Jordan Hall Needs to Do Something Before Playing NCAA 14

By Jason Priestas on July 9, 2013 at 11:00a

And that's why he's Jordan Hall and you're not.

Source: @JordanHall_2

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haha nice

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Let's be fair, we are all doing the same. I thought about burning it myself. 

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Yeti's have feelings too.

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Out Work, Out Think, Out Play!!!

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Now that's an idea. Lets get a thread of what you chose to do with your ripped off cover (pics or it didnt happen)

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I don't think a picture of me using the cover to wipe my ass would be appropriate for these forums.  Jus' sayin'!

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Just try not to get any scUM on  your fingers...

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Buying it off PSN so I don't have to have that filth in my house!

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Serious question: Does PSN accept trade-ins on full-priced game purchases?
It wouldn't really matter for me, anyway, because I buy NCAA every 4-5 years and there is no trade-in value after a year, but I'm just curious for other games.

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Unfortunately, no.  This is a big downside if you trade in games a lot.  

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While I completely love Jordan's sentiment, sentences like this underscore the necessity of proper punctuation.  "I'm rippin' that weak-ass cover off" articulates the desire to remove the game's cover; on the other hand, omitting the hyphen could imply your urge to take off some loose-fitting underwear (which could easily be defined as a weak cover for one's ass).

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Let's eat grandma! 

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I feel like whether you say weak-ass cover or weak ass cover it could still be misread as meaning tearing off underwear that is, for whatever reason, weak. Edit: But you are right about it looking much worse unhyphenated.
 I had literally never thought of this, but any time I see the phrase weak ass again I'm sure I will.  This shit was hilarious man.  I actually burst out laughing for a sec, which is quite the rarity for me when I'm alone and reading, watching a movie etc...

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(prays nobody said this yet) I was thinking about picking up NCAA 14...I heard the September Heisman mode is pretty fun

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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The best feature ever for NCAA Football was back in like '05 or '06 when they had the career mode. They had a little graphic of your room and how your career progresses, and in that room was a framed picture of a girlfriend. At the beginning of your career --- she was not skinny & she was not very attractive either, but, if you started to play well and rack up stats --- she would become much prettier.
Art imitating life I guess.

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I remember that too.  Clever and disturbing at the same time.

Yeti's have feelings too.

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Yeah, all but one linebacker. He was a n.d. player. And he didn't have a pic of his girl. What was that about? 

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LOL...that was pretty funny!
I'll be honest, I don't really care for NCAA Football 14 yet. Seems kinda tedious to have to go through all the menu's to play the game..

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Couple of replacement options:

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This could also be made into a pretty spectacular cover photo:

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For some reason I can never find a copy of this photo that is the right size to just quickly turn into my desktop background.  I do have an 18 inch screen measured in the traditional diagonal manner, but I don't think it's too much to ask to be able to see that pic whenever I turn my laptop on without having his feet cutoff or the ball out of the frame.

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I would love for this to be the cover one day!

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Someone should make a copy of the game with this as the cover and send it to Gardner for the remarks he made a couple of weeks ago.

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Pretty sure the cover player can't be enrolled (notice how it's always a player who has graduated/left - well, it was when I used to buy it)...the whole NCAA legal garbage.

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Idea for a cover that will never pass

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me thinks your link be broken

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What year was it when ncaa came out with high school recruits stats? They would show week to week stats, season ending stats and if he was the man he would be named Mr. Ohio, Mr. California etc.. that was my favorite feature, should bring that back.


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Haven't had a football game since ps2. I am waiting till something new comes out. Until then please keep us posted on changes with the game play. 
Jordan is the man! I hope he is on the field this year, when we beat SCum!

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

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I did the same exact thing. Except I burned it.

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Jordan, do yourself and us a big favor.  Have a bro do the rippin' for you.  The last thing we all need is for you to be out or limited for the first 4-5 weeks due to some nasty paper / plastic cut injury.

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He didn't say he was going to rip it apart with his feet, for Pete's sake!



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Haha! Seriously.
I really hope he stays healthy though and lives up to his potential.  Think about how much it will elevate the games of Marshall, Wilson, Clark, etc. if Hall "shows them how its done".  

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Ripped mine off and pissed on it! (Shrugs)

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I assume EA will mail me a Devin Gardner cover when I get to week 8 or so of my dynasty?

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It's actually a holographic cover that turns into Gardner anytime you're losing. 

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I love Jordan Halls attitude. I always wanted to punch Denard when he did his little touchdown celebration.

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Or kick him in the nads so that he didn't run around like a prissy lil school girl while doing that stupid cereal thing!

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So what is everyone doing about Denard being on the actual game disc? Or is he not on it? I haven't bought the game yet.