Ohio Stadium Scoreboard Damaged in Storm

By DJ Byrnes on July 10, 2013 at 9:16p

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Wait what time is it?  Oh, wait, 9:51 PM, so yeah you are right.

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10:19 and it's still true

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It's always MSSST (Michigan Still Sucks Standard Time) at every single longitude and latitude in the world. 

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Ah...it's why all the trees in Ohio lean north (...because mich sucks <rimshot>)

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Fun Fact:  Did you know that in Greenwich, England they actually set the time by how Michigan Sucks?


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That's why all trees in Ohio point north.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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It was that very sucking vacuum coming from north of Ohio.  I believe the hole that is Ann Arbor is taking on black hole characteristics with the addition of the sucking Hoke effect that began a few years back.
The state of Ohio is planning to build a huge wall just north of Toledo somewhere around that weird looking Muslim temple thing to the right of the interstate as you head north.  They are hoping to interrupt the increasing vacuum caused by the sucking of the state to our north.

I like cookies.

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I miss Andrea Cambern...this new news chick doesn't do it for me. 

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No big deal....Urban was gonna break that sh*t anyway!

"Have you earned your buckeye today?"

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just beautiful bravo and so damn true

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He's definitely gonna destroy that scoreboard up north in November...

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Yep RFAHNCKE ... I see it breaking against Florida A & M for sure

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Don't we spend 10M on a new scoreboard every 5 years anyway?

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Are you implying that Ann Arbor still sucks?
sorry, meant to reply to southernstatesbuckeye

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Oh. My. God.
How terrible.
I hope the Inspectors they mentioned get to the bottom of this on the double!

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The Ohio Stadium? Come on now. 

How firm thy friendship..

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Incredibly awkward delivery by the two of them.  Ouch. 

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I am sure this is Urban's fault.

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That pillar is probably off committing a felony somewhere.

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It looks like a bad design to me.
The column tops should be integrated into the columns, supporting the top structure-- you know, like real Greco-Roman columns.
Placing the column tops above the top sctructure looks dumb ... and is dumb

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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I respectfully disagree.



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They're faux columns, calling them 'columns' would suggest they actually support something.  

"I'm One Bad Buckeye, and I approve this message."

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I really don't like those weird column tops either... never did.

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The column didn't fall, it's just off trading Ohio Stadium memorabilia for cocaine and strippers.  Luckily, it's not crazy enough to get a tattoo.
Im sorry, does something like this need to be italicized so people know I don't actually think concrete blocks are out getting lap dances and doing elephantine amounts of la blanca?

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My only question: What caused one of the pillars to go all rogue while the other three stayed on the straight and narrow? Did it not have a father growing up? Did it's mother not love it? Wait. You guys are right. It's Urban's fault.



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Any college football analyst who knows anything about anything will tell you that judging by its positioning, the pillar was simply trying to get as far away from the OSU logo on top of the scoreboard as possible. Because, as they have so kindly informed us, anything associated with OSU is either wrong, subject to scrutiny or a method of cheating.  

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weathering storms, beating TTUN like they stole something, bringing glory to the Scarlet & Gray
That's just another day in Buckeye Life 

"What is our aim, I can tell you in one word. Victory" Winston Churchill

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Urban killed 2 guys, what?

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Does this mean they have to take down the score board and we can get a second level added to that end of the stadium during the expansion before putting up the new scoreboard?

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I say we add a second level right there with about 10,000-15,000 more seats.  I honestly feel like The Shoe could sell out 120,000 seats for almost every game.  Maybe not Buffalo, but Wisconsin for sure.

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Mother Nature cannot be held responsible for her actions, I question the lack of guidance, she was clearly not mentored properly while she was in college.

I heard she spent too much time partying with this guy:

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Urban Meyer enabled Mother Nature by coddling her in college. It is a shame that he hasn't commented on this yet.

"Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you." 

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Urban Meyer should have handled this storm better. His lack of guidance and caring led this storm to a life of crime and vandalizing.

"if irony were made of strawberries, we' d all be drinking a lot of smoothies right now."

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Had Urban provided a better environment for the environment, a family would have its pillar alive, well and with them today.  Instead they lost their rock, their concrete, the mortar that held them together, the....I'm sorry, I'm tearing up. I can't finish.

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I just hope to God that poor pillar isn't paralyzed!



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I'm worried the entire Buckeyes squad will be charged with murder after we get done with UFM.
semper woody

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My recollection is the winds weren't that high. Seems like faulty planning.

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Airport recorded a 71 mph gust.  That's a wee bit o' breeze.   Up that high the wind speed was likely higher.

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While the storms were rolling to the east and southeast, it was a strange north and northwesterly force that took off that pillar.  You know, a sucking force.  From a certain state...a certain institution, more specifically, that sucks.

Class of 2010.

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Guys I just read a news report that the pillar helped spring Hernandez out of lockup! Now they are on a killing spree, spraying random neighborhoods with Ak 47 rounds during drive byes, screaming "This one is for Urban Putos! La Familia Meyer es aqui motherf**kers!"
Actually, Hernandez is the more vocal one.  The pillar is sort of a stiff to be honest.  He wasn't really cool with the idea, but apparently they had a concrete plan that's structure was solid.  I heard that the pillar is so shocked by some of the violence, he will sit completely motionless for hours on end.  As a driver he is also a little heavy on the peddles.  I just hope he is hard enough to manage and that he doesn't crack under the pressure.
OK pun time is over.

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Pun time = Fun time!

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Lol it really was fun to type. I could have made about 100 more.  But sometimes pun time=done time if you get carried away.  Never, under any circumstances, overly pun a point.