Impact Freshmen Could Lead Buckeyes to National Title

By Kyle Rowland on July 16, 2013 at 9:10a
There's no doubt that Mike Mitchell will be on the field this season.

College football is no longer a veteran's game. Freshmen are making an impact, as seen last season when Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. Notre Dame and Alabama also had impact freshmen that helped them reach the national title game, and in Alabama's case win a third championship in four seasons.

It's no secret Urban Meyer enjoys having first-year players who make an immediate impact. If there are plans to redshirt, Ohio State probably isn't the school for you. So who does Yahoo! believe could have a hand in Ohio State reaching the national title game this season? 

Mike Mitchell and Vonn Bell, Ohio State – Urban Meyer continues to recruit nationally from his post in central Ohio, getting two prized defenders out of Texas and Georgia. Mitchell, an inside linebacker, is the best recruit out of the Lone Star State and is capable of stepping into the Buckeyes' rotation. Bell is a freak safety who could find himself starting in the nickel sooner rather than later, perhaps finding himself entrenched at the “star” (linebacker/safety combo) position. Also receiving strong consideration? Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson, who are both being buzzed about as potential Percy Harvin clones.


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This laugh out loud funny and vomit inducing at the same time.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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That's hilarious!

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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That's the Best Gif I have seen in a Long time. Thanks for posting that

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I'm definitely hoping these boys get significant playing time. The talent is there and the more they play now, even if it's not starting, the better they'll be down the road.

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I always temper expectations from Freshman (since the 2008 Pryor debut) but I really think Mitchell see's the field by mid-season. He is too fast sideline to sideline and my confidence in all other LB's sans Shazier is incredibly low until proven otherwise

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I love this freshman class. Super excited to see Mike Mitchell and wouldn't be surprised if Trey makes some noise too. Looking forward to Vonn Bell and Dontre Wilson as well 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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cant wait to see the speed that some of the coaches have been referring to

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I hate it when it is said that Manziel was only a freshman when he won the heisman.  That makes you think he came in straight from high school and took college football by storm.  However, he is a redshirt freshman, meaning he had been with the team and system for a year already.  He had time to grow and develope.  I wouldn't call him an impact freshman in relation to this article.

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You're right but why does the redshirt tag really only apply to freshman? Sophomores, juniors and seniors that have redshirted don't carry the tag with them forever. We don't say Bradley Roby is a redshirt junior. 

Still not giving a damn for the whole state of Michigan. 

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Last year Bradley Roby was often referred to as a redshirt sophomore.  That is why he was draft eligible.

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Yeah, I was going to say that redshirted players are almost always referred to as such.

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Usually, accept for Manzel who seems to get a pass. SOOOOOO annoying...

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And you often hear "5th year senior" or "4th year junior"....... its an announcer's way of saying redshirt.

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As I stated before, we really need to due away with the redshirt connotation all together. If it is your second year, you are a sophomore. If you got a redshirt, then you can be called a 5th year senior when that time comes. Until then, you are a second year Heisman trophy winner Manel, the 4th in the past decade and not the youngest.

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I'm so confused.



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I have a feeling we'll see many of these guys this year in some capacity or another.  

 "Also receiving strong consideration? Jalin Marshall and Dontre Wilson, who are both being buzzed about as potential Percy Harvin clones."

As much as I hate this comment, I agree that these two will be the ones as opposed to Hall IMO. Hall will be used a little but I hate to say this but I don't see him finishing the season again.  He seems to be plagued by the injury bug (not wishing any thing on him btw).  

"I want a hungry team. I want a team that can't wait to get out there. I want an angry team! You're the Ohio State Buckeyes. You're an angry football team. You're a hungry football team and I'm proud to be your coach." UFM

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Perhaps it's just the vestiges of Tresselball calling out within me, but I'm beyond excited for Cameron "The Wonder from Down Under" Johnston.

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who says we're punting this year?

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In case we don't, homeboy's also got 4.4 speed.

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Would line to see him under pressure but the kid has a freakin leg

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You mean to tell me you're allowed to punt by only taking one step???

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Comment of the day nominee! +1 to you!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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+1 Im actually pretty excited to see what he can do too. Just imagine, if we do get stopped at any point in a game, we can switch field position for our D instantly. That will pay huge dividends this year. Forcing teams to drive the whole field every series is great helps our D create TOs and wreak havoc on every play. Im pumped to see just about everything the freshman, Braxton's progress, the WRs development, our 2 beast DEs can't wait for camp to begin see how summer workouts went!

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Freshmen are making an impact, as seen last season when Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy.

Ugg... stop saying that!? Why does everyone say that!? He isn't even the youngest winner... nor is he the first second year player to win it, he's the fourth.
You can't make an immediate impact by being a 2nd year player... If Bell, Mitchell, Marshal, Wilson make the same impact Manziel did we will have to wait a year.
*Rant off... until I read that again... :)

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On video Von Bell looks like a man among boys.  I have no way of knowing the caliber of competition he was up against although HS football is known to be good in Georgia.  
I expect V. Bell to be a great one at OSU if he stays healthy.  
If he develops at the college level I expect him to be a great one in the NFL.  
Yes, I really think he looks that promising, but as in every case, time will tell.  

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The piranhas will be attacking. No one gets past the 20.

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Vonn Bell is gonna be a player this year. Can't wait!

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Despite the hype, I don't think any Frosh player on this roster dominates anything or earns a starting spot. Just my opinion, don't freak out or think I don't love that last recruiting class.
Very difficult to step onto the big stage and be the hero. Give them a year.
Don't overlook the Bennett's, Josh Perry's and Devin Smith's we already have ;)

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I think it's awesome that we are considering freshmen....a wealth of talent has arrived.

It's great to be a Buckeye!

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I'm looking forward to the development of these players. Things are looking good for the future!

Ugg... stop saying that!? Why does everyone say that!? He isn't even the youngest winner... nor is he the first second year player to win it, he's the fourth.

I think everyone understands what "redshirt freshman" means. It means Manziel is the only winner who won after their first season of actually being on a gameday field, which is far different from serving on the practice team. I also understand that he wasn't even considered the starter until sometime in Aug. Tebow, Ingram, and Bradford played at least some games during their true freshman years and in some cases, even played in bowl games. Manziel was on the sidelines his entire first season. That's why he's listed as the first redshirt freshman to win the award. You can't even call him a "second year player" if you are being honest about playing for their respective teams during a season. ;) A second-year team member, but not a "player". Thus the redshirt clarification.
You are right, though. Manziel was older than Ingram by 11 days, which is pretty close.
Just curious: why does it bother you so much to see him referred to as the first redshirt freshman? It's factual, so I don't get why it matters.

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Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy

I think it's because there's no "redshirt" to be seen.

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I can see for arguments sake he has an out...  "I did not say True Freshman"  
Have to love writers and the way they can twist words for their own benefit...

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To me Manziel was not an impact freshman, if he wasn't good enough to see playing time during his True Freshman season.  Tebow wasn't the starter his first year but he played and made a difference.  That is the thought of an impact freshman.  The fact that Manziel didn't play his first year doesn't put him on any higher pedastal than Tebow, Bradford, and Ingram.  If anything it just means he had a huge improvement between year 1 and 2 to catch up to how good these other three were.

In Urban We Trust

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Johnny Manziel was a RS freshman, so it's not like he stepped onto campus and dominated

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if a freshman makes an impact, i'll put my money on an offensive player. it's so difficult for a freshman LB or DB to learn enough in time to make an impact early in the season, if at all. even a guy like mike doss didn't come on until the second half of his freshman year, and we were terrible that year. i think a guy like marshall or wilson (don't sleep on clark or eze either) who can make an impact in the return game and get 5-10 snaps on offense early in the season could take a couple to the house early, setting up for more PT throughout the season and really getting a chance to make a difference.

the kids are playing their tail off, and the coaches are screwing it up! - JLS

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Agree, RB or WR, Hybrid.

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I think the freshmen "field stretchers" are going to allow the upper classmen to get the ball in their hands more often as teams will be playing against the home run threat.  I also think Bosa, Mitchell and Bell will work into the defense regularly.

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I can't wait to see many of these new players get on the field.

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#7 is a jersey to have for the future. Bell and probably Marshall after Hall is gone

Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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Piranhas, keep that ball inside the 20 on kickoffs and ill be happy with that. Pittsburg Brown is suspect, Powell might be the answer @ the star position if not i see Vonn Bell starting sometime during the season. Wilson, Clark and Marshall, one of these guys will provide a spark.


Like the ball in the stands, we balls out

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Some of the "Super Frosh Group" that will help in our quest for a GREAT SEASON !.................Mike Mitchell-Trey Johnson-Billy Price-Von Bell-Joe Bosa-Dontrell Wilson-.....and even though the next 2 are older I consider them freshmen @ OSU-Corey Smith and our Aussie Punter........I feel alot of other will be on the bubble to get in some games....My list isn't saying these boys will start every game but have a good impact on our team ! GO BUCKS !