B1G Football Recruiting Rankings: 7/8

By Jordan Wagner on July 8, 2013 at 4:00p
Brady Hoke looks hungryWill Meyer or Hoke land the Big Ten's top recruiting class?

It was a slow week on the recruiting front for the majority of the Big Ten. While the countdown until kickoff shrinks, recruiting never stops. With under two months until college football begins, the recruiting classes are already beginning to take form. 

Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and Penn State were the only schools to land a commitment during the past seven days. The Cornhuskers accounted for three of the Big Ten's six new commitments. 

As a result, we saw shifting in our rankings with Nebraska jumping up to eighth after picking up three new offensive weapons. Illinois' and Indiana's new commitments also bumped them up a spot. Indiana is up to 13th and Illinois checks in at 10th.  

With Jermaine Eluemunor deciding to hold off on his announcement, the Wolverines were able to hold off the Buckeyes for the top spot, at least for the time being. It doesn't appear that any of Ohio State's targets are planning to announce in the next, so Michigan could be in position to stay in the top spot for a little while longer. 

Now, on to the rankings!

14. Purdue

A commitment from Indiana has pushed Purdue to the bottom of our B1G football recruiting rankings.

The Boilermakers' class is led by Elite 11 QB David Blough, an underrated recruit that has reaffirmed his commitment after an impressive sixth place finish at the Elite 11 QB camp. Expect Blough to move up in the rankings after his surprisingly dominant performance. 

13. Indiana

Kevin Wilson and the Hoosiers move up a spot in the rankings after adding a commitment this week from cornerback Donovan Clark of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The three-star cornerback had offers from UTEP and most of the MAC conference. 

It's nice that Kevin Wilson can out-recruit the powerhouse MAC teams, but can he go toe-to-toe with the big boys in the Big Ten? We'll have a better feel after Signing Day, but the current answer would appear to be no. 

Illini finally signs a BCS caliber prospectRunningback Matt Domer is headed to Champaign. 

12. Minnesota

The Gophers hold steady in the B1G football recruiting rankings this week. 

With only five commitments, someone might need to wake up the Gophers from hibernation. (Bad joke. Gophers don't actually hibernate) Jokes aside, Coach Jerry Kill has landed a few highly regarded prospects already and we can only hope he lands a few more. The Big Ten can really use all the help we can get. Is it sad that we are rooting for some of the bottom feeders to land higher level recruits? 

11. Maryland

All is quiet in the land of the Terps, which is probably a bad thing when it comes to recruiting. The Terrapins' quiet week leads to a one spot fall in this weeks rankings. 

A terrapin is usually pretty slow, but lets hope that the Terrapins have solid closing speed to finish up their recruiting class strong. I am running out of Maryland jokes, please land a commitment  soon. 

10. Illinois

No "Tim Beckman continues to out-recruit MAC powerhouses" jokes this week. The Illini landed a commitment from a three-star runningback that had offers from other BCS schools. 

Matt Domer, a 6 foot, 180-pound runningback from Mount Carmel HS in Chicago, has committed to Coach Beckman and the Fighting Illini. Domer had offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Indiana, Kansas, Syracuse, and Northern Illinois. 

9. Iowa

Iowa falls one spot in our rankings this week, earning no pledges during the previous seven days while the Cornhuskers were busy.  

It still baffles me that Iowa no longer commits an assistant coach to recruiting Florida. Why in the world would you ever want to recruit one of the top talent producing in the country? In 2011 and 2012, the Hawkeyes landed two players from Florida each year. I could only imagine the meltdown if Urban Meyer said Ohio State wasn't going to recruit the State of Florida anymore. 

Kirk Ferentz has done a great job keeping the State of Iowa's talent in-state. 

8. Nebraska

The Cornhuskers had a busy week, adding three new commitments, while also losing one. 

Bo Pelini reeled in one of his top targets this week, four-star WR Monte Harrison. The six-foot-two, 195-pound receiver chose Nebraska over offers from Kansas, Michigan State, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana. The Huskers added another offensive weapon when three-star RB Larenzo Steward committed. The 5-foot-6 back with a 4.4 forty had offers from Baylor, Houston, and LA Tech. The third commitment (and member of the All-Name team), Freedom Akinmoladun, is a 6-foot-5 tightend. Freedom had offers from Kansas State, Iowa, Illinois, and Northern Illinois before committing to Nebraska. 

It wasn't all good news in Lincoln this week. Three-star safety Jason Hall finally decommitted from Nebraska after considering himself a soft commit for the past month. Hall is strongly considering Texas and Oklahoma. 

Three-star WR T.V. Williams will announce between Kentucky and Nebraska tomorrow. 67% of analysts have him picking Kentucky

The next QB for Bucky?Could QB D.J. Gillins be next for Wisconsin?

7. Wisconsin

A week after securing three verbal commitments, the Badgers were quiet this week. 

Quarterback is a big need for Wisconsin after Dan O'Brien didn't work out. The number two dual threat QB, D.J. Gillins, could be the QB that Wisconsin needs. Gillins is set to announce tomorrow. The 127th overall prospect according to 247Sports, Gillins reportedly favorWisconsin and Boston College. 59% of analysts have Gillins headed to Madison, while others think he'll select Boston College. Enough of these one year QB rentals, it's time to develop your own QB, Bucky. 


The Mark Dantonio lead Spartans remain sixth in our rankings. Michigan State currently has 12 commits and that number could grow to 21 or 22 by Signing Day. 

247Sport's crystal ball has the Spartans as the favorites to land: three-star RB Chris James (100%), three-star DE Terry Ramsey (80%), three-star TE Robert Bowers (100%), three-star S Matt Morrissey (82%), three-star CB Jalen Embry (100%), three-star CB Lamar Dawson (100%), and three-star DE Chris Slayton. Three-star safety Lubern Figaro is currently 50-50 between Boston College and Michigan State. 

It's looking like a solid finish is in store for Sparty. 

5. Northwestern

Northwestern remains fifth in our rankings after originally starting at third last month. Michigan State is right on the Wildcat's heels and could pass with a commitment. 

Pat Fitzgerald gets the most out of his players, so I'm not too worried about their recruiting. Consider it an added bonus that Northwestern will have some highly rated weapons to work with. 

4. Penn State

The Nittany Lions landed a commitment from three-star defensive tackle Antoine White of New Jersey. The 6-foot-3, 265-pound tackle had offers from Georgia Tech, Maryland, Duke, Boston College, Rutgers, Michigan State, North Carolina, Vanderbilt, and others. 

Penn State is right on Rutgers heels for the third spot in the rankings. Penn State has came a long way from where they were last year with players bolting for other schools. Now, Penn State has one of the top classes in the Big Ten and a top 20 class in the nation. 

Will he Hand Michigan the top recruiting class?Da'Shawn Hand would make Michigan hard to catch

3. Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights remain third in our rankings with their Big Ten leading 20 commitments. 

Rutgers has been stocking up on talent before their move to the Big Ten next year. Ohio State will be the first Big Ten opponent that Rutgers plays on the road. Does Rutgers have the talent to come into Columbus and pull off an upset? 


Ohio State fans were disappointed after top JUCO OT Jermaine Eluemunor decided to hold off on his announcement that was originally scheduled for Friday. The Buckeyes will now have to wait at least another week to take over the top spot in the Big Ten football recruiting rankings. 

According to 247Sport's crystal ball, Ohio State is the favorite to land the following prospects: Raekwon McMillian (82%), Marshon Lattimore (100%), Demetrius Knox (66%), Austin Roberts (91%), Jermaine Eluemunor (62%), Chad Mavety (94%), Erick Smith (100%), Quincy Wilson (92%), Curtis Samuel (100%), Jonathan Hilliman (100%), and Mike Gesicki (94%). 

Don't expect all those prospects to be Buckeyes since we do not have room to take 25 in this class. Expect the Buckeyes to sign 20-22 recruits. 


Michigan continues to hold the top spot in the Big Ten football recruiting rankings, despite earning no new commitments. 

If 247Sport's crystal ball holds true, it could be very difficult for anyone to surpass the Wolverines in our rankings. The Wolverines are the favorites (according to the crystal ball) for five-star DE Da'Shawn Hand (57%), four-star DE Malik McDowell (100%), four-star CB Parrker Westphal (100%), and four-star ATH Montae Nicholson (87%). All four are members of 247Sport's top247. Landing these four prospects would give Michigan one of the top recruiting classes in the nation and one of the top two in the Big Ten. I don't see any other Big Ten team challenging Ohio State and Michigan for 1-2 in these rankings. 


Rankings Overview

No. School Commits Scout ★ AVG Rivals ★ AVG 247 ★ AVG ESPN ★ AVG Overall ★ Avg
1 Michigan 15 3.57 3.54 3.47 4.00 3.65
2 Ohio State 14 3.57 3.36 3.77 3.62 3.58
3 Rutgers 20 3.00 2.80 3.00 3.11 2.98
4 Penn State 12 3.33 3.25 3.42 3.42 3.36
5 Northwestern 12 3.09 3.17 3.33 3.36 3.24
6 Michigan State 12 3.27 3.08 3.50 3.44 3.32
7 Wisconsin 10 3.50 3.00 3.43 3.22 3.29
8 Nebraska 11 2.67 2.82 2.91 3.33 2.93
9 Iowa 9 3.13 3.11 3.43 3.29 3.24
10 Illinois 8 2.86 2.63 2.83 3.00 2.83
11 Maryland 8 2.40 2.71 2.86 3.32 2.83
12 Minnesota 5 3.40 3.00 3.29 2.80 3.12
13 Indiana 7 2.80 2.57 2.80 3.00 2.79
14 Purdue 6 2.80 2.40 2.67 3.00 2.72



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sir rickithda3rd's picture

even if michigan does win the recruiting battle our coaches will make the difference

mark may wins douchebag of the year... again

pjtobin's picture

If we can't take them all, then who do we really want/ need? Or is that two different things?

Bury me in my away jersey, with my buckeye blanket. A diehard who died young. Rip dad. 

Max Power's picture

McMillan, Lattimore, Samuel, Elumuenor and Knox more than likely have reserved spots in thos class

Jordan Wagner's picture

Seems like we'll take one of Austin Roberts/Mike Gesicki. One of Eluemunor/Mavety. There is some talk that Hilliman's offer is not commitable. I know many have Quincy Wilson predicted to Ohio State, but a gut feeling tells me he'll end up with Florida. 

Give me Eluemunor, Knox, Samuels, Lattimore, Smith, McMillan, and one of Roberts/Gesicki. That would put us at 21. I think Prince has a spot saved for him.  

brobbins's picture

How about Dixon?


Jordan Wagner's picture

I see him going elsewhere. Miami would be my guess right now. 

biggy84's picture

Since they are in different conferences, are Rutgers and Maryland limited on how many recruits they can take?

Jordan Wagner's picture

I do not believe the ACC or Big East have any oversigning rules. 

Poison nuts's picture

I'd love to have the guys you have listed. I believe that 's about as strong as you could hope to finish.

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

Seth4Bucks's picture

I love TV Williams' crystal ball. I'm not huge into recruiting, so the analyst names mean nothing to me and I don't know anything about them except what follows their name. But it seems like every analyst affiliated with Nebraska in some way has them landing Williams and every Kentucky affiliated analyst has Kentucky picking up the commitment.

MN Buckeye's picture

I just like the name TV Williams.  I wonder what he does all day . . . 

Run_Fido_Run's picture

TV Williams is a truncated version of TY Williams.

Oldschoolbuck's picture

How in hell does Ferentz keep his job?! It wasn't all that long ago that the Hawkeyes were more than competitive (remember the Chuck Long era?); now they're an embarrassment. Rutgers might be a team to watch - pretty good HS football in the state & they probably offer an interesting alternative to kids who might have once considered State Penn (though O'Brien is doing an amazing job, considering the obstacles he faces). If we land 5-6 of the kids 247 has as likely (McMillian, Lattimore, Knox, Eluemunor, Samuels & Lattimore would be my dream), we'll be in great shape, no matter what cHoke does at AACC.

Nick's picture

They can't afford to fire him 

tennbuckeye19's picture

True. Ferentz's contract has a big buyout. If they fire him they will be paying him through 2020.

Dr. House's picture

i would love to meet ferentz agent/lawyer and shake his hand because that contract he is beautiful in all the right(wrong reasons if you are a hawkeye fan) reasons. also thank him for keeping Iowa down until 2020

chicagobuckeye's picture

Ironically I know who his agent is.

buckeyeguy0615's picture

We could get two Marshon Lattimores?? WOW!

Oldschoolbuck's picture

That WOULD be awesome!
Forgive my stutter :)

Dr. House's picture

urbs looks so bored in that picture. i get that face too when i am nodding along to someone i just don't care what they saying

harleymanjax's picture

That look says he is seriously fighting the urge to slap the shit out of Hoke!

"Because I couldn't go for 3"

Jordan Wagner's picture

Wisconsin picked up a commitment from the #2 Dual Threat QB D.J Gillins just now. Big get for the Badgers. The above rankings do not take into account this commitment. 

Seth4Bucks's picture

I knew that things might be a little different with Anderson at the helm. But man, that's a departure from the prototypical Wiscy QB. Usually the have game managers who can throw the ball well enough to keep the defense honest. I can't remember the last Wiscy QB who was actually a threat on the ground as well.
Have you seen Wiscy deviate much from the typical targets they go after? Do you see this as the start of a new recruiting trend for Wiscy or is this more of an aberration?

Nick's picture

Russell Wilson 

Seth4Bucks's picture

Russell's a different animal and I thought about caveating myself with him. I think he's a different case because he didn't commit to Wiscy coming out of high school. And it's not like Wisconsin is known for reeling in these highly rated QBs.

Jordan Wagner's picture

Wisconsin struggled finding HS QB's under Bielema. Andersen has recruited QB's well since arriving on campus. He landed top JUCO QB Tanner Envoy in 2013. This QB for 2014 and they already have one committed in 2015. It appears that Andersen wants a dual-threat QB. That's what he preferred at Utah State as well. Bielema seemed to take what he could get. Really got lucky with Russell Wilson. I think the dual threat QB trend is no fluke for Wisconsin, although ultimately a coach would build the offense around any QB if he was talented enough. 

The rest of Andersen's recruiting is TBD. Only thirteen recruits have committed in the 13 and 14 classes since Andersen arrived. The top four commitments in 2014 committed under Bielema (2 OL and 2 DL). Wisconsin seemed to be a school whose recruiting classes didn't stack up with the top teams in the Big Ten on paper, but yet they always performed. 

So from looking at Andersen's commitments and targets it doesn't appear too much is different in recruiting besides the change in QB recruiting. 

Iwearmocs's picture

Where is he from? 

Jordan Wagner's picture

Gillins is out of Jacksonville, Florida. 

Jordan Wagner's picture

Big day for the Big Ten today. Purdue added a commitment from LB Gelen Robinson today. Solid pick up for Hazell. 

tennbuckeye19's picture

Judging from your rankings and the small number of recruits they've got committed, anyone Purdue gets will be a solid pick-up :)

BuckI_1033's picture

I've been slightly disappointed with this class so far, but I still believe we can land one of mavety/eluemoner, Knox, Lattimore, McMillan, Samuel, Smith, and Wilson. That will allow us to finish really strong and with a top 5 class. 

"You'll be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field." 

Seth4Bucks's picture

How can you be disappointed with this class? No sarcasm, please tell me why you feel a top 10 recruiting class (to date) is a disappointment?

BuckI_1033's picture

Maybe disappointed was the wrong word, but I worry about Thompson, Collier, Trout, and Berger. They have plenty of potential don't get me wrong but I think we've underestimated our recruiting power. We have filled this class up quickly which is great but that also means a guy like Wilson, Mavety, or Eluemoner may be left out. Just my 2 cents. 

"You'll be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field." 

buckeyeboy31's picture

I won't worry about any recruit Urban Meyer decides to accept a verbal commitment from

BuckeyeHighInColorado's picture

The 2014 class will be just as strong and important as the 2013 was.  Just a different type of class this year.  Last year was sexy with offense and speed.  I just believe in the staff, if they want them, they are goooooood.   

brobbins's picture

Berger is a ESPN 300 guy. Trout is high in 247


Seth4Bucks's picture

I feel like Urban & CO are the best evaluators as far as meeting their team needs. They know what type of players they need/want to play the offense and defense they want to. There are so many high schoolers out there that those national recruiting services just get swamped. They will miss out on players that are diamonds in the rough.
I might (MIGHT) feel differently about the recruits Urban is accepting at this point in the recruiting cycle if these were last second additions. But Urban knows he has limited scholarships and he's still accepting commitments from these players. Why would he need to reach at this point in the summer when there are still what like 8 months left before NSD? If he accepts someone that means he feels that they're great players and that's good enough for me.

JollyFatMan's picture

September Heisman = Recruiting Rankings imo. While I don't want to not get talent, Top 10 or bust tbh. As long as we get who we need and that talent fits perfectly, that's all that matters to me. 
All that being said, we need more 5 stars to beat TTUN for no other reason than to beat them.

How firm thy friendship..

unholy bucknut's picture

Can't wait to see tOSU knock those smug pricks from up north out of that top spot and never look back.

brandonbauer87's picture

Why has Nebraska had so much trouble recruiting? They should be reaching into Texas and plucking out a top 10 class every year. That seat has to be getting warm. I even like Pelini, but he needs to recruit better. 

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

Fully agree.  Seems shocking that they have been having such problems not pulling in top recruiting classes especially with their football history and facilities. 

PaulRobertson's picture

They really haven't had that much trouble:
2013 #17
2012 #25
2011 #15
2010 #22
Nebraska has some natural disadvantages on the trail, including a remote location, boring college town, and bad academics.  Pulling a top #10 class routinely would be very difficult for them.

Eddie-Eddie's picture

I agree with the others.  Yeah, you show that Nebraska has had some good classes, but this is a program that has won multiple National Championships.  It is arguably one of the top 3 programs of all time from the Big 12.  I think that for Nebraska to be satisfied with pulling in recruiting classes in the 20s is pretty low.  You're getting beat by 20 other schools when you've got their pedigree.  Just seems like I would expect more from them.  Don't get me wrong, glad that they are not challenging the Bucks for the top spot! 

PaulRobertson's picture

They may be able to do better, but saying they've had "so much trouble" is overstating it.

brandonbauer87's picture

Yea, trouble. They're a historic program. I would excuse mediocre recruiting if they were developing talent better. 3 and 4 loss seasons shouldn't be ok.  You either need to develop talent or recruit it, and Nebraska hasn't done either one exceptionally well lately. 

New alum's picture

I agree. I can't really speak to Lincoln as a town or Nebraska academics, but I assume schools with limited big-time in-state recruits and a relatively remote location would be at a disadvantage. I have heard that Osborne, who had a lot of success with recruits from New Jersey, used the school's remote location as a selling point for kids looking to get out of troubled communities (no intended disrespect to NJ). I am not sure that pitch would work as well today as it may have in the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

New alum's picture

I probably should have clarified that I was agree with PaulRobertson.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.

nfischer's picture

Regarding the picture, I don't think Urban is so much bored. Rather, he's probably thinking to himself, "If I ignore him, maybe he'll go away." 

BtownBuckeye's picture

What about Brandon Harris I see no talk of him. P.s. I thought he was the #2 dual threat

Jordan Wagner's picture

Harris is the #1 Dual threat QB. He is deciding in a week betwen Auburn, LSU, and Ohio State. Looking like he could be headed to LSU. 

BtownBuckeye's picture

Ok I thought Deshaun Watson was #1. I must be looking at the wrong recruiting services. Let's hope you're wrong about LSU, you know for the sake of Ohio State football ;)

Jordan Wagner's picture

247 lists Watson as the 7th overall pro style QB. Don't ask why. 

brobbins's picture

Anyway we see Brandon Harris in scarlet and Gray?


Jordan Wagner's picture

In his final three with Auburn and LSU, but I don't like our chances here. I'm alright with that. I think Stephen Collier is underrated. He'll have time to develop too. 

BtownBuckeye's picture

Its Urban Meyer!!!!

Eddie-Eddie's picture

Jordan, love it!