Ohio Stadium is a Complex Wind Tunnel

July 16, 2013 at 7:35p    by Vico    

NBC4 in Columbus ran a feature involving Drew Basil, who works for the network as a weather intern this summer. It focuses on how difficult Ohio Stadium is for kickers. The wind that you see swirling through C-deck is not the same wind with which kickers have to deal when attempting long field goals. It's an interesting feature that's worth three minutes of your time.


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Already posted in forums about 2 minutes ago.... lol!
That's alright. I assume you were typing at the same.


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I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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While everything else around him is getting blown away, his beard stays put. Don't mess with beards...

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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~Because we couldn't go for three~

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This looks like a job for... CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

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STEENS is going to be royally pissed about this.



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I'm hoping he just moves on but we all know that won't probably happen;-)

"I want a hungry team. I want a team that can't wait to get out there. I want an angry team! You're the Ohio State Buckeyes. You're an angry football team. You're a hungry football team and I'm proud to be your coach." UFM

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The best question will be how the future seats above the tunnels at the south end of the field will affect wind flow and kicker corrections...

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It might affect our 11 kickoffs a game and 10 extra points
not much other uses for kickers at tOSU next year

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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My thoughts exactly. One would think those seats would make the swirl less on the field, better for kickers. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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I don't know about anyone else, but the first thing I thought of was how Nugent was even more freaking clutch given this information. NUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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Video production brought to you by: Your crazy uncle (who happens to be a Red Coat at the stadium), his neighbor (also a Red Coat), and the guy from Cord Camera.

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That was terrible to listen to with ear buds.

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I ignored your warning and oh my god yes. (Great piece though from Ganahl)

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Tried to listen here and on NBC4's website. The audio on the video cuts out a couple of times.
Interesting stuff.