Sights and Sounds from Ohio State's Second Student Appreciation Day

By Jason Priestas on April 6, 2013 at 11:27p
Drew Basil went 4 for 4 in the student pressuer cooker.

A crowd of nearly 2,500 turned out Saturday for Ohio State's second Student Appreciation Day and all anyone will remember is the play that almost killed Brutus.

We're told Brutus is okay, but he may want to reflect on the great John Heisman quote that is displayed in the Ohio State running backs meeting room: "Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy than to fumble this football."

Former players Jake Stoneburner, John Simon, Brian Hartline, along with university dignitaries Gordon Gee, Gene Smith and others were on hand to take in the festivities, which included the famed circle drill, another student body pressure cooker for kicker Drew Basil (he went 4 of 4) and coeds attempting kicks (they missed on all five kicks).

Braxton Miller takes in Ohio State's Student Appreciation DayBraxton Miller takes it in. Photo: @Alexa_Malone
Kerry Coombs is excited for the kick drill.Kerry Coombs is excited for the kick drill. Photo: @theqamarshow
Urban Meyer explains the circle drillUrban Meyer explains the circle drill. Photo: @Kohl_World1
The gladiators are in the ringThe gladiators are in the ring. Photo: @EnlightenedAnth
Defensive lineman Chris Carter engages in circle drill warfareChris Carter wages war in the circle. Photo: Ohio State
David Perkins destroys Brutus BuckeyeDavid Perkins destroys Brutus Buckeye. Photo: Ohio State
Braxton Miller, Jordan Hall and Philly Brown wonder if Brutus is alive.Braxton Miller, Jordan Hall and Philly Brown wondering if Brutus is alive. Photo: @Alexa_Malone
Urban Meyer meets fansUrban Meyer poses for photos with fans. Photo: Ohio State
Braxton Miller meets with fansBraxton Miller poses for photos with fans. Photo: Ohio State
Little sis tries on Josh Perry's helmetLittle sis tries on Josh Perry's helmet. Photo: @glouis210
Mike Vrabel joins fans for an O-H-I-O.Mike Vrabel joins fans for an O-H-I-O. Photo: @MindOfTy17
Brutus Buckeye joins fans for an O-H-I-OBrutus seen during happier times. Photo: @MookieBlaylock


Thanks to everyone who sent in photos and to Tim Jessberger and omahabeef2337 for the video..


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ODEEZ330's picture

Wow what an amazing program love being a buckeye. I'm really excited abt perkins. N looks like ball might give me a reason to bust out my old beanie 28 jersey

stark county football

Phillips.449's picture

Oh how I would have enjoyed doing this when I was a student there!  What a great idea and a wonderful tradition!  Well done Urbz!

UrbanCulture's picture

Watch for my blue phone making an appearance next to Coach Coomb's head.

Hovenaut's picture

So awesome, that's our team! Cannot wait for August, go Bucks!

b_pbucksfans's picture

Josh Perry is a full grown man!