OSU Commit Gareon Conley Dominates Ohio North-South Classic

By Chris Lauderback on April 28, 2013 at 11:07a
Gareon Conley balled out in the North South game

Gareon Conley caught touchdown passes of 36, 28 and 11 yards as the North squad beat the South, 33-27, in last night's Ohio North-South Classic.

The flipped Michigan pledge was awarded the Offensive MVP trophy for his exploits.

Recruited as an Athlete by Urban Meyer, the versatile 4-star has been ranked as high as the 9th best cornerback prospect in the land but could find himself on the offensive side of the ball in Columbus.

Future Buckeyes Darron Lee (New Albany) and Chris Worley (Cleveland Glenville) also had big games. Lee finished with 72 yards rushing, 48 receiving and an interception, while Worley finished the game with six tackles to lead his team.

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I thought all the Buckeye's played well. Gareon absolutely stole the show for the North and Chris Worley had a good game. I was surprised most by Lee for the South squad. I think his career at OSU will be something special. He has the size and speed to play early.

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It's great to see these guys are the real deal. Worley and Lee were two of our lowest rated recruits but I think they have a really bright future. Last years recruiting class is going to be UNREAL.

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Just out of curiosity, were there any of the TSUN recruits in the game? I know guys like Dymonte Thomas, Jake Butt, Taco Charlton, and maybe a few others enrolled early but just curious if any of the other Ohio kids committed to them were in the game and if so how'd they look? 

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I'm pretty sure Gedeon-LB played when I looked at the stat book his numbers weren't impressive though like 1.5 tackles

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Gedeon, McCray, Reon Dawson, Deveon Smith, Jaron Dukes are the guys that come to mind who might of played in the game. Oh and I forgot about Ross Douglas but he also enrolled early I believe.

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Gareon doing work! Super excited to see him and the rest of the class in the very near future.


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It's nice having a versatile guy like Conley. He could be really good at corner or WR.

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Mr 2 way, maybe?

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Our last 2 way guy wasn't too shabby, maybe Conley will follow in his footsteps. 

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"Our last 2 way guy wasn't too shabby."

He sure wasn't, and I believe he won a national title to boot.