Could Buckeyes Be Upset Victim?

By Kyle Rowland on June 26, 2013 at 9:32a
Purdue has had plenty of recent success against Ohio State

Upsets are a favorite of sports fans everywhere. Whether you live in Ohio or Russia, chances are you like seeing the better teams suffer an unexpected fate. Well, that is unless you are one of the better teams.

Ohio State fans have lived that life. Year in and year out, the Buckeyes sit high atop the college football polls. Since undefeated seasons are hard to come by, losses, and upsets in most cases, hit hard. The 2013 season gives Ohio State a golden opportunity at an undefeated record and possible national title. But there are several trap doors along the way. recently did a piece on what they think COULD be the monumental upsets of the 2013 season. Ohio State is featured twice. 

Cal over Ohio State - September 14 in Berkeley
Cal defensive coordinator Andy Buh was the linebackers coach at Wisconsin last season, so he is more familiar with the Buckeyes' offensive scheme than one may think.  Remember, Tony Franklin is the second fastest play-caller in all of college football over the last few years.  At LA Tech, Franklin dialed an average of 79 plays per game, something the Buckeyes don't see in the Big Ten.  A trip to the West Coast means the Buckeyes will be out of their usual element.  A year ago, the Buckeyes won 35-28, but this could be Sonny Dykes' early signature win as the new head coach at Cal.

Purdue over Ohio State - November 2 in West Lafayette
For some reason, the Boilermakers have had Ohio State's number a bit. Purdue has won the past two home games against the Buckeyes, and Ohio State needed a touchdown and two-point conversion with three seconds left to send last year's game in Columbus to overtime, where OSU won. A win over Ohio State would be a marquee victory for first-year coach Darrell Hazell, a former OSU assistant.


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Eye27's picture

I would be more concerned about Northwestern than either of these games however, we can't take anyone too lightly and I'm sure the coaches will stress that.

GoBucksToledo's picture

If they lose any games this year they will be upset as the Bucks are favorites (at this point) going into each game acording to Vegas.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

Losing to Bama wouldn't be considered an upset.

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aboynamedtracy's picture

But it also wouldn't occur this year. And by the time the odds are set for such a potential match-up, who knows who the favorite would be?

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

I don't think it would matter. The SEC champion is going to be favored regardless of what Ohio State does.

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BeijingBucks's picture

Beating Bama sure would!!

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FROMTHE18's picture

ive never understood how Purdue can be so solid agaisnt OSU at home...their stadium was 2/3 full when I was there the last couple of trips for OSU and we played flat and complacent the entire time...just doesnt make any sense...

Danify's picture

For that reason ... lots of teams can become complacent against teams, which they available is inferior. On the other hand, Purdue makes games against TTUN, Wisconsin, Penn State and Ohio State into their bowl games oddly enough.

Cincinnati Mac's picture

Please please please don't let it be the Cal game.

I am going to be in Berkley for the game and if we lose I will never go to another road game again. (Only other time was in 1997 in some crappy old stadium where I saw an Ohio traitor win a Heisman trophy)
So yeah, we lose against Cal then it's all on me since I am the obvious jinx.
Conversely the team is undefeated with me in Ohio Stadium with a cumulative score of 146 - 22.

Max Power's picture

I feel your pain for road losses. I havent traveled to an away game since 06 because the bucks are 0-4 during my away game outtings. Witnessed Tressels only loss to ttun in 03, a meltdown in West LaFayette, as well as losses at Penn State and Wisky. Ive often thought about going to Indiana to break my curse but knowing my luck, IU would pull off the upset. But I digress...the shoe is the best place to watch a football game anyway

SaltyD0gg's picture

OSU has only been undefeated 6 times in 100+ years of football. So, yes, they could be an upset victim. Considering they'll likely be favored in every game this year, it's just a question of how big the upset will be. If they lose, I'll be upset regardless of who it is.

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stittracer99's picture

I am completely dumbfounded as to why we continually struggle against Purdue. The last few years those games "shouldn't" have been close, much like this year's game shouldn't. However, we all know how those games have turned out. Two games every year that I refuse to look past; Purdue and Illinois. Now factor in former Buckeye Darrell Hazell as coach and who knows what might be waiting for us at Ross-Ade. That being said, I'm hoping we go in there and put the game away early.

Grayskullsession's picture

If Purdue beats Ohio State again this year I swear to Allah I am going to burn that stadium to the ground.

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Posterchild's picture

This team is as talented offensively as almost any that we have had in the last 10 years. Our defense has to be the main concern going into the Cal game. That game does scare me.
Purdue is something that I think can only be explained by one team getting pissed off by being told they are going to get destroyed at home, and the other taking it easy by being told they are going to win with no problem. It is simple, you can't take any opponent lightly, I think Urban brings a foot to the throat of the enemy mentality that we all crave. Hopefully the team is as good as we think they can be to execute.
Northwestern is the scariest game to me, simply put they are good and playing at home in front of a homecoming crowd. I know it is not the most daunting of stadiums to visit for opponents, but that team is too good to call it a "sure win".
Going into the Michigan game we likely will be favored, although they are good enough to beat us. Especially at in that toilet bowl of a stadium. But I like that they will only have Gardner, although he is good, under center. Prepping for the different packages they presented with Denard and Devin gave us some issues in the first half. Mainly it seemed to be poor tackling, which haunted us all year it seemed.
To me we still need to be a top 20 defense nationally to win every game. We we not that all last year and we got away with a lot of really bad games defensively.

Poison nuts's picture

Cal will be interesting, but I just don't see them having all the pieces in place by the second game of the season. New coach, new system...we'll see, but I feel less concerned about this then a number of other games.

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Idaho Helga's picture

Way more worried about Cal, Northwestern and TTUN than Purdue.   Especially Cal.

BuckI_1033's picture

Why are you worried about Cal? They are one of the worst teams we play on an already weak schedule. 

"You'll be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field." 

Idaho Helga's picture

1) Road game, west coast.  Like Woody, I hate the distractions California offers.
2) Replacing so many on the defense and the Cal receivers are said to be very fast.  I would worry about the big play with them.
3) Overconfidence perhaps after blowout wins at home over Buffalo and San Diego St.
Now, do I think we lose there?  No.  But looking at the schedule, that one looks
"Purdue-able".    I don't see a game on the schedule we shouldn't win, but I believe the question was who could upset us.

Menexenus's picture

This is why Purdue keeps getting the drop on us, because no one expects them to be a challenge.

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Hovenaut's picture

The Ohio State University
Attn: Athletic Department
To the Office of the Head Football Coach

RE: 2013 season

Dear Coach Meyer,



Very respectfully,

Your ever-lovin' fanbase

IBleedSandG's picture

Hov, you get my vote for comment o' the day.


Poison nuts's picture

This memo has my stamp of approval...

"Do not pass me, just slow down - I can move right through you" Superchunk - Precision Auto.

BuckI_1033's picture

Cal will be a beat down, I know the trend of Big Ten teams losing when traveling west. However, this Cal team is just not a good team at all. I can see then going 3-9 or 4-8. We will win by 20+. 

"You'll be proud of our young people in the classroom, in the community, and most especially in 310 days in Ann Arbor, Michigan on the football field." 

Dougger's picture

Especially since they play a good Northwestern team first game of the season. I'm with you. Won't have their pieces in place/the horses to keep up with the men of the scarlet and gray.

I like football

Idaho Helga's picture

It will be interesting to see how Northwestern does at Cal.  If the purple Mildcats whup on Cal, that bodes very well for us.

GH_Lindsey's picture

Cal might be dangerous, but is important to note that their system plays into the strengths of our defense, namely the DBs. We got more experience in the secondary than anywhere else on the Defensive side of the ball, so at least at he start of season I'm more comfortable facing a passing attack than a rushing one, what with the inexperienced DLine and LBs.

Max Power's picture

If tOSU loses any game this season they will be an upset victim. Im sure we will be favored in every game this year. TTUN is a tossup at this point. Lets see the records in November

smartfootballrankings's picture

Even with a relatively easy schedule, where you are a 1-6 (win 85% of the time) favorite in every game, you only go 13-0 13.5% of the time.  It's very hard to win all your games.  I ran the numbers based on the odds that came out, and Ohio State is something like 20% to be undefeated, even being a double-digit favorite in every game except 3 (@ Michigan, @ NW, and BTT, assuming Michigan again).  It's hard not to get upset.  Even Boise with their super soft schedule was getting upset quite often.
@NW and @Michigan are the two most clear tough games all season.  Cal does not worry me one bit.

dubjayfootball90's picture

Talks about all the plays that Cal calls. Well, our offense does the same thing, and I am pretty sure that practices will be focused on gassing the defense with call after call after call to avoid scenarios like was suggested against Cal. I understand practices and games are different, but I just do not think that particular argument carries much weight in this debate, but thats just my opinion.

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buckeyebean81's picture

Our problem in the past is we have a tendency to play down to our opponent at times, and any time you do that you give the underdog the worst thing possible...hope. I love and hate close games, but I would rather not have to pace back and forth in front of my television.

twalsh's picture

Our defense will be killer next year, The Silver Bullet will be in full swing! No Chance we lose Cal or Purdue.

headina's picture

I have been at Ross ade the last two losses and bought tickets again this year. I know I have nothing to do with it. I'm not superstitious I'm just a little sticious. 


Knarcisi's picture

I'm done with this Purdue upset shit. How bout we start a run of about 20 in a row and blow their asses out.