlos Hyde: White Hot

By DJ Byrnes on July 24, 2013 at 12:17p

Urban Meyer will take the podium at 1:30 EST on BTN, but until then, he has offered ABC6's Clay Hall a little insight into his mindset when he first heard of Carlos Hyde's legal problems. He said he was so furious he didn't even want to talk to Hyde, but he knew his plan of attack:

"I had my mind made up what I was going to do, which is separate him completely."

Ultimately, Gene Smith told him to take a deep breath and let the facts play out/let others make the judgment. This assuredly won't be the last questions he answers about the recent legal troubles to plague the Buckeyes, and ElevenWarriors will have you covered when he faces the media later this afternoon.

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I think this may be a good thing for Meyer in the long run.  I think it will teach him, when someone is not there to do it (aka calm him down), that there maybe more to the story.  Hopefully if nothing else comes of any of these events, we will be wiser and hungrier...

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IF this (Hyde/Roby) continues to decline in severity, I think Urban and the Buckeyes can use it all as motivation in becoming the "angry" team that Urban wants every snap on the field!

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I'd upvote you if I could.  Spot on.

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Don't get me wrong, I love the concept of "angry team"!  But every time I hear it, I think of the "Waterboy and tackl'n fuel"

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What's wrong with that?  Boucher averaged 16 sacks be game!!!!!!

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Thank you Gene Smith.

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Gene Smith Got it right Once.........

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It's the law of can't get everything wrong no matter how hard you try.  Sometimes I wonder how much effort Gene has to put in to be wrong so much.  
By my count Gene is up to 3 things correct.  Hire UM, increase coaches salaries, deep breath on Hyde.  

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Wow that's the first locked post I've had...I will go sit in the box and feel the shame.  

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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Putting myself in Urban's position, I would be hot under the collar simply because C. Hyde was in that situation even if he is not guilty as charged.  Guys have to learn to stay out of those types of situations, and if not, chances are that things like this could come up.  
Who knows what instructions are given to players by the staff, but maybe the players were already told to stay out of potential bad situations like this already.  If so, yeah, I can understand how Urban would be steamed.

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Yeah, this really sounds like a coach who puts winning above all else. To be so furious as to not even have a second thought about dismissing your starting rb. Glad gene was there to put out the flames and give it time to sort itself out in the proper manner. But thia tells me urban is all business when I t comez to discipline.

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Good cop, bad cop.

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Starsky and Hutch?



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Thanks for cooling him down Gene

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still wonder about his twitter post on Monday thou...

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I see where Urban is coming from. I tell employee's to "protect their jobs" almost daily. Meaning, it's a tough job market, they have one, and people are trying to apply everyday to get it. Don't do something foolish to loose your job. Last years team did something very special. The 2013 Buckeyes have an opportunity to expand on that 12-0 season. I think the Coaching staff believes "the Chase" can become "the Reality". The opportunity to be a part of something that could be this special could be a once in a lifetime for some of these young men. I think that Urban is stating to everyone, "your all in or your out".

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I agree with you cajunbuckeye, guys like Hyde have to do a better job of protecting their jobs and stepping up as leaders of this team. We need the seniors to vocalise and get in the asses of those who stray from the path of righteousness (the 'Chase'), as well as lead by example. Your seniors now, show everybody what it really means to be an Ohio State Buckeye! Show the young Bucks how to carry and conduct themselves when the coaches aren't looking. Make urban Meyer and the state of Ohio proud!

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Is that hotter than red-hot, or blue-hot, or yellow-hot? Like super-novae hot?



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The black body radiation spectrum first becomes visible at a coldest being Red Hot.  Then...
Orange Hot - Yellow Hot - White Hot - Blue Hot  You can see below how Meyer's neck color progressed until Smith cooled it.

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Holy Crap! So blue-hot is hotter than white-hot?! Thank God Urban didn't go there!