Buck-I-Guy Drove Down to the Spring Game

By Ramzy Nasrallah on April 13, 2013 at 5:06p

Here's the camera-loving Buck-I-Guy with his scarlet and gray vehicle:


...and here is that vehicle shortly after the Spring Game ended in Cincinnati:


Aw man. Poor Buck-I-Guy. Next time remember to also smile for the traffic camera.

Source: @Matt44G

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Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Easily the best thing to come out of today's Spring Game.
EDIT: Please award a medal to the guy who sent in this picture.

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He's obnoxious at times.

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Dude, that SUCKS!  On the bright side, I'm sure hundreds of people would offer him a ride.

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Disagree! I dislike all the fans who dress up like "buck-i-guy". All they care about is their own publicity! I know thousands of better fans than this guy. The best "super fan" type guy was neutron man. He had season tickets and all he wanted to do was embarrass himself by showing the entire stadium his wicked dance moves..... May he rest in peace. We need more super fans like him.

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So you actually know this guy? I bet.

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Aaah the Neutron Man, Orlas King???, I remember him.  Our seats weren't too far from his back in the day.  I met him a time or two and he was always really nice.
I have never met Buck I Guy but I have heard he is or can be kind of obnoxious.  I don't know or really care.

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I don't mind Buck I Guy.  The other one, I think he's "Big Nut" is embarrassing.  350+ pounds (Hoke would LUV to stand next to him to look fit) and an unholy outfit.
And tell me you wouldn't like to have Buck I Guys car.  I would.  I'm about the age of his car and I can't run today either....

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Big Nut puts helmet stickers on his 3rd chin. 

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Big Nut's the one I dislike the least. I've sat next to all three of them on various occasions and he was the only one that actually watched the damn game, cheered for his team and was loud. The others (most especially Buck I Guy) just shouted at the camera men all game to "show me some love" and didn't even watch the damn game or cheer for Ohio State at all (unless it was going to get them on tv).

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^upvote if I could

He may be big but I've never seen him yearn for the camera like the others do.

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I have no problem with any of the super fans.  In my brief interactions with them, they've always been considerate with their willingness to take pictures. 
Let's do our best to follow Brutus's 11th Commandment:  "Never speak ill of fellow Buckeyes."

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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Wonder if it was the rats from Shamrock Towing !?! Lol

I'm just happy to be here

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Cincinnati branch!  Or they followed him down there and poached him from someone else's lot.

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Maybe Coombs can swoop down in the RedBull Clipper......

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Regardless, that is a sweet ride

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Why do so many on this site love to rip this guy? Yea, it's a lil over the top, but he's a buckeye fan. Like the rest of us.

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probably because from almost all accounts he is silent until the cameras get on him.  I have heard he is essentially just like an old person who sits down the whole game on their hands but once the cameras are on, he is super #1 fan. I have also heard reports that he is not a very nice person

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On top of all that, he's a ticket scalper too.  I saw him hanging out in Minnesota a few years back with a whole stack of tickets before the OSU-Minny game.

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he had to be standing next to 100 other scalpers then, cause the TCF Stadium is half empty by the second quarter !




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You've never been around him have you? He deserves everything he's getting. I'll bet he tried the old, "do you know who I am?" line with the tow truck people. He needs to be brought down a few notches.

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I was tailgating across the street from the stadium when he drove by with guns n'roses blaring from his speakers waving to people like he was some sort of celebrity. I get being a fan...but that goes abobe and beyond over the top. Regardless, it was a great day for some buckeye football. It sucks he got towed...I know from personal experience how much of a bitch it can be to get your car back when its towed in cincinnati.

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Well, (the real) GnR is pretty awesome.

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Buckeye guy has always been nice to me and my family.  Lets not hate on the guy for TV executives and producers always putting him on camera.  He's at every game and is recognizable.  That's all.  
I would have offered him a ride if I would have seen him.  

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+1 I went to the Minnesota game a few years ago in Minny, he was polite and posed for a lot of pics with Minnesota fans too.

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I have read multiple times now that "he is polite and willing to pose for pictures". That is exactly what he is doing it for so of course. He wants the fame and publicity so will do anything but I've seen him multiple times during games only yell for the camera guy...

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Its not that the TV people recognize him, he is always working his way over to cameras so he can be on TV. I see him do it all the time. He courts the attention. Its one thing to pose for pictures I guess but to show up everywhere and have photos to sign for your "fans" is obnoxious. Orlas King aka The Neutron Man was a spontaneous thing that happened once and it transformed into the character over time but he also was involved in charity and scholarship fundraising. To me it is an entirely different thing to show up in a costume and try to get on TV every week rather than do a little dance when the band plays your song. I don't much care for any of the "super fans" that have seemed to multiplying across the country. So if that's hating on him I am guilty and I don't feel bad about it. 

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Yup. This. Buck-I-Guy is an attention whore and that's why I don't like him. I am suprised when people say that he is a jerk sometimes about pictures that people request. I find him to be the opposite, actually soliciting people to take pictures with him and for him to give his autograph to them. True he's a Buckeye fan, but he is not the king of all things Buckeye, just a little too much ego for my taste.

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I'll call it karma. For a guy who obviously loves attention, he sure was an asshole when my girlfriend asked for a photo at a game.

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I don't understand the hatred for this man. I met him once, and he was more than nice. I get that he's a camera whore, but so what? The man obviously loves the Buckeyes. That's good enough for me.
And I frickin love that 72'(I think) Buckeye Chevy Impala! I think maybe people are jealous he has the pimpinest ride on the road. ;)



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Oh, I'm obviously  no car buff. I thought it was early 60's.

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I talked to Buck-I-Guy at an Illinois game a few years ago (along with Woody Hayes). Both were extremely nice and they told us that their tickets are purchased by sponsors (I don't remember who) but that was how they got such good seats all the time.

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Woody Hayes got tickets from a sponsor?

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"


You talked to Woody Hayes a few years ago?

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Maybe through a Ouija board?

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That would be the Woody Hayes impersonator...sorry I was not more specific

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That sure is a sweet a$$ ride!

"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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I was at the plaza outside the stadium standing along the wall by the road when he came by in his ride with Hang On Sloopy blaring.  I kind of laughed, but in an Oh Geeze here he is that guy  kind of way.  I also saw Buckeye Man taking pictures with fans in the plaza area.  I sat by him at a home game last year.  Seems like a nice guy.  See Buckeye Guy at Varsity Club every time I go for a game and he's nice.  I don't want a picture with either of these fools, but don't think they are negative or bad people either. 

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I wish this had happened to Big Nut. 

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Please redirect all hate towards Michigan fans. I am fairly certain they deserve it more. 

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And if that doesn't satisfy send the rest of the hate to PSU, ND and the SEC.

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Eh. It should all be geared towards Penn State. Michigan, ND, and the SEC can get the left overs.

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Two DM's I got on Twitter tonight...
"I parked right by where Buck I Guy's car was getting towed and I was 10 minutes late for the game."
So it started early! But didn't end early...
"Dude's car was still on that truck in the gravel pit area they convert to parking on game days 45 minutes after the game."

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I know feelings are mixed for him but I personally can't stand him. Having worked at the Varsity Club, I personally would witness him come in multiple times, expect free food or drinks because of his notoriety and when he would not get that treatment, he acted like an ass. Because of that I have no respect for him and find this fitting and rather funny. Others may like him and that's fine but my personal experience with him is not the best.

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Not a fan of these guys either. They just seem sad and pathetic to me. Like whorish versions of Neutron Man wannabes or something. I don't mind seeing 20 year old students dress up ridiculously at games but these older men doing it and spending the whole game begging camera men to put them on TV? It just seems pathetic. I've sat next to all three of these "superfans" on different occasions and (especially) Buck-I-Guy didn't even watch the game, he literally just shouted to the camera men on the sidelines all game to "show me some love, show me some love." My friends and I after the first 20 minutes around this guy were like "alright, shut the f*ck up about the camera men already and watch the game/cheer for the team." How old are you? Is it really that important to you to make it on the jumbotron or whatever?

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I like how we attack our own.  Spread the hate in the right direction, north. 

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I know not everyone's going to agree with me, which is fine. I don't hate them, I just find them kind of embarrassing and annoying at times in an "oh boy, here's these guys again" kind of way when they put them on TV every 10 seconds. I'm sure they're great guys and human beings and all. I've even had fans of other schools comment and laugh about those guys to me and I just roll my eyes and say, "yeah...I know." Aside from that, it does bother me that they're touted as "superfans" yet they're just trying to get on TV the whole time and, at least (or mostly) in the case of Buck-I-Guy, could care less about what's going on on the field. If I see them, I'll tell them Go Bucks and have a nice day...I certainly would've tried to help Buck-I-Guy keep his car from getting towed because he at least is a lot less annoying than tow trucks!

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Buck-I-Guy is a known scalper and runs most of the business in Columbus.  He's known for getting students who don't want to go to games,  to purchase quantities of tickets (thus removing them for students who ACTUALLY WANT TO GO to games.), and selling them for top dollar.  
He also passes out autographed pictures of himself.  I don't think obnoxious is a strong enough word.

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This!!!  You can also call him Chubs.

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Didn't know that, and it certainly changes my perception of him. Thanks for the info.

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I wonder what this guy actually does for a living. Obviously being Buck-I-Guy doesn't pay the bills.



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Above what?



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"Computer supply salesman"


I've also seen him scalping for years though, so I'm sure that makes a nice bonus as well.

BTW - The comments on that Lantern article are kinda interesting and more of the same from what some here have said. And it's from three years ago.

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I parked right next to him. I have a pic of him arguing with the tow guy. hahaha

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When I seen the "Buck-I-Guy Drove Down to the Spring Game" post, I cringed! I cringed because I knew there will be several hate messages. 
I know John Chubb (yes he does have a name) personally. He lives 7 houses up from me and he is a Deacon at my church. He is a grandfather, father, and a husband. This is the same man that when my grandfather lost his battle to cancer, he was the first to reach out and make sure my family was ok. He visited my grieving family prior to the funeral, not as the Buck I guy but as John. 
Something else you should know, at church, don't even mention Buck I guy because he takes his faith seriously and you will be corrected that he is John. In the Lantern article, I noticed a comment where someone talks about his criminal past. For religious folks, we all have a testimony and we have a past. He will be the 1st to talk to you about where he has been through. Take a moment and talk to him!
This is the same person that volunteers at my church food pantry. Our food pantry gives out food to families in need every month and he is front and center every month. Once again, not as Buck I guy, as John Chubb. Every Saturday you will find him at a Buckeye game, but every Sunday, he's at church. 
I could go on and on but I won't. John Chubb is my neighbor, my Deacon and a friend. Call him an attention whore all you want, but I will tell you this, he loves his Buckeyes. 

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Oh and by the way, he had the car towed to and from Cincy! He uses a tow company in Plain City called All about Towing.

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Thanks for your comments. It is interesting and nice to hear about the other side of the guy. Glad he is active in church and gives to charity, but how to say this without sounding like a jerk, . . . . I'll just say it, his participation in those activities doesn't invalidate the criticisms people have lobbed his way. I have never met John Chubb, I have only met the alter-ego and while they are the same person, the alter-ego gets under my skin. I suppose I should really make the distinction that I don't like the character he plays, but have no problem with the man, but that's not how people talk or act . . . . because it takes too long, we simply say, "I don't like Buck-I-Guy." Thanks for the reminder that he is a real person, in spite of the cartoon-y imitation of himself that he plays during football season.

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Not sure how or why society seems to think that merely going to church validates them as being a good person.  I think we all are aware that it does not and could list countless examples of people to include Priests & Ministers who've done outlandish things whom attend church regularly.  I donate old clothes anytime I move to the Salvation Army, does that alone make me a stand-up citizen?  You're classified as a good person on how you act and treat people 24-7 and dont get a pass when you wear a costume portraying another person. 

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I met him for the 1st time at the OSU-LSU National Title game and sat right next to him at it.  Before the game started, I got my pic taken with him and he seemed like a nice guy.  I had just returned from a tour in Iraq a few weeks prior and spent 5 straight years overseas before that, so i wasnt really aware who any of these super fans were.  But as the game went on, he was just being plain rude to people who were requesting his pic.  He even came at me after we went up 10-0 and i was yelling "SEC Speed" to the nearby LSU fans...telling me to keep my mouth shut.  Im sorry, but I paid $800 for my ticket and if I choose to talk a lil trash to the opposing fans whom were doing it as well, im allowed to and dont need his permission/approval.  Funny thing about that is ive sat near him many times since then and listened to him talk trash as well to opponents and with a lot more vulgar content.
At the 2008 Mich game, I made a sign in reference to Mich losing to Toledo and their horrible record that year.  I walked around with it outside the stadium before the game and even snuck it in to the stadium during the game.  I got interviewed on TV and even by a radio reporter, not to mention a ton of people whom requested their pic taken with it.  But I never got mad or denied anybody's request nor did I ask them to either.  I embraced it, especially since I knew prior the attention it would receive. I held it up a few times during the game, but to make fun of Mich, not to get on TV.  There was a guy next to me who said the camera man wanted me to hold it up in front of him (he had to show me where he was cause I wasnt paying attention to where they were at during the game).  But I did get put on websites and in magazines for that sign, but I dont pass out autograph pics of myself to people especially to ones whom dont ask for it.  The funniest thing about that sign i made that game was when we were walking back to our cars afterwards and Buck I Guy came up to me, grabbed my sign and autographed it like he was famous.  

"Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team
- no one more important than the other." -  Coach Norman Dale

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I've never minded Buck I guy. Though he may hog the camera and piggyback off the success of our Buckeyes, I've never seen a superfan for Missippi, Stanford, or Colorado. It speaks volumes about how devoted our fan base is. OSU is about personalities :)

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